Best Priced Office Chairs - Desk Chair Sale 2024 from Autonomous
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Best Priced Office Chairs - Desk Chair Sale 2024 from Autonomous

|Mar 21, 2022

It's always great to hear about a low office chair price. Typically, businesses must carve out substantial budgets if they want to outfit their employees with the required office equipment

This extends beyond office chair units and may include desks, filing cabinets, and other accessories. Therefore, it’s quite a blessing to hear that it's possible to buy an executive chair for less than the typical cost. 

Remember that if performance is supposed to be at its highest, all the factors that contribute to high productivity must be taken care of in a tremendous fashion. Comfort is a big part of this and having an ergonomic chair that provides the necessary support helps to keep things on the stable and healthy side of the spectrum. 

Cost savings comprise the centerpiece of an office chair sale. However, you may be wondering what else you stand to gain and where you should be looking to take advantage of respectable deals. 

That's why you are here today. The short answer to this is that you need not look any further than Autonomous. However, it's very understandable why you would not want to take that statement at face value. After all, business decisions are meant to be strategic, and proper information is needed before proceeding.


Note that if you don't work in HR or you're not a business owner, this information is still relevant to you. Office workers often make their cases to decision-makers, and they also need to have the requisite information to do so successfully. 

Additionally, since this whole thing is based on Autonomous and how it can help you get the best budget office chair, you should also know that the manufacturer offers a purchase program that's dedicated to helping employees get the equipment they need while giving businesses an incentive to make the purchases. 

As you can see, there's a lot to get through here, so now that the introduction is out of the way, it's time to jump into the meat of the matter and get you acquainted with your best option for an online office chair sale. 

The Average Price of a Good Office Chair

The Average Price of a Good Office Chair

Note that this section speaks to the price associated with a good desk chair sale. Emphasis is placed on the word “good.” Office chairs are a dime a dozen, and you can get incredibly cheap options for under $100 from a slew of different manufacturers. 

However, if you should make the mistake of purchasing one, it's not going to stick around with you for a long time, and it may even be the cause of chronic suffering that workers go through.

Businesses must, therefore, take the initiative to ensure that the purchases made are from reputable manufacturers that offer proper designs. 

To this end, a good estimation is that a solid office chair can cost anywhere between $300 and $750. This is a good average to use as it covers both the lower and upper ends of the budget that could yield a solid chair. 

Of course, as the desk chair price goes up, you are more likely to see more or better implemented ergonomic features than you would see at lower price tags. 

Features of a Good Chair

Now that you know how much you should be looking to spend even outside of the context of an executive chair sale, you may be interested in finding out what kind of features you should be looking for in an executive chair purchase. 

Backrest with Lumbar Support

Backrest with Lumbar Support

This is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle from an ergonomic feature standpoint. One of the biggest complaints that employees have in today's working world is back pain. More specifically, this tends to be located around the lumbar spine or lower back area. 

The problem comes from a combination of poor posture and terrible chair designs. With a solid executive chair in the mix, not only does it provide the support that an employee needs, but it also helps to adjust and correct sitting posture for a more comfortable and functional work experience. 

People even find that after experiencing one of these chairs for some time, pains that would be a big problem in other areas of life also begin to dissipate. 

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable Armrests

This may not necessarily be a big one for everyone, but it's always great to have somewhere to rest your hands when you've been working for some time.  

Armrests are not meant to be used consistently. However, when you do use them, they can certainly alleviate fatigue. Static armrests are a problem because not all body types work in the same position. Therefore, you want adjustable ones that allow you to modify the default placement, leading to a more customized seating experience. 

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Height Adjustment

This is another one of those features that acknowledge the lack of a one size fits all principle where chairs are concerned. Most times, it's a matter of workers being at different heights here.  

During an executive chair sale, you want to grab something with a generous seat height adjustment so that your short, average, and tall employees can all have a comfortable work experience without having to worry about hip pains, overextending joints, or any other comfort-reducing challenges. 

Tilt Tension

Tilt Tension

You can technically lump recline under this category two. The ability to tilt is also another way that workers can release a bit of that built-up fatigue when they've been working for some time. 

Some chairs even include a footrest to complete the package. Usually, you want a solid recline angle that is lockable at several positions. Additionally, it helps to have a proper tension adjustment mechanism. 



The material element is a matter of durability and comfort. A mesh backrest, for example, is usually a good buy because it's durable and allows for consistent airflow as you work. One of the most annoying things is to build heat and sweat in at your workstation, especially considering how icky it may cause you to feel. 

Leather is not a bad option either for your backrest or your seating pad. Beyond that, simply ensure that the frame also offers respectable durability, and you should be fine. 

Pay attention to the presence of warranty offerings since they give you some level of guarantee for manufacturer faults. 

