Building a Shed: Is It An Easy Task to Do?
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Building a Shed: Is It An Easy Task to Do?

|Oct 29, 2022

Despite the challenges involved in building a storage shed from scratch, many handy homeowners find it worthwhile! Online building shed resources abound - from guides to videos to step-by-step infographics - if you're interested in building from scratch using those shed office ideas! 

In order to store their gardening tools or to use them as a garden office, people have requested a separate office shed for quite some time. Due to their lack of knowledge of woodworking or how to build a shed, they attempt to pay professional builders, but that does not work out well. If you're a DIY fan, you could take on this project, and it won't be too challenging for you. Following the tutorial carefully, you can complete the project in less than a month. You should definitely follow this guide.

Before Building a Shed

Before Building a Shed

The following are some things you should ask yourself and consider before you begin building: 

  • Is everything I need for the job at hand?
  • How much do I want to spend? Could I afford a higher-quality product if I spent a little more?
  • Is it possible to build a structurally sound shed? Do I still need to conduct research?
  • Can you help me? Is this project going to take a long time?
  • In case of a problem halfway through the project, what will I do?

Buying Versus Building a Shed

Before starting a large project, the pros and cons of all possible decisions should also be considered. If you can dedicate yourself to such a large project, building sheds can be an awesome experience! You can fully customize your home office shed to your liking and have full control over it. 

When building sheds, there is no warranty or anything to fall back on in case of a problem. When you make a mistake, you're responsible. A lot of homeowners lack the necessary tools and materials to build high-quality sheds, or they simply don't have the time. 

In addition to paying more upfront, if your backyard shed comes with a warranty, you won't have to worry when you buy it from a reputable company. Whatever you decide, make sure you do your research and understand what you're getting into. Check out our article for more information about what to consider before buying or building a shed.


Preparation for building a shed'

A small, basic wood pod can be built relatively cheaply. The price increases steadily depending on the size, material, and finish. Learning how to build a storage shed involves many other factors. Your prefab shed's size and style should be determined. It is possible to choose from a variety of options. 

Decide on the type of roof, door, and windows you want. Ensure that the door is installed in the right place. The door must be large enough to accommodate all the equipment you intend to store. 

Create a drawing

You can design your wooden pod for the garden yourself, hire a professional designer, or purchase ready-made plans online.

The location of the shed should be determined

The location of the shed should be determined

It is advisable to build the modern shed on a level piece of ground within six inches. You'll need to either build a special foundation or level the ground yourself if you strategize to build sheds on a slope and enjoy pod living. Locate your shed away from hills or low-lying areas where water can collect.  

Permits should be obtained

Obtaining a building permit for small sheds in many areas is not necessary. Your local ordinances may require you to obtain a permit if your shed is larger than 12 feet or if you plan to run power to it. If you want to place the shed in your backyard, there will likely be some setback requirements you must follow.



How do you build a shed on a budget? What tools do you need? Many articles claim you need a pneumatic nail gun, sliding miter saw, or compressor. You can even now build a shack without those tools, even though they make shed-building faster. 

The minimum tools you need are a speed square, tape measure, saw, drill, and hammer. An inexpensive corded drill is recommended. With this tool, you can drive every screw or drill whichever hole you need. An extension cord, drill bits (1 set), and square #2 bit are also required. Use nails instead of screws if you want to save money. Nails are usually much stronger than screws in terms of shear strength. Saving money can be achieved by using nails.


A shed foundation can be built in many ways, including concrete piers, skids, and slabs. Blocks made from concrete or decking are the cut-rate DIY options. The most inexpensive and simplest way to anchor your shed is to use these blocks as a base.


Floor Framing

Your shed floor should not be framed with lumber below 2×6. The floor frame could be supported by 2x4 lumber, but then again you would have to upsurge the number of floor blocks significantly. 

Replace 2x6 lumber with 2x6 lumber. Keeping the deck floor in good shape will prevent the floor from deteriorating. The importance of treated lumber cannot be overstated. The alternative would be to purchase untouched lumber as well as paint it if you have exterior paint lying around. Since treated lumber costs more than untreated lumber, you could save money this way.

Wall Framing

Wall Framing

Using 2x4 lumber aimed at wall framing is the cheapest option. In this case, it’s better to use a 2x3, but the whole structure is at risk. Your shed walls will bear the weight of your roof structure. Snow loads make 2x3 walls useless.

Roof Framing

In the same way that 2x4s are the cut-rate for wall framing, they are the most affordable for roof framing too. When it comes to smaller sheds, such as those under 10x10, 2x4 rafters make the most economical framing choice. There are 2x4s available in 10' and 12' lengths or more, so waste is minimized. 

More wood will be used for trusses than beams, and 2x4s will still be used. Whether you choose a gable roof or a single slant, your roof frame will be sturdy with 2x4 rafters. Despite heavy snow, ice on your shed roof will not be a problem if it is unheated.

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