Best Keyboard Pullout Tray Reviews in 2024
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Best Keyboard Pullout Tray Reviews in 2024

|Apr 30, 2022

Putting your keyboard stop your work desk may cause issues that you must be unaware of, but you may prevent these issues by utilizing a keyboard pullout tray. Because most workstations are too elevated to write without stretching properly, keyboards trays hidden under the desks may easily fix this error by setting your keyboards at a bottom elevation, enabling you to relax your arm muscles while you function.

Secondly, even if you're seated or standing upright, an ergonomically designed keyboard tray allows you to adjust the inclination so that your arms are exactly aligned with your writing position. As a result, the finest keyboard boards or, rather, trays lessen the likelihood of pain and stiffness while also helping you to maintain a good upper body position when typing.

List of the Best Pullout Keyboard Trays with Reviews

Whether you own standing or sitting workstations, you will highly likely benefit from the addition of a keyboard tray. Adding a slide-out keyboard tray may significantly enhance the ergonomics of your workplace or private offices. These panels simultaneously allow you to isolate your keyboards from the limitations of your workstation and alter the elevation, tilt, and placement of your keyboard concerning your figure.

To help you find the right keyboard tray, we've put together a list of the finest sliding keyboard trays to assist you in sorting through the vast number of best keyboard trays under desks available:

1. Mount-It! Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor Mount

Mount-It! Laptop Desk Stand and keyboard pullout tray

You can tilt, rotate, and lift the Mount-It! Laptop Desk Stand and Monitor Mount to an acceptable and convenient configuration for you with the one and only Mount-It! keyboard pullout tray. You may also change the slider to a more comfortable position for your wrists! The cushioned wrist padding accompanying this computer keyboard tray lets you operate in a comfortable stance with this mounting bracket. It will aid with wrist and elbow discomfort by altering the elevation and inclination and utilizing the gel pad, minimizing repeated overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

2. The 3M under Desk Mounting Bracket

It is an ergonomically designed gadget suitable for almost all kinds of workstations and is meant to improve relaxation and biomechanics when working online. You may modify the tray's elevation by rotating a lever, and it can even be angled from +15°/-15° to achieve a more pleasant work posture. The tray has a leather-coated gel wrist support that is also very simple to clean to increase overall comfort and decrease wrist discomfort. It also comes with a rechargeable battery-powered mouse pad which you can use on whichever side you want. Be it the left or right side of the keyboard.

3. Defy Desk Clip-On Keyboard Tray

Defy Desk Clip-On keyboard pullout tray

This is an adjustable keyboard and mouse stand which allows you to operate your desired devices at a little lower level than your pc, decreasing back strain and general body discomfort. This clamp-on sliding desk tray is wide enough to rest your arms on the hardwood tray easily. Furthermore, the tray will not wobble, and it will always glide in and out easily, owing to the best steel siding rails. A keyboard barrier is also included on the furthest edge of the keyboard pullout tray to ensure that the keyboard does not unintentionally slip off then and drop to the bottom.

4. VIVO Customizable Computer Keyboard Tray

VIVO Customizable Computer keyboard pullout tray

This is one of our most budget-friendly solutions, with unbeatable pricing for an ergonomically designed under-desk standard keyboard and mouse plate. This keyboard pullout tray was created to improve posture when typing for lengthy periods, and also its supporting rubber cushioning decreases wrist fatigue after the day. You'll be able to choose the right and the most comfortable posture for yourself irrespective of the elevation of the table, thanks to the 6.5-inch adjustability and full-width rotations.

5. HUANUO Keypad Tray

The manufacturer has built a sliding standing keyboard and mouse platform with a fully adjustable range of 6.96 inches, allowing you to pick your favorite height range to decrease back, forearm, and hand pain when typing for long periods. The device also has a gel wrist cushion in which you might rest your hands and forearms while working, which adds to your convenience. The rack can be swiveled up to 180 ° left to right or slanted 6 degrees up and 23 degrees deeper to determine the most comfortable posture due to its full-motion construction. On the downside, you should be aware that the keyboard pullout tray somehow does not retract entirely beneath the table when not being used, leaving a 2-3 inches section exposed.

6. FARGO under Desk Keyboard Mounting Bracket

FARGO under Desk Keyboard Mounting Bracket

Despite being one of the more costly solutions on our checklist, this ergonomically designed device does a fantastic job of fostering a good and healthy body posture while also reducing shoulder and neck strain. Users can alter or vary the elevation or tilt angle by rotating a lever on the underside of this adjustable keyboard and mouse tray. A pleasant wrist rest, an anti-skid mousing surface, and anti-fall pointer protection are included with the keyboard tray's accessories. On the other hand, the mouse trays remain independent and sit roughly an inch shorter than the keyboard tray, with really no way to raise it.


Question: What are the various types of computer trays?

Answer: On average, there are 2 types accessible, each with its installation requirements. These two are clamp-on adjustable keyboard and mouse trays and trays with an arm that must be fitted under the table.

Question: Do I need to get a keyboard tray that clamps on?

Answer: Clamp-on computer keypads or trays are simple to set up and do not require any equipment or fasteners. Yet, these trays' elevation and inclination angles are frequently not adjustable.

Question: Do I need to get a keyboard tray with a handle?

Answer: Users can pick their desired elevation degree or tilting angle using keyboard trays linked to the workstation via an arm, although assembly consumes a long time and involves the use of equipment. These trays may not be suitable for use on acrylic or marble desktops.

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