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Best Overweight Office Chairs for the Plus Size

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 12, 2018

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For plus sized people, there are different challenges to be faced such as discomfort. It could be experienced either in the home or at the workplace. The focus will be about the workplace.

In the workplace, the most common challenges faced by a plus-sized person is the poorly optimized office chair. This causes the user’s great discomfort and a drop in work productivity. So the best solution this challenge is specially designed chairs that are meant to support and provide comfort for the plus sized individual.

Best Overweight office chairs for the plus size  - Image 1

When finding this type of chairs in the market it is quite hard. The reason is that there are so many factors to consider unlike what will be considered for average sized people. For instance, in a large person, there is a pressure point that should be taken care of. So the task will be to find the perfect ergonomic office chair that will ease all pressure points on the user’s body.

Once that is done, there will be a reduction in the pain caused by these pressure points. Such a chair will be of great advantage to the plus-sized persons. Especially during his/her work. Imagine being stuck in a chair that doesn’t support your weight or body type, it will definitely lead to discomfort. And it could cause serious damage to the plus-sized user. Such as back pains, bad posture, damaged spine and occasionally it also causes compressed nerves.

There several ergonomic office chairs that are best suited to supporting and providing comfort for plus-sized users. But it’s best known feature make such chairs ergonomic/human-engineered.

Why is an office chair ergonomic? (What makes it ergonomic?)

Anyone asking the question ”why is an office chair ergonomic” is also asking the question “what makes an office chair ergonomic”.  Before the explanation, it is best to know what does the term “ergonomic” means. For an item or a furniture to be ergonomic, it means it is should be able to support the user’s posture, improve worker efficiency and ensure comfort.

As the question is “why the office chair is ergonomic?” The answer is it depends on the requirements of the user. The reason is that these requirements are gotten from unique situations in which the user got his/herself into. This can also be referred to as factors and they influence the requirements of the plus-sized user.

Example of these factors includes the user’s type of desk, the location of his/her workplace and the space that is needed by the user.

There are specific factors to look for, which will make a chair more ergonomic for plus-sized users. Instead of blindly buying an office chair that claims to be ergonomic, considering the factors will be of huge help.

Factors to consider when buying an ergonomic office chair for the plus-sized

Load capacity

This is a crucial factor and should be the first to consider when buy office chairs for such people. Not everyone considers this factor until after it is damaged due to the excessive weight put on it. When buying ergonomic office chairs for plus-sized users, it is best to allow weight bearing.

For instance, if one is buying an office chair and his/her weight is about 300lbs, the best chair to pick should be able to hold a weight of 350lbs. sometimes it can 400lbs just to be safe.

Chair width

This is as important as the first factor. It is too tight, the chair will compress the body nerves, making the user uncomfortable. But if the width of the chair is too wide the user may not be able to rest his/her body in such a way it distributes evenly on the chair. This is why it is best to get an ergonomic office chair that fit the user comfortably.

Seat height 

This factor is influenced by the user’s height. For all users, it is required to get an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable seat height. That should be able to increase in height in such a way the user’s legs won’t be cramped up.

For the case of short people, they will require an office chair with a seat height that can be lowered. So that the legs will be flat on the floor or foot mat.


The backrest is the key to the user’s comfort. And it is influenced by his/her height. It would be perfect for the backrest to be adjustable so that both tall and short users can set it according to their preference.

Lumbar support

For users who suffer back pain and other spine-related sicknesses, this is the component that should be considered among the first. An ergonomic chair with lumbar is recommended for those who work long hours the office while sitting.

It is ok for an ergonomic office chair to have a lumbar support, but it is better to have an adjustable lumbar support. This way, users with different heights will be able to adjust the lumbar support to his/her lower back. 


This component provides comfort for the arms, wrist, and shoulders. It is an optional component in most of the good ergonomic chairs that allow the armrest to be detached. it leads to the conversion of an armed chair to an armless chair.

But for a heavier person, the armrests are advisable. Especially the ones that can adjust upwards, downwards and sideways. If the armrest is this adjustable, then the user will be able to set it to his/her preference in order to ensure comfort.

Strong wheels

For the office chair to support the weight of a heavy person, it is must be strong in such a way it rolls easily and free even when under pressure. Such wheels must be made up of strong materials, just like the ones in which the base is made of.

Firmly padded seats

Heavier users are known to compress the cushion when seating. And the best solution to that problem is to select an office chair with a stronger and long-lasting cushion. So that the heavy user’s weight will be evenly distributed on the seat.

The material

The material is also an important factor to consider. Take this scenario, for instance, a heavy user looking to purchase the best office chair according to his/ her preference. But there is a problem, the chair's frame is plastic.

