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Best 5 Smart Solutions Desk for Effective Work

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 23, 2018

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In the workplace, there is a trend going on and it is the use of the smart standing desk. They happen to be an innovative way in which businesses improve worker efficiency. But people are still questioning the idea of standing while working.

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What is wrong with the regular sitting desk?

There is nothing wrong with it. It’s that some jobs are well done while standing. It is even more comfortable to use a smart standing desk.

The reason for that statement is facts based. Workers in offices are to sit for long hours. Which is quite uncomfortable and dangerous to their bodies. It could lead to several ailments such as lung cancer and colon cancer.

One hour or less of sitting can cause the fat burning enzymes like lipase and lipoproteins to reduce. This possible because when one seat, his/her heart rate will become slower. Such rate will need little energy. As this happens, the muscles will then stop burning fat. In the end, you are more likely to get fat when using a sitting desk.

As a worker seats at a desk in front of the computer, he/she could strain their shoulder neck and spine for a better view. It leads back pain and headaches which are common to office workers. Although, this problem can be solved with a high-quality ergonomic office chair. The worker may be comfortable but will still be seating which causes gaining fat, as said earlier.

To sum everything up, sitting all day causes chronic pains, reduction in tissue functionality and spinal problems.

Why are standing desks better?

Standing desks are solutions to the troubles of sitting desks for workers. Businesses gain whether the workers are making use of a sitting desk. Workers don’t always gain from the sitting desk. Sure, they can still do a good job, but their health is at risk.

When a standing desk is being used, both the business and its offices' workers can both gain. The business will gain better worker productivity. Whereas the worker will gain in both efficiency at work and remain healthy.

Research says standing reduces the risk of developing a sickness. A disease like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases can be avoided if one by standing.

A study was done and it was discovered that workers who make use of standing desk lower the risk of neck and back pain. Making work easy, efficient and timely. 3-4 hours use of a standing desk is equal to 10 times more heart beat per minute of a worker. The increased heart rate will cause a boost in energy and alertness of the worker. It is like running 10 marathons in a year. Which can help reduce fat?

What is a smart standing desk?

It is in the same category as a smart watch, smartphones and other similar devices. The smart desk is a desk that aims to keep its user comfortable while they work. With the use of various tech, mechanisms, and even a health plan. The desks allow its users to switch between a standing desk and a sitting one.

Best 5 Smart Solution desks suitable for effective office work

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Autonomous Smart desk- 3 AI Standing Desk

Autonomous designed the first artificial intelligence powered smart desk 3. It is the first of its kind. The desk was built to improve its users working experience. By anticipating the needs of its user and taking care of one’s tasks every day. At the same time, the desk 3 improves the health of the user.

Key Features

The smart desk 3 AI-powered standing desk has several high-tech features.

AI-adjustable height

One of it is the AI-powered adjustable height. It allows its users to set the height to their preference. The user can switch between standing desk mode and the sitting desk mode anytime he/she wishes. This is perfect for work productivity. The user wouldn’t have to be in a stuck position.

This feature can be set to automate. Which allows the AI to take charge. The AI will tell you when to stand up and when to sit down. This makes it easier to stay active and work better.

Smart activity log

This feature tells it users to how long he/she has been working, standing and sitting. It also allows the AI to tell its users when to stand to sit and also work.

Time optimization

Once the smart desk 3 syncs with its user’s Google calendar it will keep his/her schedule. This feature enables the smart desk 3 to schedule breaks so it users can relax and rejuvenate. To remain sharp for the whole day making them productive. There is also the presence of the meet and greet option. It allows desk 3 to remind its users of upcoming meetings and appointments.

Personal Assistance

It also functions as a personal assistant which can optimize its users work life. For desk 3 to perform that function, it will sync with the user’s devices. So it will streamline his/her workspace and personal life. Desk 3 also gives one easy access to business and sites like Nest, Uber and so on. It is for solving your needs with the aim of keeping you focused.

Users can get their food delivered to them by a tap of the screen since the desk 3 is has with integrated.

Best 5 Smart Solutions Desk for Effective Work - Image 3Updateable

The desk makes use of the autonomous design OS platform. Which allows it to receive updates like more shortcuts. The desk 3 community is a growing one, there will always be updates. Since the community comprises of developers and connected users. The exchange of information between those two parties can lead to adjustments and new creations.

With the desk 3, users can create apps since it is an SDK.


In the end, the desk is perfect for work. Business should get this for the workers for better work efficiency. The worker is sure to fight burnouts, improve health and productivity.

Autonomous Smart desk 2 business-edition

Another smart desk manufactured by Autonomous. It is designed to improve worker experience in the office. It has all the necessary features for efficient and effective work. This desk is patronized by major companies around the world. That seeks the best productivity from its workers.

Key Features

The smart desk 2 can be adjusted to the height users prefer with the adjustable sit-down function. The smart desk 2 is compatible with all the tools one would need to support him/herself. Which is a plus because there will be no need or little need for extra connections.

The size of the table is 71”. It allows enough spaces for all work-related Items to be available for easy access. Along with it 300lb lifting capacity, any item or group of items below 300lbs can be lifted to the user’s level. The lift functions with a smooth and quick dual powered motor. For the easy transition between sit-stand function.


The alternation between sit and stand helps to maintain the health of the user and focus. As the worker makes use of the sit-stand function it tends to make him/her effective. By encouraging circulation in the brain.

Autonomous smart desk 2 - home edition

The home edition was manufactured with a special feature referred to as the sit-stand feature. Which is like the other models mentioned in this post. The only difference is the availability of a custom 4 option setting for the transition between sit and stand.

The sit-stand function on this smart desk 2 will encourage good posture and movement. Those two are essential for one to feel good all day while working. The function plays a significant role in increasing productivity.

