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Best Easy Assembly Standing Desk on the Market
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Best Easy Assembly Standing Desk on the Market

|Nov 1, 2021

Are you interested in investing in a standing desk you can use for multiple purposes? You will find our top easy assembly desk picks on this page that will help you work comfortably and safely, whether you're at home or in the office.

15 Easy Assembly Desk Designs For You

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka easy assembly desk

For those who do not require something too heavy-duty but still need something capable of meeting their requirements, the Autonomous Desk Eureka is an excellent choice. Currently, this desk is offered at a discount. These durable, quiet, tall, and strong gaming corner desks are perfect for basements, garages, and workstations that need to withstand extreme conditions. You can accommodate two monitors with a 6-foot working area. 

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) easy assembly desk

Work more efficiently with Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). You can stand or sit at standing desks since they are motorized. For MDF wood and bamboo desktops, there is a wide range of finishes to choose from, including walnut, black, white oak, and simple white. On the other hand, classic tops measure 53 by 29 inches, whereas extra-large tops measure 70.5 by 30 inches.

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse easy assembly desk

Another good option is Autonomous Desk Expanse, a standing desk that can also be adjusted. It is a corner Autonomous Desk with a wooden top and a sturdy standing desk frame. With 110 lbs. of weight support, this top can be raised to its maximum height with three independent motors.

Furthermore, the top can be easily customized, so it is used to secure displays and accessories and store accessories. A dual I-beam option is also available. It memorizes four height positions using a control pad.

4. Happen Pillar Desk

It’s the perfect combination of function, durability, and convenience. This standing desk can be easily assembled with a 2 minute no-tools process, featuring a premium teak wood laminate finish and ergonomic functions.

Happen Pillar Desk is built with two main colors - white and teak. This easy assembly desk is easily gilded between sitting and standing position throughout your work day. Desk starts at 27” can be extended to 47” in seconds. With a dual motor frame for quieter, it is a perfect option for every office

5. S Stand Up Desk lectern

S Stand Up Desk lectern

A pneumatic mechanism lifts and lowers the easy assembly desk lectern, and it can be tilted simultaneously to find the right position. Even the smallest office spaces can accommodate its extremely compact size and shape. One of the strengths of this model is that it can be used in various ways.

You can also use this quick install standing desk as a speaker's podium or mobile workspace for your home office in addition to a laptop stand. This makes you more active as you move around throughout the day. You can assemble it in minutes, thanks to the retractable tray and cup holder.

6. PneuDesk Movable height adjustable desk from ApexDesk

Using it, you can lift or lower the ApexDex easy assembly computer desk according to your desires without electricity or cables. Using the one-touch hand lever, you can raise or lower the easy assembled office desk within 29" to 48" in height. It has ergonomically shaped dimensions of 47*27" and a cable grommet on one end.

The steel base on the no-tools assembly desk is powder coated and has an ergonomic shape. The top has six screws, and the bottom has 14 when fully assembled. Each hole is pre-drilled. They need to be lined up and screwed in.

7. Luxor's 56-inch height adjusting desk

To adjust the height, pull the lever that activates the pneumatic air cylinder. It is adjustable in height from 27.5 to 44.5 inches, so you can stand on it and sit on it. Additionally, it adheres to all ANSI/BIFMA guidelines.

Overall, the desk measures 56 inches wide by 29.5 inches deep by 27.5 - 44.5 inches high. It takes just a few minutes to assemble this pneumatic standing desk. Due to its non-electricity, the stand-up desk does not require any power outlets.

8. Xl Pneumatic laptop desks from The Classics

Xl Pneumatic laptop desks from The Classics

They sell a pneumatically powered Classic XL laptop stand/desk. Due to the pneumatic mechanism and the locking knob, the bed can be manually raised and lowered from 28.3" to 38.5".

All of the tools and instructions needed for assembly are included with this desk. A full-sized podium is most commonly used in classrooms as an alternative to the regular office and computer desks.

