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Best Standing Desk Deals for 2024 - Autonomous Coupon
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Best Standing Desk Deals for 2024 - Autonomous Coupon

|Apr 27, 2021

Nowadays, working from home is nothing unusual. Additionally, many people have noticed that having proper furniture in your working space can boost creativity, increase productivity, and in effect, bring outstanding work results.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of an ergonomic office. When you spend most of your working day sitting, you are exposed to the risk of many illnesses. Bad posture can cause back problems and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

You can quickly transform your dull, uncomfortable working space into an ergonomic office. All you need is a good standing desk and ergonomic chair. Even if you are only implementing a desk in your office, you can quickly notice a huge difference in the comfort of your work.


The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great home office standing desk. In the list below, you are going to find the best sit-stand desk deals for 2022, including standing desks under $500.

What Is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is exactly what the name suggests: a desk next to which you can stand while working. Some standing desks serve only to stand: you cannot change position while working. However, on the market, you can find many options for ergonomic standing desks.

What Is a Standing Desk?

An ergonomic standing desk has an adjustable height that allows you to quickly switch between sitting and standing positions while working.

Much research shows that using a standing desk can have amazing health benefits and increase workers' productivity. While you might need to wait to see positive changes in your posture, a standing desk can partly fix the harmful effect of a sedentary lifestyle in no time. Let’s find out what standing desk deal in 2022 below!

Standing Desk Benefits

Some of the many benefits of using a standing desk are:

Lower blood sugar

A standing position can reduce the risk of your blood sugar levels spiking after a meal. This is especially important for people who suffer from diabetes.

Reduce back pain


While sitting in the same position for a long time, your muscles get tired. Without proper support, your body tends to hunch over and that makes your muscle tense even more. Having a chair and a desk thanks to which you can keep a proper posture can reduce the back pain caused by strained muscles.

Improve mood and energy levels

Being in one position is unnatural. It can cause back issues but also trigger boredom. People who have an option to change the place of work, or even the position in which they work, tend to have a better mood and higher energy levels.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk Deal of 2022 You Must Know


1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

The first electric standing desk deal coming in the list is from Autonomous. This model is considered one of the best options for your home office. It has a beautiful design that works wonderfully with the newest technology.

You can adjust the height of SmartDesk Core. Thanks to this, you can optimize the top position to best suit your body's needs. Once you find your perfect working positions, you can save the settings to reach the optimal height of your desk with no trouble.

A sturdy base gives you the security that the tabletop is going to support a lot of weight. Additionally, a dual-motor system can lift 300-pounds, within seconds.

The sleek aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for almost any interior. The minimalist design can be easily implemented in all types of rooms, whether it is a dark, artsy study room or a modern office space.

SM Core

To meet various needs, you can pick from two sizes of top. You can choose a few colors, including two wooden options: Walnut and Oak. If you prefer a natural design, this desk is also available with a bamboo top.

Black or white frames will suit all tabletop colors and various interiors in which you might want to situate your new furniture.

This desk is one of the most solid options on the market. Additionally, you get a one-year warranty for the top and five years for the frame.

The SmartDesk 2 Home Office retail price is $629 but now you can get it for only $499. Check the Autonomous coupon code and enjoy a discount of up to 5%. It is such a big deal and an incredible standing desk coupon you must have. Buy it now!

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

While talking about the best ergonomic desk, this model has to be mentioned. It has all the features and specifications of SmartDesk Core and more! This is the second standing desk deal from Autonomous. 

One of the biggest advantages over the previously mentioned model is its bigger height range. Because of that, SmartDesk Pro is a perfect choice for taller people. Moreover, it can suit home and traditional office needs.

SM Pro

It comes with a similar color range as the Core version. It also has a bamboo tabletop for all of those who want to create a more eco-friendly space. However, you can enjoy three different colors of the frame, instead of two: white, black, and gray.

This desk comes with a one year warranty for the top, but the warranty for the frame is seven years.

The standard retail price of The SmartDesk Pro is $829. Now, you can get it for only $699. Can’t deny that it is one of the best adjustable standing desk deal in this year.

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro L

The final Autonomous standing desk deals coming from its L-shaped version. L-shaped desks are perfect for people who need a lot of working space, yet have limited room. Thanks to an L-shaped desk, you can take advantage of all corners that are not used.

The Autonomous SmartDesk Pro L was designed to create an ergonomic office space even in difficult-to-arrange rooms. Yet, it still has great features, beautiful design, and was executed in sturdy materials that make it last for years.

The dual-motor can lift your desk and adjust it to the desired height in no time. Additionally, the weight capacity of up to 330 pounds makes it easy, even if you work with a few screens or have many devices set up on your top. Memory presets allow you to quickly set the desk to the desired height without wasting time on finding a perfect position.


To make your working area neat, the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro L comes with a cable tray. This model requires self-assembly, but it is very straightforward.