The desk two- home edition possesses a 52” wooden top, spacious enough for working essentials. The desk is lifted up with an electric motor that has a lifting capacity of 220lbs. Which is good for the user’s essentials which could be a bit heavy.


This is a great smart desk with few functions that the last smart desk before this one. Although it is quite similar. The price is great for a piece like this.

Autonomous smart DIY Kit

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This smart desk is designed for people who prefer to customize it to their preference. This way users will be able to determine the size of the table and all other aspects. The desk has a solid wooden frame at the base of the desk for users to build on. This frame is able to support up to 300lbs of the user's essentials.

The desk possesses all the parts in the smart desk 2. So it is a customizable smart desk 2. It lacks some components like the laptop or monitor. The users get to choose between a single or dual monitor. There is also the freedom of choosing where to attach the keypad for convenience.


The DIY kit is flexible and most of its parts and supplies are affordable. There is a lot of freedom with this smart desk. Like all the other smart desks on this blog, there is the electric sit-stand function. It will help optimize the user’s body and mind. It will lead to the user’s comfort and productivity.

Cemtrex smart desk

Cemtrex made this smart desk with the aim of creating an all-in-one working station. This sit-stand smart desk has all that you can find in a smart desk. Along with some other essentials that make it different from the rest.

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Its components consist of 3 monitors of size 24” with each of them being touchscreens. On the screen, gesture system which causes the computer to respond to the user’s gesture. One can flip through pictures or files with a smile hand-wave gesture.

Every component of the smart desk connects to the Windows PC. Which is powered by an 18th generation Intel Core i7 processor? Quite a fast and effective processor. For external connections to the PC, there is an audio jack, Ethernet interface, and five USB ports. Two of them are of version 3.type c, another two is a USB 2 and finally USB 3.1 type A.

Both the keyboard and the track-pad are built into the desk along with the scanner. The scanner is a special feature and it scans any document seamlessly with a single click. There is a point for charging a mobile device wirelessly. Taking calls with the smart desk is easy with the ear board found in the slide-out drawers. Send text is also possible.


This is a great modern looking smart desk with impressive features such as its scanner. The built-in components make the smart appear more simplistic and sleek. The best part about the Cemtrex smart desk is its lack of excess wires being visible. The only problem with it is that the design will not be the same after repairs. Which is risky considering the price.

Why are standing smart desks preferable?

It is a smart multipurpose desk that makes the workers experience blissful. It can and will improve the worker’s productivity by improving the business in an effective way. The worker’s health is of big importance and the smart standing desk can help assure his/her health. It all depends on the style in which the smart desk is made.


As said earlier, the smart desk can switch between a standing one and a sitting one. The reason for this is to help aid the worker's comfort. It’s because staying in one position is not comfortable at all. The worker is prone to gets

Good posture

As the worker strains his/her eyes, they tend to lean forward to see. This leads to the formation of a bad posture which is very bad for the worker’s health. With the use of a smart desk Straining of both the eyes and the posture can be avoided with the use of a smart desk.

The smart desk is able to do that with its feature. Which allows the worker to set the height and other requirements to their liking. With this feature, the worker can even improve his/her posture and core. It would be like working out, only that it’s in an office.

Increases life expectancy

It is a fact that life is short for everyone, but there are many ways to prolong it. It includes eating healthy, working out and even drinking water. Standing is one of them thereby making the use of a smart standing desk related to the bunch. It is able to prolong life by reducing the sitting period and increasing the time for standing. As the work stands more, he/she reduces the risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

The standing function isn’t the only useful function. There is a reason why the smart desk can also be set for sitting and it is to reduce the risk swelling of the feet.

Products to look at in order improve smart desk experience – here are 5  

There are some items that should be added to the smart desk to improve the user experience. Here are a few and most purchased accessories.

Cable tray

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As the functionality is important so is the aesthetics. The cable tray offers both of this factors. It makes the smart desk look more professional and orderly. It helps to prevent the problems of tying itself up.

For a better housing of the wires, trays of up to 30” is enough.

Anti-fatigue Mat

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This product goes well with the standing desks. It will make one comfortable while he/she stands. It also helps to ease the pain of the hills and feats for a prolonged standing time. One‘s posture will improve. Which is useful for those who experienced pain in areas like the pelvis and lumber.

The best anti-fatigue mat to look of is the ones with at least 2inches of a ridged surface. For a better massage of the feats and help relieving foot pain. People who use heels should make use of the anti-fatigue mat barefooted.

Filing cabinet

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This accessory is best for workers in the office with a lot of paperwork. So much it needs storage. The filing cabinet is best to place them with their excess of space for various items. Manufacturers are aware of the need for them so they provided enough space for a filing cabinet.

Monitor adjuster

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This product is essential to all users of the smart desk. With this product, users can set the perfect angle in which they want to view their work display. The adjuster can set the monitor in 360 degrees horizontal and in vertical it rotates 20 degrees.

This product can help it used to find the ideal position best to help improve one’s posture and thus the health.

Autonomous Ergo Stool

There should be an active seat which will allow one to rest after standing for quite a long time. It still helps one keep their posture while he/she regains energy.


The smart desks are like blessings to the seated workers or office workers. Projects will be done with eases. Especially with the use of any of the smart desk present on this post. Also along with accessories to make it even easier. The best smart desk on this post is the autonomous smart desk 3 AI-standing desk. When considering its affordable price and functions. It is the best partner and tool for a worker.

There is one function that all smart desk on the post does and that is to improve the user’s health. By making him/her stand up. Standing up is very healthy, it helps to allow blood circulation of the user. Especially in the brain for productivity, creativity, and well-being. All these three factors are bound to make the worker effective.

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