4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution
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4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

|May 8, 2021

Finding the perfect lighting for a computer desk is one of the most important things you need to consider if you’re a remote worker. Keep reading to find out why and learn some tips to improve your workplace.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Lighting

Having good lighting in your home office is essential for you to excel at your job. If you can’t see, you might miss things when you’re writing on your computer, forget important notes, or fail your tasks altogether.

Likewise, if you don’t have the best lighting for computer work, you might end with sight issues, headaches, and stress.

On the contrary, when you have a well-illuminated environment, you can do your job comfortably, which is why finding the best desk lighting solutions is so important.

1. Change the Settings on Your Computer Monitor

If you’re looking for lighting improvement in your home office, you should start with your computer monitor. Go into your settings and adjust the blue light so you see warmer colors instead.

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

Blue light causes eye strain and can interrupt your sleep, whereas warmer light doesn’t have that effect. When you first adjust your settings, you might be surprised at how different your monitor looks or confused about why everything has an orange tinge.

However, that’s completely normal. With time, you get used to it, and your eyes appreciate the change.

2. Use More Focused Task Lighting

Task lighting is a great way to boost your productivity on a specific activity. Therefore, instead of illuminating your whole room, you want to make sure that your desk or workspace has better lights.

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

To ensure focused task lighting, you should look for desk lighting solutions. That way, you can choose among different specific lights for your workspace instead of having only a lamp to illuminate the whole room.

Many task lighting tools allow you to customize them how you want. That’s important because you should adjust the light to your needs and tasks.

3. Adjust Your Overhead Lighting

Having task lighting for a desk is an incredible thing, but you should never forget about your overhead lights. Those are the ones that illuminate most parts of your room, so you should make sure that they work.

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

Likewise, when you set up overhead lighting, you should consider the color of your light bulbs. Yellow light is often associated with relaxation, waiting rooms, and breakout spaces, so that’s not the best option for you.

White light, on the contrary, is related to task-focused environments. It can help you boost your productivity, focus better, and work with more enthusiasm.

Some of the most recommended white lights are LEDs because they mimic natural illumination. Thus, you should check out the best LED lamp, the ultra wide LED lamp, and the LED desk lamp. They might fit what you’re looking for and give you some great desk lighting solutions.

4. Use the Right Ergonomic Chair

You can’t have a proper home office if you don’t combine good lighting for a computer desk with the right ergonomic chair. It’s an essential part of being a remote worker.

Once you have the best lighting for a desk, you need to find a good chair. If you don’t get one, you risk having back pain, a decrease in productivity, and you could even end hating the moment when you have to sit down and work.

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

However, with the right chair, you can feel comfortable even after a few hours of work. You could get an ergonomic chair for gaming or a reclining computer chair, which are two incredible examples of sitting places that might fit perfectly into your home office.

When you look for the right chair, you should prioritize ergonomic properties. That means the area where you sit should support your back. Likewise, it should be comfortable and be the correct size for your home office.

How Having Good Lighting Boosts Your Productivity

Light has a deep effect on people’s bodies. When humans are born, they slowly adopt sleep and waking cycles – they wake up during the day and sleep during the night. That follows an internal rhythm.

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

This rhythm, the circadian rhythm, regulates many things such as the moment when you start feeling sleepy, the times you feel hunger, and more. Thus, it’s deeply linked to light. That’s why having good lighting is so important – it can make you feel more awake, prepare your body for the day, and boost your concentration.

People who have the best lighting for computer work experience a mood improvement, are more alert, can focus for longer, and work with more energy. Overall, it allows you to be more productive at your job.

Pros and Cons of Natural and Artificial Light

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

If you’re looking for the best lighting solutions, you might wonder if natural illumination is better than an artificial one, or if it’s the other way around. Check out the following pros and cons for each one:

Natural Light


  • It can diminish eyestrain
  • You don’t have to spend so much money on the electricity bill


  • If you have furniture, it can make the colors fade over time
  • It can make the room warmer, so you might have to spend in cooling costs

Artificial Light


  • Some desk lighting solutions can mimic natural light
  • It can help you illuminate places without any windows


  • You might find it hard to create the best lighting for computer work because you need different lamps
  • It can cause more eyestrain

4 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Tips – Home Office Solution

Overall, both natural and artificial light have pros and cons. A good suggestion to consider is taking advantage of natural illumination whenever you can, but without forgetting about the most important thing: having good lighting for a computer desk.

In other words, if you have a wide and beautiful window, use that light to your advantage. But if you need more illumination in your home office, don’t hesitate to search for good task lighting for a desk or other desk lighting solutions that you might need.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is one of the most important things that you need to have a functional home office. Now that you know more about it, set up your workplace so it fits your illumination needs!

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