Best Place to Put an Office When You are Working from Home
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Best Place to Put an Office When You are Working from Home

|Oct 10, 2021

The nationwide lockdowns have forced many of us to work from home, so the remote work trend has become the new normal. You know that in this way, things won’t be the same for you again, so adapting to this new workstyle would be vital to stay productive. Those of you who are working from home must be thinking of the best place to work at home.

We’d like to discuss home offices specifically because most of you choose your home as the best spot to work. When it comes to home offices, you cannot have the desired productivity while laying in bed and working, so you will need a dedicated spot for that. This is where the questions of where to have your home office and then how to set up your office come.

We know that it’s not easy for you to decide where to place a desk in your home office and how to put things in a way that keeps you productive. Nevertheless, if you have selected a room for your home office, choosing an ideal sitting area in a home office is yet another challenge.

Since we wanted to make all this easy for you, we have discussed below the best possible places for your home office that will help you work remotely. You must be intrigued to know them, aren’t you? Well, let’s have a look at them.

Best Place to Work at Home for You

Room with Windows

Room with Windows

If you wonder where to position desk in home office, let’s take a look here. If you are one of those office workers who have a house big enough to have a separate room for your home office, choose a room with windows. Natural light and fresh air are two highly important things that you need in your office. Both of them help you stay active and productive round the clock.

So, a room with sunlight would probably be the best place to set up your office. However, you should not forget to avoid placing your office desk in a way that you are unable to avoid the direct glare of sun rays on your monitor’s screen. 

Feng Shui Office

Selecting a sitting place for work from home in light of feng shui is one of the best ways you can set up an ideal office. The art of feng shui is that it makes you more productive by promoting positive energies in your surroundings. Therefore, your office desk placement should be based upon the idea of feng shui. Feng shui layout suggests that your desk should always be in a  controlling position in the room.

That means you should always face the door and avoid having it at your back, as that makes you aware of your surroundings, like who is entering your room. If such a desk placement is not possible and you have to face the wall, think of placing a mirror in front of your desk to expand your view and have an idea of what's going on in the background. 

Living Room Office

Living Room as Best Place to Work at Home

Here is another best place to work at home. If you have a spacious living room, choosing it as your home office would be a great idea. If you have kids, a living room office will let you keep an eye on your kids and let you engage with them at intervals so that they don’t feel unwatched and left out while you get too absorbed in your work. 

Office Desk in Bedroom

One of the coziest places to place your home office desk would be your bedroom. However, never place your desk facing your bed, as that might make you feel tired too early and make you go on your bed and relax more than working.

There are several bedroom office ideas that you can adopt to get your dream bedroom office. Investing in home office standing desks would be great too. A bedroom office will give you a relaxing work experience and all your things will be much approachable. So, this can be a great idea for setting up your little home office. 

Using Your Kitchen Counter as an Office Desk

Using Your Kitchen Counter as an Office Desk

If you are too short on space that you don’t have much space around your house to set up your office, you can use your kitchen counter to place your laptop and work. Your kitchen counter would be a great spot for checking emails and doing your daily assignments as, in that way, you can work and have snacks at the same place. 

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, there are several spots at your home that you can think about while setting up your home office. Since workers often feel isolated when they are working from home, never forget to make your home office active and bright. The best places are where you can see your family and have all your desk accessories much more approachable because that helps you stay more focused and composed.

We hope that our suggestions will make it easier for you to choose the best place to work at home.

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