7 Best Places to Buy Furniture in Kingston Ontario, Canada
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7 Best Places to Buy Furniture in Kingston Ontario, Canada

|Feb 10, 2024

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to top-quality furniture in Kingston, Ontario. Whether you are looking for used furniture or new modern one for your office, we have got everything in this article. However, before making the final choice for the used furniture, make sure to look for the tips for choosing the right furniture at the end. 

New Modern Office Furniture

Autonomous.ai – Online Store

The first on our list is Autonomous, an online office furniture store. The store offers some of the most amazing deals when it comes to ergonomic office chairs and standing desks. On top of that, you can also get all these premium pieces at wholesale prices, which is the main highlight of this store. All the office equipment present at the store follows the trends of furniture in Ontario, so you won't have to browse a lot of categories before finding your desired item.

Autonomous.ai – Online Store

Buy Autonomous Modern Office Furniture with Bulk Price

With Autonomous, you can get wholesale office furniture if you buy it in bulk. Some of the top products at the store, including Ergo Chairs and SmartDesks, are all available for bulk buying. All you need to do is to order as many units as you can to get the high-quality discount furniture in Kingston Ontario.

Autonomous bulk order

Ashley Home Store

For premium office furniture in Kingston Ontario, there is no better place than Ashley Home Store. The store has some of the most modern office desks for you to check out. On the other hand, you will find rusty finish desks as well. So, a combination of modern and classic furniture is what you will be amazed at while at the store. Apart from some high-quality desks, storage items, and chairs, you will also find home décor items such as throw pillows, vase sets, and much more. All of the home décor items can also be used with the home office room as well.

Leons Furniture Store

Leons furniture store is quite popular for its wide range of desks and chairs. All of the chair variants available at the store are top-notch quality with modern design. Apart from desks and chairs, you can also select from a wide variety of bookcases and cabinets. We highly recommend checking out some animal-shaped bookcases at the store, which is a new idea for placing your favorite books. To experience the furniture before buying, you can visit a local showroom located at 2730 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario.

Leons Furniture Store - Furniture in Kingston Ontario

James Reid Fine Furniture

James Reid Fine Furniture is the best option you have for the sofas and other seating solutions for your office. Although it isn’t the best place if you are looking for a one-stop-shop solution for office furniture in Kingston, Ontario, the store has some furniture brands you just can’t miss. To name a few, Bernhardt and Hooker are two furniture brands that you can check out for premium home office furniture.

Urban Barn Furniture Store

Urban Barn furniture store is your go-to place if you want classic-style furniture. The desks and chairs available at the store are all made of high-quality wood. Moreover, there are some leather chairs for offices as well, so keep an eye out for them. The best part about this store is that you can get customer reviews with every product if you are shopping from the online store, so read them before making a final purchase decision. On the other hand, the desk designs are pretty impressive, as both drawer desks and simple desks are available at the store.

Urban Barn Furniture Store

Used Furniture in Kingston Ontario

atWork Office Furniture

The first store for getting used furniture in Kingston Ontario is called atWork. To reach the store, you will need to travel a few kilometers outside of Kingston. While at the store, make sure to check out all the used furniture options. However, there is always an option to buy online by selecting the store you want to browse. Used furniture usually gets sold quickly, so the variety you get depends on your luck.

OFL Furniture

OFL furniture is the second-best store for second hand furniture in Kingston, Ontario. However, used furniture is not the only option you will get at the store. While browsing the used section, make sure to check for any damages. The store usually has all the used furniture polished to look as good as new, so using it is the only option left to test if it's worth it.

OFL Furniture

What to Consider When Buying Second Hand Furniture in Kingston

Check the Odor

The first thing you need to check while browsing furniture stores in Ontario is the smell of the furniture. The fabric of the furniture can absorb the smell if kept at a messy place, which can be extremely difficult to fix. At the store, check the smell and make sure the fabric doesn’t smell bad.

Check for Damages

Once you know that the furniture doesn’t smell bad, check for any potential damages. Most stores fix or hide the structural damages to sell at high prices, so you need to make sure you check everything carefully. If all the furniture pieces are present and look original, the furniture is good to be bought.

Check for Damages

Check for Infestations

Most people forget to check for infestations while buying used furniture in Kingston Ontario. Termites and bed bugs are the most common enemies of your furniture, so keep an eye out for them by looking at the signs. Termites usually show visible damage, whereas bed bugs need to be found with a flashlight.

Look for Mold

You definitely would want furniture with mold. These issues are sometimes ignored by customers due to the fact that they look very similar to dust and dirt. To check, all you need to do is to rub a small amount of diluted bleach and see if the color changes. If the color lightens, the part is affected by mold and not dirt.

Test the Furniture

Once you have gone through all the methods above, test the furniture by sitting on it or using it at the store for a while. This would allow you to determine if the store with second hand furniture in Kingston is reliable.

Test the Furniture


Select one of the 7 stores mentioned in the article and benefit from high quality with affordability. Keep all the tips in mind while selecting the used furniture and experience a comfortable working experience.

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