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Best-Selling Gifts for Women Black Friday 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 11, 2018

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Women can benefit from some of the most impressive Black Friday deals. Mums, wives, girlfriends or daughters are often among the first to find great gifts for. But since various niches are on sale while others might not come with big savings, it’s worth having a look at what can work and what can’t work for women this year.

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Some of the greatest deals on Black Friday comes with shoes. But unlike what many expect, women need all types of shoes, not just the elegant office shoes which abound in pictures in sale catalogs. Casual shoes or even sports shoes can be a great gift idea. Some older sporting designs might offer significant discounts and even if they do not represent the latest design, they can still work great for sporting activities. Active women can benefits from a boosted motivation during sport with such a gift. Office shoes can also be a good idea and it's worth considering the gift especially since women love shoes and love to change outfits as often as possible.

Beauty products

There are not many products which can represent a great gift idea as much as beauty products. The good news about Black Friday is that it includes discounts on such products both in the affordable range and in the higher-end range. Such products work great when it comes to a practical gift. Women use different beauty products and the products can even change from day today.

One of the best ways to ensure the gift is truly distinct for a wife or a mother is by choosing natural or organic beauty products. They might cost more but they are healthier as well, with reduced or no long-term drawbacks for the skin. It’s also worth looking at the discounted products in this range for Black Friday as the event marks sales across the entire spectrum of products.

Kitchen appliances

Another area with increasing potential comes with kitchen appliances. One of the main issues in this area represents brand loyalty. Various consumer reports show that it is difficult to find a brand which is capable to offer top of the line refrigerators, dishwashers or microwaves. So if buying these appliances in bulk for her, it might be worth looking at various brands and what they do best.

Since kitchen appliances are usually used for years and decades, it’s worth investing some time to research each brand’s strengths and weaknesses for the most inspired gift. In many cases, these appliances are considerably discounted on Black Friday. As reports show, it is not recommended to look for price alone when buying them in bulk. Those who want to surprise their wives with a new kitchen need to look at how the appliances perform first. However, the good news is that Black Friday comes with impressive deals on kitchen appliances and the choices are vast.

Inexpensive jewelry

Premium jewelry is hard to find on Black Friday. It is rare for some of the most expensive items in the world to be discounted or heavily discounted. The target of these brands might not be interested in the best deals but in other cases, some more alternative jewelry is to be discounted. Necklaces, rings or earrings can be found on various deals.

Since most women love jewelry, this can be an inspired gift idea. At the same time, those considering them are also advised to look for products which are more unique and this doesn’t need to come with price tag first as a unique design can make a lasting impact for so many women instead.

If out of ideas, including jewelry in everyday objects can also be a great way to make a top gift. Watches are among the products which can integrate expensive metals and which can be a great gift for women. Such watches are usually found during Black Friday and some of the best deals are listed online.

Cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters have been a popular gift idea for her for a long period of time. Every year, a cashmere sweater is mentioned on the lists of popular gift ideas. While some women might already be over them, they can certainly be an inspired choice for the colder months of the year.

But when it comes to cashmere sweaters, the options are endless. Apart from being available in various designs, they are also available in a wide range of colors. Simply choosing to select different colors is an important element of attitude and with matching personalities, a fun cashmere sweater can be representative for women. It works for women of all ages from students to working professionals. Furthermore, cashmere sweaters can also play a role in the holiday feeling which usually begins on Black Friday.

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Office supplies

Another area which is worth having a look at comes with office supplies. In many cases, it means having a better work environment. Unlike men, women also place value on how an office space looks, how it is accessorized and how it matches their own style. This can inspire multiple gift ideas. For some men, it is an opportunity to look for attractive deals on many accessories such as cable trays. Autonomous’ cable tray is a great way to ensure all cables are kept under the desk, away from eyesight. Women love spaces which are well organized and such a gift idea can be undervalued.

Since women spend more time in the workplace than before, it is also important to keep them healthy and in good shape. A standing desk is a great way to ensure they combine sitting and standing to stay active and to reduce fatigue. Since there are a number of health problems which can arise from long periods of sitting, a solution such as the SmartDesk 3 is highly recommended as an inspired gift idea which will certainly grab the attention in the office.

