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Black and Red Gaming Room Design Ideas | PC Gaming

|Dec 23, 2021

Gaming rooms come in many different designs and kinds, and it all depends on the personal choice and preference of the user. But one thing that remains the same about gaming rooms is the need for proper gaming accessories. No matter what color or theme of the gaming room you have envisioned, you need a few important products or pieces of furniture to make the best setup. In this article, we will discuss red gaming room ideas for red and black lovers.

How to Create a Red and Black Gaming Room

How to Create a black and red gaming room

You will see a trend that people do have their favorite color or theme when it comes to gaming rooms. While black is the most common, you see, as it gives a dark effect and a peaceful place to enjoy a whole night of gaming, black and red gaming rooms are also common. The black exudes elegance, red shows some attitude and shifts the dynamics towards fun.

Whatever reason you have to get inclined towards black and red gaming room ideas, here are some essentials you have to have in your gaming room that will also match your theme.

Pick a Theme

Red and black colors go well, but a gaming room has to tell a story. Picking a theme makes the entire design process easier and much more fun. As well as many prominent games, including Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and even Final Fantasy, use the red and black color scheme.

In racing games, the color red is frequently employed. So, if you're creating a racing game theme, red and black should be your first choice. Because black is such a versatile color, it can be used in almost any setting.

In a space-themed environment, red and black are also excellent choices. This is why many science fiction films, such as Star Wars and Star Trek, have red and black. In action, game-inspired rooms, such as Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty, red and black are also wonderful colors to employ.


Location of black and red gaming room

If you are short on space, the good news is you don't exactly need an entire room for the gaming setup. A corner in your bedroom or even a tiny section at the corner of the living room will also do the job. You can also get a black corner standing desk if your room doesn’t have a central free space to keep a gaming desk. A tiny place under the stairs with the black posters can also qualify as a black and red gaming setup.

Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk in black and red gaming room

When you think about creating a gaming setup, a gaming desk takes the lead as one of the most important picks. Gaming desks define the efficiency of gamers in many ways. With a proper gaming desk in your red gaming room, you can get enough space to keep your multi-monitor setup as well as all the other accessories.

When you opt for a gaming desk, a standing desk is a great choice, and a height-adjustable standing desk takes the lead even further. With a standing desk, you can experience better gaming performance. Also, make sure to pick a desk with features like cable grommets so your gaming accessories and their wires don't tangle up. Having a cup holder or a keyboard tray, some gaming tables also come with a hanger for your headsets.

Either way, a black and red gaming desk will fit the best to create the best red and black gaming setup.

Monitor Setup

Monitor Setup

When you get the right desk, now is the time to create a proper red gaming room station. This means you will be planning to place the best gaming monitor. Gaming monitors are essential as they make or break the gaming experience. With a proper gaming monitor, you can enjoy the best graphics, have a faster response rate, and get mesmerized with the graphics. If you are using a multi-monitor setup, then using a Pixio PS1D Dual Monitor Arm Mount will help you save space on the desk and adjust the screen height ergonomics.

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair in black and red gaming room

Modern gaming chairs are ergonomic. They fight poor posture and physical fatigue, which is a common result of excessive gaming. A gaming chair also keeps your body in a straight position, so you don't slouch or sit badly. With gaming chairs, you can also get rid of that back pain and adjust the chair to different heights or multiple features in your red gaming room.

Black gaming chairs also fit well for a red and black gaming setup. You can also purchase ergonomic gaming chairs made in red and black themes. For instance, the Vertagear Gaming Chair SL4000 and Vertagear Gaming Chair SL5000 are two ergonomic gaming chairs that offer you the choice to customize the color according to your personal preferences.


Lighting in black and red gaming room

If we talk about any gaming setup, the lighting might be a huge problem. But for a solely red and black gaming setup, it is important to think about how to light a gaming room so that the theme doesn't get disrupted. As you might have seen commonly, the lighting in a gaming room is not as same as the lighting in a study place or an office setup. Gaming room lighting is usually dull and relaxing, so the graphic on-screen pops up, and you get a fully immersive experience.

A LED strip will work the best for a black and red gaming room setup. If you find the LED strip in red color, your entire gaming setup will gracefully depict the red and black theme. Moreover, you can always get a black desk lamp that matches and blends with the theme for that extra brightness.

Wall Decorative

Wall Decorative

Other than furniture, the interior of the gaming room is also dependent on the colors of the walls. You can paint the wall red and install any color light for the maximum evil look so the red will pop up. Also, consider hanging some posters on the walls to create a more realistic environment. Drape some crimson and black drapes across the windows to finish the look.

If you want to add extra seriousness to your room, you can add some spiders and other nasty creatures to make it more genuine.


There are many benefits of having a proper gaming room or gaming setup in their home, which has all the essential gaming furniture for professional gamers and game lovers. Hope this article gives you some useful insight and ideas for your black and red gaming room. Let's start now!

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