9. Airlift Pneumatic Laptop Mobile Desk from Seville Classics

Due to the adjustable height on this model, your workspace can be set up to be both comfortable and ergonomic. Airlift also provides four of the 2-inch pneumatic sit-to-stands. The casters measure four inches.

The wheels move the easy assembly desk from room to room and from one surface to another. The instructions that come with the stand explain how to assemble it. The stand comes with all of the necessary tools as well.

10. Uplift's V2 desk

Standard and commercial versions of Uplift desks are available (with additional stability provided by crossbars). Those who live in the UK may order an Uplift to be shipped, but it makes more sense to buy a frame and arrange for your desktop to be picked up locally (otherwise, shipping would be prohibitive).

11. Hillsdale L-Shape Desk from Red Barrel Studio

The best L-shaped easy assembly desk you will ever see comes with laminate wood and a stylish design. Both ends are fitted with cabinets, making it incredibly spacious. One features two glider drawers, while the other has frosted-panel detailing on its PC tower cabinets. Moreover, a 4-port USB panel is included along with a cubby shelf. The space on either side measures approximately five feet.

12. Abacus Corner Desk from John Lewis

If you're looking for a smaller L-shaped office standing desk, this product from John Lewis is a good option. This oak veneer desk measures 80 cm long x 42 cm deep and features an optional keyboard tray. There is ample storage at the bottom of the unit and a keyboard tray that can be attached (sold separately). A diamond-shaped top is a great fit for the corners of smaller spaces because it doesn't have an L-shape.

13. Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Desk from Walker Edison

A 51-inch L-shaped home standing desk with a tempered glass top accommodating two computers looks sleek and sophisticated. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that it supports multiple screens and can be connected to other electronics. The keyboard tray is located on one side for easy access. There are four colors and five styles available with these double L-shaped easy assemble office desks from Walker Edison. It can easily support a dual monitor setup when both sides each support 50 pounds.       

14. Deluxe Cantilever Desk from Black Valoir

The Cantilever Desk is a classy L-shaped standing desk with a contemporary design that gives your workspace a stylish makeover. It comes with a built-in cable management system in the metal legs. The rectangular desktop is smooth and is made with 25mm MFC. The feet are adjustable up to 30mm and support a modesty panel made of 18mm MFC. There are grommets on either side to fit a dual PC setup.

15. Furinno 12095GYW Computer Desk

Furinno 12095GYW easy assembly desk

A portable computer desk is also included - great for those constrained for space - and you can store your PC on the right-hand shelf, along with a keyboard and mouse tray that slides out. It's relatively easy to put together, and it has a bonus drawer too. You get a good product here, and it's pretty sturdy.


How long should you use a sit-stand desk?

It isn't as good to stand all day as it is to sit. A standing desk is a true sit-to-stand desk that can accommodate users of all sizes - from a woman who may be 5th percentile seated to a man who is 95th percentile standing.

Starting standing and switching to a sitting position whenever you feel slightly uncomfortable is how we recommend beginning to work in an ergonomic standing position slowly. Fitness level, age, medical issues, and other factors all play a role in determining the outcome.

If you practice standing for more than 50% of your workday, you may be able to stand for up to 70% of the day. MOVEMENT is the key - rotating your posture between seated and standing.

How many motors do standing desks have?

Each leg of the standing desk frame is driven by a motor powered by a threaded rod linear actuator. You can use it for any size or style. Compare our price point against other brands, and you will see that others are single motors, which control both legs with one motor.

What is the BIFMA certification?

BIFMA stands for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association, an association that includes many small organizations and major manufacturers of office furniture.

Manufacturers serve on a committee composed of engineers, and together, they develop test procedures to measure whether a joint or assembly is structurally sound and durable. Based on the highest standards, standing desks are designed, manufactured, and tested by independent test labs to comply with BIFMA standards.

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