Best Plants For Office With No Windows You Should Have
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Best Plants For Office With No Windows You Should Have

|Jul 28, 2022

Usually, you need a rather small plant to put on your desk, so size is the first thing you should consider. Next, think about the amount of light available to you. You may use a high light plant if you can set it directly under the light fixture or if your office has a window sill by you; if you only have ambient light, you will need a medium or plants for an office with no windows.

The ease of care will also be taken into consideration. Since you are unfamiliar with indoor plants, a plant that's easy to care for and forgives you if it doesn't get watered will be to your liking. It may even be possible to receive a plant removed by the professional taking care of the plants in your office or nearby offices.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Plants in your work environment and at home improve the indoor air quality and your emotional, cognitive, and creative well-being. The process involves more than just buying a few plants, setting them where you want them, and going to the nearest big-box store for the best plants for an office with no windows.

The light needs of plants can be classified as low, medium, or high depending on the intensity of the light. To ensure water drains through, place your plants in a bowl, saucer, or watertight container. Furthermore, most desk plants don't need the sun to have a preferred dryness between waterings and a specific size, whether it is a tabletop plant, hanging plant, or large floor plant.

There are a few more challenges when looking for plants for office desks with no windows, but it isn't too bad. Spending an afternoon online will easily provide you with enough information to begin. There are loads of YouTube channels showing you how basic plant care is done. If you want to start there, you might find what you need.

The Right Plant Types for Your Desk

Small pothos in the 4′′ or 6′′ sizes are the most inexpensive, easiest to care for, and most readily available small desk plants that don't need sun. The more exotic options include Chinese evergreens (aglaonema), peace lilies (spathiphyllum), snake plants (sansevieria), ponytail palms, spider plants, small-sized parlor palms or ficus trees, or arrowhead vines (nephthytis).

Overwatering is the most important aspect of care. For the soil to aerate or to dry out, it must dry out a certain amount between waterings. To avoid overwatering, you'd best get a moisture meter, burying it to the bottom of the pot and not putting water in until the meter points beyond "dry."

In addition, they will not do well if you do not have high light for succulents. A bamboo standing desk will probably not be able to provide cactus plants with the required level of light. English ivy generally does not do well indoors because of its lax growth habits and propensity to attract spider mites.

Additionally, many of the small, decorative feng shui plants found in stores - fittonia, maranta, calathea - look beautiful for a few weeks, then fade out because their soil moisture and humidity requirements are not something you can meet in an ordinary office.

1. Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue

The snake plant is similar to a tank when it comes to plants. This type of plant can tolerate low light levels and is extremely resilient. This is one reason the flooring is widely used in offices and public spaces like hotels and shopping malls.

2. Dragon Tree

Despite its dracaena genus name, this plant tolerates any light situation. It also looks pretty neat. There are several other types of dracaena that are hardy as well.

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants for office with no windows

Snake plants are similarly indestructible. It may be harder to find it at garden centers since it is rarer.

4. Spider Plant

Any window will do, but spider plants prefer a shady spot. Hanging plantlets are often produced from this plant, making it ideal for hanging baskets.

5. Peace Lily

Peace Lily plants for office with no windows

Peace lilies are a good choice because it's hard to find many flowering plants that will thrive in an office setting. Ideally, it should be placed on a window sill and be able to survive outside.

6. Philodendron

As you can see, the pictured philodendron has a classic look, but many varieties have unique appearances. It is a perennially popular office plant known for its glossy leaves and ability to tolerate low light levels. Varieties like the one above like hanging from trees or climbing on them, growing like vines. Some varieties grow more vertically.

7. Pothos

Pothos plants for office with no windows

The pothos or good luck plant is similar to the philodendron in appearance and popularity. It is easy to grow, beautiful, hardy, and is not a pain to prune. The system requires very little light, so a bright window is unnecessary. When it doesn't get enough light, it'll look scraggly and won't be as attractive as it usually is, but it'll still grow and be green. It doesn't care if you forget to water it for a week. For a couple of weeks, you may forget to water it, and it may turn yellow, but if you start watering it again, you should be able to bring it back to life.

8. English Ivy

Adapts to low light well and can be hung or climbed. Photos of old Victorian manors and stone cottages may show this stuff covering their sides.

9. African Violet

These should be kept in a window. It's one of the best flowers you can grow under moderate lighting, so it's a good choice for offices and homes.

10. Stone Roses / Echeveria

Adding succulents to your desk decor ideas is a new trend. The perennial herb Echeveria belongs to the Tolstyanka family. The species is native to Mexico but can also be found in some arid areas of Central and South America. Known as a stone rose, it looks almost exactly like a rose but lacks thorns and has smooth, perfect leaves as if carved from stone. The plants are either stemless or short-stemmed. Leaves of végétative plants have a waxy film or light pubescence, are spirally arranged, oval, less commonly flat, and are fleshy, spirally arranged, and oval-shaped.

A thin shell allows the plant to keep moisture and nutrients while protecting itself from the sun's rays. This particular plant is perfect for modern office decor as it only needs to be watered when the soil dries out completely, and the soil should be porous with good drainage. Take care not to allow water to pool under the leaves.

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