Best Employee Appreciation Gift Programs for a Large Company

Best Employee Appreciation Gift Programs for a Large Company

|Oct 31, 2021

Many companies overlook the importance of employee appreciation gifts within a company. However, statistics say that 63% of recognized employees have started to be less unlikely to quit their current job. Considering the high costs of hiring a new employee, including an employee recognition gift program within your business doesn't seem like a crazy idea.

As of now, millions of workers are quitting their jobs for multiple reasons. Hence, increasing the employee retention rates within your business can be a bit complicated moving forward, considering that a new generation is taking over the workplace, and Gen Z is well-known for making themselves heard.

Given this situation, your company can retain talented individuals after making a few changes. But, of course, everything you intend to change within your workplace should be studied and analyzed – not applied overnight.

Without further ado, here we have some of the best employee appreciation gifts ideas you can implement at your workplace.


8 Good Employee Appreciation Gifts for Large Companies

You're trying to make your workforce feel appreciated, and that's already a significant step. Thus, it is time to start selecting gifts that fit your company's budget. Sometimes, companies opt for providing personalized gifts, but generic gifts are fine too – the former is just an even "fancier" way of saying "thank you for your hard work."

Although here we have good employee recognition gift programs, please note that asking every team member individually about their interests and taste so you can give them a more “personalized gift.” This can be an excellent promotional gift idea, for instance, and you can also use this same tactic for other approaches, those times when you feel that an employee, in particular, needs to be recognized for their excellent work.

If you’d like to go with the plan with something in mind, here we have some employee appreciation gift ideas that you can use for that purpose.

1.  Employee purchase program

Employee purchase program

Here is one of the perfect employee appreciation gifts. An employee purchase program is often considered a benefit, but you can also make it part of your employee recognition program.

An employee purchase program consists in having access to determined goods and services (you make a list) at a discount by implementing a payroll deduction system or both simultaneously. The provider of these products or services can be the manufacturer or a third party.

The Autonomous employee purchase program lists many benefits that your employees will enjoy after implementing the new system at your workplace.

2.  Desk plants

According to a study, plants in the workplace are linked to higher productivity levels. Hence, the changes are not merely aesthetics. They have a mindset impact that the organization and the employee can take advantage of. Also, who wouldn't like to brighten up their workstation by adding a charming desk plant? It can make the atmosphere a bit less tense during certain moments.

3.  Celebrate each employee’s birthday, but make it personal

Celebrate as employee appreciation gifts

Here is another idea for your employee appreciation gifts. Everyone likes and deserves to feel special during their birthday. However, this special occasion is often overlooked by most companies – and it’s one of the best opportunities to come up with a good employee appreciation gift.

Companies have different approaches when it comes to birthdays. For instance, some may celebrate all the birthdays that happened during a particular month on a specific day simultaneously, while others like to celebrate it at least for a little while during the actual day. Whether the occasion is, please make sure that each employee feels seen and unique.

4.  Give them small mementos

“Small gifts don’t exist if there’s a deep meaning behind it.” Thus, you can make the best out of every opportunity to make an employee feel recognized for their hard work having this quote in mind.

For instance, you can take a few moments to write a small note about something remarkable they did during that day and how grateful you are for it. Of course, we're currently living in the technological era, and devices constantly surround us, but something as small as a post-it note with a few sentences can change someone’s mood entirely. Plus, these are excellent gifts that most people are likely to keep within their belongings.

We’re sure you can do wonders with one of your must-have office supplies.

5.  Go for the safe choice: Snacks!

Go for the safe choice: Snacks

Snacks are ALWAYS welcome. Hence, if you’d like to go for the safest choice, you can give them a snack box or maybe homemade brownies. The choices are endless here, but make sure to give them something that matches their taste.

If you'd like to make it even safer, you can also opt for assorted snacks! For instance, a box of assorted cookies or cupcakes. This way, they will have multiple flavors to choose from. There will probably be at least one flavor they like within your choices!

6.  Gift cards

If you're not sure of what to give them as an employee appreciation gift, then a gift card is the way to go. You can choose any of the popular platforms like Amazon or maybe a local store. This way, that person will feel that their hard work is being appreciated while also being able to choose their own gift. Also, if you have virtual employees, this option can be an excellent virtual employee appreciation idea.

7.  Team outings

Team outings

You can invite the whole team to hang out once in a while if you'd like to make sure that everyone feels seen within the workplace. It is an excellent team bonding activity and also a great way of easing off your minds after working so hard every day.

8.  Self-Care Kit

As with other gifts listed here, you can play around with what you'll include in the box if you'd like to give it a more "personalized" approach. If you'd like to play it safe, there are tons of self-care kits in the market with items like essential oils and massage tools that work excellently, too (and they're more affordable).



There are tons of employee recognition ideas and employee appreciation gifts you can implement at your organization. Whatever your choices are, we’re sure that your employees will have their days brightened by having their hard work recognized.

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