Best Office Furniture Color Combinations: Top Eye-Catching Color Pair to Inspire
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Best Office Furniture Color Combinations: Top Eye-Catching Color Pair to Inspire

|Nov 3, 2021

Selecting the ideal office furniture color is a tough job as you have to consider the color combination along with ergonomics. Although the latter is not a challenging task, the color combination requires brains and might be challenging for some.

Your office furniture color sets up your mood and greatly impacts your productivity, so it is better if you choose the best one. We know that this selection won’t be easy for you, as most of the office workers have no idea which office furniture color combination would be the best one for them. So, here we are!

We have shared the best office furniture color combinations here with you today so that choosing the right home office furniture colors becomes an easy-peasy task for you. If you want to know their details, read further. 

Best Office Furniture Colors for Your Workstation

Turquoise + Cream

Turquoise + Cream office furniture color

If you are thinking of a well-balanced office furniture color combination, turquoise and cream would be great. Usually, people go for this color combination when they are setting up their living room because of the neutral nature of the cream color coupled with a bit of style by turquoise. Overall, this color combination would be great for offices where you have more people who wish for a calm environment to work in. 

Viridian Green + Purple

Viridian green and purple color combination evokes a balance between tranquility and energy. The green color refreshens you and gives a feeling of abundance, while purple has a cool effect. Purple will clear out your mind and trigger your creative side, making you more active and energetic. The two colors will ensure that you have an active and energetic office to work in. 

Green + Red

Green + Red office furniture color

Green color refreshens you, while red is a powerful color, so it will create a positive impact on your mood. This office furniture color combination would be great when you have a big team to motivate and activate to work hard and give their best shot. You may incorporate it by adding some red ergonomic office chairs coupled with green desks. 

Gold + Royal Blue

You would have often seen this royal color combination in living rooms, but gold and royal blue would look great in your office as well. Blue creates a calm effect while golden energizes. Both colors together can create a lively office environment. You may think of adding a blue ergonomic office chair in this combination. 

Rosewood + Mossy Green

Rosewood and mossy green can set a tranquil work environment where you stay productive easily. Think of adding a green ergonomic office chair coupled with a rosewood desk. Both colors would look great together. 

Baby Blue + Pearly Pink

Baby Blue + Pearly Pink office furniture color

If you want your small office space to look spacious and you are a fan of a minimalistic office setup, this light color combination would be the best one for your office. Baby blue and pearly pink are both light shades, so they promote a cooler effect. Thus, you stay productive and active during work hours. 

Coral + Lilac

Coral and lilac office furniture color combination is yet another balanced light color combination that can set a positive vibe in your office. The two colors would promote peace and calmness and a refreshing environment overall. So, it won’t be wrong if you choose it for a small-sized office that you wish to look bigger. 

Indigo + Teal

Indigo is a darker shade of purple, while teal resembles turquoise. This color combination would be great for offices where you want to promote abundance and teamwork. The two colors would radiate positive energy within your team and make everyone productive. 

Brick Red + Tan

Brick Red + Tan office furniture color

Selecting brick-red and tan office furniture colors would be the right decision when you have a larger office. Both the colors have an energizing effect on your mood; thus, they make you more active and productive. 

Blush + Dark Olive

Blush and dark olive can set a contrast between energy and tranquility. Blush is a lighter shade of pink, while dark olive is a darker shade of green. The two colors are complementary, so it would be a great color combination for your office. 

Teal + Charcoal

You should choose those office furniture wood colors that go with your mood. Teal and charcoal combination is one such color combination. The two colors are known to set your mood right and promote positive vibes. 

Sand + Navy

Sand + Navy office furniture color

Sand and navy office furniture color combination is a little similar to royal blue and golden, but this combination will have a matte effect instead of a glossy effect that the former combination had. So, if you are a fan of matte colors, this combination would be great for you. 

Yellow + Gray

The yellow and gray color combination is a great choice for office furniture. If you have a medium-sized office, this color combination would be great for you. Yellow is a light color, so it would have a positive impact on your mood. In contrast, gray has a calm vibe. The two colors would together radiate positivity in your office, so you may go for a gray ergonomic office chair and a yellow desk. 

Blue Gray + Carrot Orange

If you plan to choose this color combination, you can add three different colors to your office. Blue-gray has shades of blue and gray, while carrot orange itself is a very bright color. Therefore, the two would together create a balance between a calm and energetic nature. 

Sage + Stone

Sage and stone office furniture color is suitable for larger offices because both shades are dark. This color combination would be better for an industrial environment that has a larger workforce. 

Black + White

Black + White office furniture color

The last one on our list, black and white, is the most minimalistic yet aesthetic office furniture color combination that is suitable for all offices irrespective of their size. If you have a small office where you are thinking of incorporating this combination, you may think of going for a white L-shaped standing desk or a black L-shaped standing desk and a complimentary chair that suits your mood, as both will look great. Overall, this color combination would be great for you.

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