This is will only lead to disaster for the heavy users because, in the end, the user will break the chair and could lead to him/her being injured. The best material for the office chair frame will be metal such as a strong aluminum.

Recommended office chairs for the plus size and tall persons

Autonomous Ergo chair 2

Best Overweight office chairs for the plus size  - Image 4

The purpose of this masterpiece is to improve the productivity of the user in the workplace. Along the chair’s process of accomplishing that purpose, it offers the users the basics of what will lead to an improvement of productivity. And these basics are comfort and health. Their features of the autonomous ergo chair 2 that offers both comfort and health to its users.

Lumbar support – there is a lumbar support present and it will help prevent the lower back ailments. Thus making seating a lot comfortable.

The material used – the material used for its upholstery is a fine and soft mesh. With this material, the user’s body heat is regulated. On the seat, its soft and fine nature will allow a comfortable and evenly distributed seating.

Adjustability – this feature is the selling point of the chair apart from the mesh material. There several parts of the chair in which the user has maximum control. It will allow him/her to set the chair to right position of their choice. The adjustable parts include a backrest, seat height, and armrests. 

NBF signature executive chair

This chair is designed to support both the overweight and the tall users of up to 400lbs. The chair is able to provide maximum support and comfort with its high-quality features. The first that deserves to be talked about is the original leather material which is so smooth it feels great on the skin.

The chair’s seat pan has a plush coiled cushion that keeps the user from direct contact with the frame of the office chair. This plush cushion is firm and it is able to evenly distribute the heavy user’s weight on the seat. 

The wide body of the heavy user can find comfort with the NBF executive because it possesses a wide backrest. It is a massive 24” wide and 30” high well-padded backrest.

When it comes to adjustability, the chair is doing well. The NBF executive chair features a backrest that can recline and an adjustable seat pan. This adjustable pan allows its tall or short users to set the seat in such a way it allows their feet to be flat on the ground.

The NBF executive chair has low chemical and pollutant emission. This enables it to be certified as eco-friendly by Greenguard.

Space seating Air Grid Mesh chair

Best Overweight office chairs for the plus size  - Image 3

This office chair is also designed to support overweight users of up to 400lbs. Such users are sure to be satisfied with features possessed by this office chair.

It shares features with other great heavy duty chairs, but it stands out due to one feature and that is the mesh material. This material helps the user of space seating’s chair to regulate his/her body heat. This feature, in particular, causes the chair’s demand to be on a rise in hot regions or during hot summer seasons.

The space seating air grid mesh office chair also possesses features that should be found in a heavy duty chair. They include crucial basic features such as adjustability, lumbar support, and a strong chair frame.

Adjustability – there are several crucial parts of the chair which is adjustable. The seat height, backrest, armrests, and headrest.

Lumbar support – there is an adjustable lumbar support which allows the users to set its position. it can be done in such a way it provides comfort for their lower back.   

The materials used for the chair's frame comprises hard plastics and metal. They are enough to ensure that the base is sturdy enough to support 400lbs.

Eco-friendly – the chairs have been tested and certified by ANSI and BIFMA.

TOPSKY Mesh computer chair

This office chair qualifies for a spot in this list because of it able to support a maximum weight of 330lbs. And also it is due to the chair’s top quality features which ensure the user comfort and health. To begin, let’s starts with its firm frame of metal.

The material of frame – the frame is made of metal that allows parts like the chair’s base to withstand the up to a load of 330lbs.

Upholstery material – The backrest’s frame is covered with strong mesh material which allows easy airflow to help reduce the user’s body heat.

Adjustability – crucial parts of this chair are adjustable. They include the headrest, lumbar support, armrests, and seat height.

Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair   

Best Overweight office chairs for the plus size - Image 2

If you are about 300lbs in weight and you work in an office for long hours, this is the best choice for an ideal office chair. It possesses all the features that will make a user healthy, comfortable and very productive.

The material used –The chair makes use of a breathable mesh material for its backrest and seat pan. On the backrest, it offers the user fresh air which will help reduce his/her body heat. On the seat pan, due to the mesh material softness and smoothness, it provides maximum comfort for the user’s posterior.

Adjustability – there are crucial parts of the office chair that are adjustable. The adjustable parts include armrests, chair height, and backrest.


Being overweight isn’t a problem but selecting the objects and furniture to be used by such people is quite tasking.  In this post, it is about the best office chair for overweight people. It is discovered that the factors in which a normal sized person would consider are completely different from the plus-sized.

The factors are laid down along with recommended office chairs that can carry a max weight of the range 300 – 400lbs.

Apart from office chairs, there is another office furniture that can go well with any of the recommend office chairs. Visit for more top quality office furniture. For more blog post like these from our website, leave your email in the box below.  

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