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10 Best Color Schemes for a Home Office to Boost Inspiration & Productivity

AutonomousAutonomous | May 7, 2021

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Having the right color scheme for a home office on your walls can either make you want to get up in the morning and start working or run off to the paint store. Although you might not know it, each tone can impact your motivation and how you feel.

Therefore, you should keep reading to find out more about which colors are best if you’re setting up a home office.

How Color Scheme for a Home Office Can Change Your Work Outcomes

color home office

Color is one of the most important things to think about when you’re setting up a home office. What do you feel when you’re in a room with dark walls and dim light? You probably want to relax or lie down and rest.

However, if you’re in a room with white walls and a few blue highlights, you might feel completely different. Having a great color palette for your home office is essential because it can affect your productivity, energy, and even motivation.

Pros and Cons of Choosing the Right Color Palette

If you pick the right home office paint colors, you can enjoy many benefits. However, that’s not the case if you don’t make the right choice. Check out the pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Choosing the Right Color Palette

  • icon checkChoosing correctly can boost your productivity
  • icon checkYou can feel more inspired
  • icon checkYou can work in a comfortable environment
  • icon timesIf you don’t pick correctly, you can get eyestrain
  • icon timesYou might spend more money painting the room again
  • icon timesYou may not like the outcome

Deciding which color palette to choose for your home office is not an easy job. However, you can examine this list and determine which option works best for you.

List of Colors for Office Home Workers

Now that you know the basics of why you need a good color for your home office, check out the following list and evaluate your options:

1. Green

green home offfice

Green is a great color scheme for a home office if you want to go for a calm environment. If you have a natural light source, it can make your room look even more beautiful.

If you’re looking for a more serious tone, you can go for a deep and rich green, which can make your room look royal. However, if you want a calmer environment, a pale tone of green is the right way to go.

2. Light Blue

blue home office

Blue is a very popular choice because it’s a relaxing color. However, the best way to go is to get a light tone because getting a darker one might affect your lighting.

You can also combine light blue with white or gray and it can look incredible. Likewise, you must always have good illumination and a great modern ergonomic chair.

3. Nickel

Nickel is a very calming and light shade of gray that can work wonders if you’re not a fan of having a lot of colors around you. If you have wood furniture, you can make your home office look professional and clean.

Overall, gray gives you a neutral mood, so it’s a good color for a home office if you want to focus a lot while you do your job.

4. Teal


Teal is a combination of green and blue, so you can get the best of both worlds in your home office paint colors. While blue can give you a calming sensation, green can also bring a lighter look to your surroundings.

Home offices with teal colors are usually incredibly beautiful and elegant, especially if you have some nice plants to make your room more attractive. However, you should beware of an excess of lighting if you use that tone, and always have a reclining computer chair to work comfortably.

5. Simple White

simple white home office

White is one of the most neutral tones you could go for. It’s a haven when it comes to a good color palette for your home office.

If you want a bright color scheme for your home office, having white walls is a must. You can combine them with any other tone, and they can make your room light up and help you focus.

6. Pale Purple

Purple is a regal-looking color that can energize you if you use an intense shade. However, if you pick a pale tone, it can make your room have a hint of energy without taking away your focus.

Choosing purple is a great option if you like working in creative environments because it’s not a neutral shade. Nonetheless, remember that you should have proper lighting and a modern ergonomic chair.

7. Classic Gray

classic gray

If you don’t like a softer shade of gray like nickel, going for a classic one is the best way to go for your home office paint colors.

It’s a deep tone and it can help you boost your productivity because you don’t have any distractions. Likewise, you can combine it with white or brown and give your surroundings a different feel.

8. Blue-gray

Combining blue and gray can make your color scheme for your home office a beautiful mashup of the best tones.

Blue can make you calm, while gray is neutral and boosts your focus. If you throw in good illumination and an awesome reclining computer chair, you’re all set to start working.

9. Pastel Yellow

Some people don’t like neutral tones for their home office paint colors because they find them boring. If you want an environment that sparks your creativity and boosts your energy, going for a pastel yellow might do the trick.

Although a bright yellow can cause eye strain, a pastel tone is a good color for a home office.

10.  Brown

brown home office

Brown can be a great color that empowers you each time you sit down to work. If you have wooden furniture, it can make it stand out beautifully.

Likewise, you can combine it with other home office paint colors such as white, gray, or green.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right colors for your workplace is vital because it influences how you feel in that room. Although it sounds like an easy choice, you should consider the effect that each palette can have on your mood, and how it’s going to look with your lighting and furniture.

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