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Can a Smart Desk App Benefit Your Workflow?
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Can a Smart Desk App Benefit Your Workflow?

|Oct 15, 2020

How can a smart desk app benefit you? When you think of a standing desk, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is a mobile application. What do you do with an adjustable standing desk but change its height and place your equipment on it? If you are going to be using a mobile app, the chances are that it has nothing to do with the desk, right? 

While that may have been the case in the past, there are many reasons why using standing desk app functions could make your workflow smoother and more beneficial than it has ever been before. The desk brings ergonomic benefits with it, but the mobile app could be the key to greater productivity

The Autonomous SmartDesk 4 

Autonomous customers are familiar with the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium. The build quality and functionality of this motorized standing desk revolutionized both traditional and home office spaces. 

However, the new SmartDesk 4 improves on an already successful formula. Not only do you now get some of the most innovative standing desk app features available, but it's wrapped up in a convenient and durable package to make your work experience a dream.

Can using a standing desk app benefit you? You get the answer to that question below, as you get to see how different the experience is when you connect your standing desk to a mobile app. 

How Does a Smart Desk App Benefit You? 

If you've ever used an adjustable standing desk before, it probably doesn't do much more for you than giving you a break from sitting and housing your equipment. What if your standing desk could contribute to a healthier lifestyle? Below is an overview of how various standing desk app features built into the Autonomous SmartDesk 4 are advantageous. 

1. Personalized Intervals 

Many people believe that the best way to approach work is to consistently focus on the tasks you need to do with no breaks. While that sounds like a good plan in theory, what does it look like in practice?  

The truth is diminishing marginal returns on productivity begin to set in. Think of your work as an exercise in the gym. If you were to do seven sets of exercises, you would find yourself getting progressively more tired. As you try to add more sets, the workload stops being beneficial, even if you are committed to getting through it.

Personalized Intervals

If you go home and return to the gym the next day, it is as if you are recharged and ready to go again. Working follows the same principle. Of course, you can't just leave your work for the next day whenever something gets challenging, but taking breaks can help you to refocus and become sharper than before. 

One incredible standing desk app benefit that Autonomous provides is the ability to personalize working intervals. The app uses built-in Pomodoro slots to help you to interleave work time and breaks. You get default settings based on average recommendations, but you are free to customize your time slots based on your unique preferences. 

2. Energy Maintenance 

Obviously, the more energy you have, the better you can get through the work you must do. What you may not realize is that your workstation setup can help or hinder you in this regard. While using an office chair promotes more sedentary behavior, using a standing desk burns more calories, and it encourages you to move. 

Energy Maintenance

Additionally, adding standing desk exercises to the mix keeps you more active and promotes better energy. The Autonomous mobile app helps you by providing you with workouts that you can do during your breaks. Apart from giving you the name and description of each exercise, you get a demonstration video to make things even clearer. Isn't that an amazing smart desk app benefit? 

3. Activity Logging 

As if you didn't have enough reasons why using standing desk app features is beneficial, the Autonomous mobile app has built-in activity logging. Knowing and reviewing your activity routine for each day allows you to make the changes you need to live an optimally active lifestyle.  

Additionally, the app can be integrated with your existing health program, so that you can view all your insights in one place. The standing desk app features keep on coming with Autonomous.  

4. Challenges 

Here's a bonus smart desk app benefit for those who enjoy living on the more competitive side of life. Even if you're not big on beating others, it's always a good idea to challenge yourself. The mobile app includes a productivity challenge that quenches your thirst for competition while improving the way you work. The idea is to create amazing work routines that you can receive rewards for. 

5. Easy Desk Adjustments with Memory Capability 

This standing desk up benefit is likely the one that you would expect the most from the platform. Typically, people make changes to the height of their adjustable standing desks by interacting with a mechanism on the unit. 

Height adjustments

When connected to the mobile app, the desk responds to the commands issued from it. Therefore, you can easily adjust your desk to your liking from your phone. Note that a memory capability is also present, which retains information on desk heights that you found comfortable and may wish to return to.

Pros & Cons of a Standing Desk App

  • icon checkThe convenience that comes with being able to manage various features and functions from one place.
  • icon checkYour desk can become a part of your productivity and health pursuits.
  • icon checkYou can shop online using the app.
  • icon checkThe ability to lock your desk in place.
  • icon checkScheduling sit-stand sessions at your convenience.
  • icon timesDepends on Bluetooth connectivity, which requires a level of proximity.
  • icon timesYou lose the ability to exercise complete control over the desk if your battery dies.


Standing desks have become commonplace because of their ability to reduce the negative impacts of sitting continuously. Proper posture and better blood flow come from bringing these incredible pieces of furniture into your office space.

Standing desks with appHave you ever considered what your workflow would be like with an app to control your smart desk? As you can see from the information above, there are several practical reasons to have one. Each smart desk app benefit makes your work life more convenient, and some even contribute to overall healthy living.

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