The biggest advantage of this L-shaped desk is the fact that the build is not restrictive. Thanks to that, you can connect short and long sides of the desk the way that works best for you.

The design is minimalistic, and you can pick from a few colors that are going to suit your working area best. Solid SPCC steel frame and high-quality MDF wooden top give you the security that this furniture is going to last for years. Additionally, you get a five-year frame warranty and one year warranty for the top.

The regular price of The SmartDesk Pro L was $1,040. Now, you can get it on special offer for just $999. Why don’t we get this electric standing desk deal now?

4. Vari Electric Standing Desk

This model doesn't have as many outstanding features as the other mentioned options. While it might not be a very impressive option, it should work for a home or traditional office. Moreover, Vari Electric Standing Desk can offer a great performance, and this is why it appears on this standing desk deals list.

One of the best options for this desk is a huge range when it comes to height support. Whether you are 5'4" or 7', you can use this model comfortably.

Vari Electric Standing DDesk

The desk is very simple and doesn't have many extravagant features, but that makes it one of the easiest desks when it comes to the assembly process.

Vari Electric doesn't have a horizontal bar. Despite this, it is very stable. You can choose from dark wood, reclaimed wood, and butcher block.

5. Flexispot 48x30-Inch Standing Desk

This desk has a competitive price, so even though it has limited specifications, it is a good standing desk deal in 2022. You can choose from standard or basic size, but both give a lot of space for a workstation.


You can adjust the height between 38 inches and 47.6 inches. While it has a sturdy design, it doesn't reflect in the lifting capacity. It is only 154 pounds, but that should be enough for most desk users.

Smooth edges add a cozy vibe to this piece of furniture and make bumping into the desk less painful.

6. AITerminal Desk

This desk comes with an amazing layout and a walnut desktop. It also has a two-tier level design. It is a perfect solution for people who still work with desktop computers and need to elevate the monitor while keeping the keyboard lower. Additionally, this model features a phone holder, located on the top deck. This desk is one of the best standing desk deals in 2022.


The height range is 27.9 inches to 45.7 inches and you can adjust how tall your desk is thanks to one click. High-quality materials make it a good, durable deal.

7. SHW 55-Inch Standing Desk

This model costs less than $500 but still has some great features and it is totally an amazing standing desk deal for you. You can adjust the height between 28 and 45 inches. A motorized lift makes the whole process smooth and quick.


The SHW 55-Inch is very stable and made of durable materials, so you can be sure it is a good investment for the future. It can also lift a lot of weight. The biggest disadvantage of this model is its total weight. Compared to the other mentioned standing desks, it is very heavy, so you might need some help with the setup.

8. Sunon Standing Desk

This model can lift a top at 1.5 inches per second just by using one motor. The top is coated to protect it from water damages, scratches, etc. Thanks to this, it can look stunning a long time after purchasing. It is 1-inch thick and thanks to PVC edging it is not exposed to erosion.

The frame with the lifting mechanism is made of steel, so you can be sure that this desk is an investment for years.


The height range is 26.4 to 44.5 inches. You can save up to four memory settings to quickly get the desk to the height that you need.

The biggest advantage of this model is its huge tabletop. It is 56 inches long, so you can be sure that you are going to find space for everything you need, without a worry of cluttering your working station. Let’s save it in your sit stand desk deals list!

9. Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk

This model has a top that is only 48 inches long. However, if you don't use two screens or don't need extra space for some devices, such as a printer, camera, etc. it could be a perfect model for you.


Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk has a stunning finish and design. Push a button and turn on the dual motor that is going to lift your desk to the level that you need.

Thanks to the stronger motor, your desk can handle heavier loads. You can also save different height preferences using the memory function. You also can save money with this best adjustable standing desk deal. 

10. EleTab Standing Desk

The final standing desk coupon and deal in the list is Ele Tab Standing Desk. You can quickly adjust the height of this desk from 27.6 to 46.5 inches. The memory function allows you to set up a preferred height and switch your desk to a required position with just one click. This model is famous for its excellent quality and stability.

The 55-inch-long work surface is a perfect solution for anyone who needs a lot of space to work efficiently. You can set your computers, monitors, cameras, printers, or simply enjoy some extra free space.


The minus of this model is the fact that the motor can support only 176 pounds. That means that if you need a lot of tools on your desk, it might not be enough.

Tiered edges give this piece of furniture a professional and modern look that is going to spark any home office. It’s one of the most attractive standing desk deals of the year.


As the way people work changes, the need for new, ergonomic working spaces also appears. Whether you are a small business owner or an international brand, you can increase productivity at work and boost your revenue by investing in ergonomic solutions in your office.

As you can see, there are a lot of standing desk deals on the market from which you can choose. However, Autonomous has been a leader in ergonomic office solutions for a long time. With a special coupon the company offers, you can get the best quality furniture at a lower price.

SmartDesk Pro 20 years warranty

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