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But Black Friday has strongly been impacted by products with built-in technology. The good news is the SmartDesk 3 offers a wide range of benefits which are recommended for women who love technology. Its distinct AI offers women the possibility to stay organized and forget about planning with a pen and paper. With Google Calendar integration and a built-in touchscreen control center, the standing desk also brings the best technology has to offer in the workplace for women this Black Friday 2018.


Women love listening to music. From the long trance mix to the latest pop hits, music is now part of the daily life. People listen to music on their way to work, at work or when coming back from work. Women also listen to music while running or relaxing at home. It can be said that a good pair of headphones is an inspired choice in these conditions.

With impressive deals on Black Friday, women can enjoy some of the best headphones for improved music quality. At the same time, a few headphones come with minimalistic designs such as the in-ear designs which can also come with built-in microphones. These headphones can be used to listen to music but they can also work as a tool for a simplified work experience as making or receiving calls is considerably easier with them. At the same time, it’s also worth choosing headphones which come with an attractive design. Women can now choose headphones of different colors. It can be said that they now match the outfit and the type of activity which women prefer. Active women can be surprised with dedicated headphones which remain in position even during physical activity.

Leather goods

Leather products are always in fashion. But since they can come with a high price, Black Friday can be the time to look for a good deal. Many women like a good leather purse and some of the deals on offer every year can come as a much-needed upgrade or alternative to existing purses. Other goods can include leather shoes or leather accessories such as belts.

With an increasing range of leather products, Black Friday can come and support various everyday needs in the life of women. While the latest leather designs are not likely to come with significant discounts, plenty of other products might be much cheaper to purchase. This includes vintage-inspired leather goods.

Digital camera

There are many types of cameras on the market. They can all be a good gift idea for women. Even more, it is also worth having a look at some of the most daring adventure cameras as they can capture quality images from various holidays or events. Of course, a built-in selfie camera can go a long way for women. It is why smartphones now integrate a front camera in addition to the main camera. The ever-improving selfie cameras on smartphones prove that they are really of high value.

Digital cameras come in various shapes and sizes. If they offer video recording capabilities, 4K technologies are recommended. So even if the deal on offer is not the latest release from a certain brand, certain technologies such as 4k make the camera a future-proof purchase.

Home appliances

There are a number of home appliances which are also on sale during Black Friday. It is not unusual to see kettles, food processors, blenders, mixers or bread makers on sale. These products are always needed in a modern kitchen and they can also be a great gift idea.

However, it is often recommended to choose the mid-range or high-range products, especially as a gift. Since there are plenty of deals on these products, the choices are endless. The good news is that even if they are considered together, they can come as a collective gift which can be useful and also change the way a home looks. Vacuum cleaners or irons are also heavily discounted on Black Friday. For this reason, those looking to make a lasting impact on their wives or partners can choose products which are able to make their lives easier.

Home appliances are always improving. A simple tip to follow is to look for the products which are traditionally inspired but which also integrate modern technologies. This ensures the products are ready to be used for years to come. Even more, they are often easier to use and program than similar products of an older generation.

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Final considerations

Black Friday can come with considerable sales on these various niches and products. It is also a good time to consider the gift ideas which can come out of this period. People looking to get a number of gifts for women can find impressive deals but they will have to look deeper for a truly useful idea.

For many retailers, Black Friday is a good opportunity to set a standard when it comes to the sale period ahead of Christmas. This entire period is marked by various products. But it is often that Black Friday is associated with tech products or with products which incorporate modern technologies.

It is why it’s worth choosing some of the latest products with tech inspiration as a unique gift idea. Of course, the type of gift can differ according to the age of the receiver and according to personal interests or needs. It is why the best gifts come when truly knowing a person.

Many new products are now marketed as making life easier. Even women’s shoes are now sold with stories of all-day comfort and reliability. It is why some gifts are useful from the perspective of practicality. In most cases, this also comes with a simpler task for those looking to purchase certain gifts.  It is why certain gifts such as the SmartDesk 3 Standing Desk offer more than a simple gift idea as it is impressively practical. Furthermore, it can be the beginning of a new start to how women work and how they see their health in relation to their workplace. Not much more can be asked for a gift.

The office supplies gift experience for women can set a new trend for Black Friday. Make sure to check the latest deals on smart standing desks. Autonomous alerts you on the latest deals when you subscribe for up to date coupons and offers.

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