The Benefits of Buying During an Office Chair Sale

The Benefits of Buying During an Office Chair Sale

Price Savings

This one goes without saying come on since it's a common trait of every sale. You are going to be getting better office chair deal options on quality items. Let it be known that the typical asking prices for Autonomous products are well worth the quality standard that you are getting. 

Therefore, it stands to reason that the value you derive from the purchases is even greater in the context of an office chair sale. 


The office chair price savings are not so heavily seen in single purchases, though they exist. From a business point, the real advantage would be capitalizing on the wholesale offerings, which allow you to order in bulk. 

Along with the office chair price savings above, it means that you can outfit more employees with quality equipment. 

List of Available Autonomous Chairs

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo good office chair price

The Autonomous Chair Ergo's claim to fame is the level of adjustability you get with it. An ergonomic office chair is expected to yield to your needs, but this one does it much better than many of its competitors do. This office chair price is medium among Autonomous products.

You can get it in neutral colors such as black, grey, or a black and white hybrid. Alternatively, you can go for the evergreen, red apple, or baby blue variations. 

Some of the standout elements include adjustable height, armrests, headrest, backrest, and seat tilt. 

You get a smooth recline with five lockable positions too, as well as flexible lumbar support that adjusts to any seated position. A mesh back wraps everything up in a nice bow, and you even get a two-year warranty. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra good office chair price

As you can imagine based on the name, the Autonomous Autonomous Chair Ultra is the pinnacle of dynamic design, which is aimed at providing its users with the greatest amount of movement possible. This office chair price is a little bit high but its quality is high too.

To this end, it uses a frameless construction style. The composition takes advantage of cooling earth-friendly TPE or breathable mesh, based on purchaser selections. Natural mobility is encouraged, especially with the inclusion of adaptive spinal support. 

There is a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and the boundless chair even comes with a five-year warranty. 

3. Autonomous AvoChair

Autonomous AvoChair good office chair price

Corporate social responsibility is a big part of a company's image, so it's always a good idea to embark on initiatives that cater to the environment. If that sounds like the route that you are trying to take, then you may want to consider the Autonomous AvoChair

Not only is its design inspired by nature, but it's also built in a manner that shows care for it. As unbelievable as it may be, the whole manufacturing process takes advantage of recycled materials.

Even so, you get a design that is up there with the best ergonomic chairs with the best office chair price. Adjustments include height, armrest, back, and tilt tension. Note that a two-year warranty is included here. 

4. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline

This is an ergonomic office chair with a low price from Autonomous. A reclining ergonomic chair is never a bad thing to have, which makes this the perfect segue to introduce you to the Autonomous Chair Recline. It's the perfect balance of a unit that allows you to get serious work done, while providing facilities to encourage relaxation and relief of fatigue. 

There are a host of adjustability features to take advantage of including seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and recline. On the last note, there is an adjustable headrest included to support your neck and the base of your head. 

Additionally, there is a flip-out leg rest that you can use once you are ready, and it's out of your way when you are finished with it. Its orientation allows you to always maintain a healthy angle. 

The backrest features lumbar support and a mesh layout allowing for tremendous breathability, which is great for those who may worry about sweat buildup. Finally, Autonomous offers a one-year warranty with each purchase of the Autonomous Chair Recline. 

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

This is as good a time as any to introduce you to the Autonomous employee purchase program, which is designed to help employers and employees meet in the middle where office equipment is concerned. 

Even though outfitting remote and traditional offices can mean a huge price tag, it would be a crime to ignore its importance. Furthermore, employees may have specific desires that our business may be unaware of or unwilling to grant because of cost concerns. 

This program removes some of the barriers by allowing employees to look through the Autonomous catalog and select what suits them. Just by using the program, each employee can get an office chair discounted heavily 

Business owners or HR employees approve orders, and the business pays for them. Autonomous handles delivery whether it is to the traditional office or hybrid space. 

Now, there is no reason for employees to not get items that are best suited to keeping them productive since going this route helps the business financially. 

Final Remarks


As you can see, there is a lot to consider before jumping into an executive chair sale and office chair price. Of course, there is the feature set that you want to look out for, which ensures that the eventual chair users get the best work experience possible. 

Apart from that, there are the benefits that you would expect from a sale where price and quantity are concerned. 

With all that in mind, you may have had some concerns about how you would go about using the executive sale concept to your advantage. Luckily, you got a look at a host of Autonomous models that reflect an incredibly high quality standard. 

Finally, you got a high-level overview of the employee purchase program that Autonomous has in place, which you can use to outfit your onsite and remote employees without having to lift a finger for delivery costs. 

Of course, even with the purchase program, you are still getting office chairs for wholesale prices.

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