Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Top Picks and Buying Guide
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Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Top Picks and Buying Guide

|Mar 5, 2021

Experiencing excessive eye strain every time, you sit down to read, work, or just browse at your desk? Is this leading to irritation and plummeting productivity? This is all but natural if you haven’t given serious thought to the lighting solutions like the best desk lamp for eyes at your workspace. 

Working with reduced or scattered light can not only impact your mood but also lead to eye strain and discomfort in the short term. In the long term, ineffective illumination has even been reported to lead to short-sightedness and reduced work output. 

Taking this into consideration, it becomes absolutely essential to have the right kind of lighting at your office desk to keep eye strain at the minimum and achieve your best productive output. 

Choosing the lamp that will best help you achieve that can be tricky, given the variety of sizes, shapes, wattage, and features they are available. We have done our research to help you save time and effort. 

Read on to find out the best desk lamp for eyes. You will also find a buying guide at the end that will spell out the criteria for finding the best lamp for your needs.

Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Top picks

Here is the list of the best desk lamp for eyes you will find on the market right now. We have curated these picks after proper, extensive research and consideration. 

1. Autonomous Ultra Wide LED Desk Lamp

The Ultra Wide LED Desk Lamp is undoubtedly an all-rounder, the best desk lamp for eyes. Designed to illuminate every inch of your workspace with its extra-wide light coverage, this led desk lamp is sure to fulfill all your lighting needs in exceptional ways.

It offers four different light temperatures, which allow you to tone down the glow for light nightly reading or amp it up for delicate, focused work requirements at your workspace. It spreads the glow evenly across your desk without scattering the light to avoid distraction or excessively focusing the beam to avoid strain.

The lamp's 31.5" LED light bar is claimed to ensure a 200% wider and larger light coverage than other, similarly-priced products in the same category out there. The best led desk lamp comes with an assurance of no flicker and zero glare, which minimizes visual interference on your laptop, even with powerful lighting.

The flexible gooseneck of the lamp with the 360-degree adjustable lamp head provides the option for additional adjustment to allow you to bend and tilt the light at the angle best suited to your needs. This offers greater adaptability even for use with an office standing desk.

Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Top picks

Along with the four brightness and temperature adjustment options, the lamp offers the smart feature of saved settings. Even when the lamp is switched off, it remembers the previously-used combination of settings to bring into use the next time. This spares you the hassle of readjusting the brightness of the lamplight every time you sit down to work.

What’s better is its durability and easy maintenance. Crafted out of long-lasting, die-cast metal and aluminum, it has been built keeping in mind the need for long-term strength and sturdiness for enduring use.

To best attend to all your work desk requirements, you may also want to take a look at the smart office accessories. Autonomous offers, other than their premium-quality led desk lamps.

2. Lumiy Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp

The Lumiy Lightblade 1500S desk lamp comes with the superior build quality and a wide range of attractive features that make it a good choice for serving multiple needs and purposes. This energy-efficient LED lamp comes with a sleek, modern exterior that is sure to spruce up your desk decor.

The best led desk lamp prioritizes comfort for your eyes while allowing you to adjust the lighting levels to meet a variety of needs. In line with this, the Lumiy desk lamp offers options for customization of the brightness of the light and its color temperature with the help of a simple touch switch at the base.

The range of adjustment offered is as much as 500 lux to 1,100 lux for brightness levels, as well as 1,800k to 6,600k for the color temperature.

Added to this is the feature of the pivoting lamp head that enables you greater choice with respect to swinging the bar to focus the light right where you need it. What’s more, is that the Lightblade 1500S offers a USB charging port at the base of the lamp body. This is an extremely useful feature that expands the lamp’s utility.

The lighting of the Lumiy lamp is said to be very similar in its effect to natural lighting, which makes it especially suited to fit the requirement of maximum eye comfort. This is also useful for artists who require natural lighting to get the right color hues.

Lumiy Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp

3. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp 

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp has been designed to fulfill multiple purposes for maximum utility. More than being just a lamp, the best desk lamp for eyes comes with a USB charging port and an in-built 7.5 watts wireless charger for easy charging of your phone and other devices, apart from a host of other features for adjustment.

Multiple devices can be charged using the lamp at the same time, given the dual availability of a wireless and wired charging port. There is also the thoughtful addition of a rubber ring at the port to keep your phone from slipping when connected.

With a modern touch-operated power button, the lamp can be conveniently turned off and on with just a finger tap. With additional features of brightness and color adjustment, it offers added room for adaptation to your personal needs. 

You can regulate the brightness of the lamplight within a wide range using the ring at the base. The color temperature can also be similarly altered to achieve five different results by tapping a button. This makes it a perfect bedside best reading lamp for eyes and an efficient, bright work desk lamp all in one.

The smart blade-like build of the head of the lamp rotates a full 180 degrees and inclines to as much as 135 degrees. It can also be tilted upwards to about 150 degrees and turned to the side by about 90 degrees. This offers the maximum scope for adjusting and focusing the direction of the light for the best viewing experience.

The attractive, modern design of the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp comes with space-efficiency and multi-functionality, making it one of the three top picks in the category.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Buying Guide 

Now that you know the best desk lamp for eyes available on the market right now, you would need to know how to go about choosing the one ideal for your needs and purposes. 

When picking the right desk lamp for yourself, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. Below is the list of all you need to know when searching for a lamp best-suited to your needs.

Brightness and Color Temperature

Desk lamps come with a range of illumination levels and energy usage. The lux and wattage indicators give you an idea of how bright the best desk light for eyes is.

The higher the wattage, the brighter is the light. The right level of brightness for your work needs is crucial to avoid eye strain and ensure comfort over prolonged use.

Another consideration is the temperature of the light. This indicates how cool or warm the light is. Cooler light is bluer in its hue and ideal for the needs of maximized productivity at the workplace. Warmer light from the best reading lamp for eyes is more yellow and provides the best eye comfort for relaxed nightly reading.

Best Desk Lamp for Eyes: Buying Guide

Height and Adjustability

The height of the best desk lamp for eyes is an important factor to consider when looking for one. The space on your desk and your need for light focus would determine the height of your desk lamp.

There are many lamp varieties that offer adjustable body, head, and base to achieve the best combination for your lighting needs.

Considering how important the right placement is for your eye comfort and work output, it becomes essential to take into account the factor of lamp height and adjustability to best fit your preferences. 

Height and Adjustability

Lighting type

You will find most of the modern models of desk lamps to feature LED lights rather than the older, commonly used fluorescent or incandescent ones. This best desk light for eyes is the case for a host of logical reasons.

The LED bulbs offer much greater energy efficiency over the latter varieties, using up lesser energy while operating than any of the others. Other than this, they are also significantly more long-lasting than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacement.

Further, the LED lights come with the option of adjusting the color temperature, which is of consequence when it comes to reducing eye strain. Lastly, LED bulbs do not emit heat even with prolonged use, unlike the older varieties.

Lighting type

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing a desk lamp, arguably the most important consideration for most people is how easy the light is on the eyes. Other than providing ample illumination, the ideal lamp also prioritizes eye comfort to ensure minimum strain even with long-term use.

We have kept this in mind when curating the list of the best desk lamp for eyes mentioned here. With this, you can easily pick the right one for yourself without hesitation.

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