Can a Gym in Office Make Employees Happy and Productive?
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Can a Gym in Office Make Employees Happy and Productive?

|Oct 13, 2022

Fitness equipment installation for any office gym is easy with the help of professional services. Sports travel teams, office buildings, home offices, and commercial properties can rent and buy professional gym equipment from them. Providing customizable and flexible corporate gym packages is their specialty. Does all the effort really pay off? Putting a gym in office is a great way for corporations to reward their employees. These questions on fitness in the office will be answered here.

How Does Having A Gym In The Office Help Your Employees?

How Does Having A Gym In The Office Help Your Employees?

Today, having an office gym is considered a standard practice in the larger developed countries. It has been America (see tech giants like Google and Facebook) that has understood the immense gym benefits for employees that office gyms are able to provide for employees and companies alike.

It’s beneficial for your business if you provide your employees with a gym so they can work out while working. It is common for your employees to work long hours, mostly sitting at their desks. There are many harmful effects associated with such sedentary lifestyles, including an increased risk of obesity, among others, and learning how to work out at work. 

Employers should promote a healthy workforce, even though it is the employees' responsibility to care for their health. Investing in a corporate gym is one way to improve the physical fitness of your employees. In the long run, the initial cost may be outweighed by the long-term benefits. Your business can reap many benefits from planning and implementing an employee health program. An office gym is a treasured perk for employees. It is a great idea to incorporate exercise into the workplace so that: 

  • Workplace physical activity should be encouraged
  • Ensure the well-being and health of employees
  • Stress reduction at work

Benefits Of A Gym In Office

Benefits Of A Gym In Office

Morale is improved

Healthy employees are happy employees. The release of mood-elevating endorphins is promoted by regular exercise three times a week. You will feel energetic as you work when you exercise. Investing in a corporate gym with a positive and energetic workforce could improve your company's productivity and customer service.

A reduction in stress

A high-stress level at work is one of the primary reasons for less productivity at work. As a result of regular aerobic exercise, you will be able to decrease stress and release feel-good hormones as well. Employees will be able to tackle challenges at work in a more focused, happy, and relaxed manner.

Absenteeism reduction

Absenteeism reduction

You will provide your employees with an opportunity to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle by opening a fitness center in your office. Such a lifestyle strongly boosts an individual's immunity. A healthy employee is less likely to fall sick and is more likely to show up to work on time. 

Perks that are hard to resist

Your company's ability to keep employees happy is enhanced by offering an office gym as a perk. Financial incentives include saving money on gym memberships. The convenience of working out at a gym eliminates the need for employees to drive to a distant location. Employees will appreciate it if they can use their free time productively. Time-pressed employees can exercise during their lunch break, helping them fit everything into their schedules.

Increased brain power

According to Harvard Medical School studies, exercise enhances memory and improves thinking abilities. By providing your employees access to a fitness center in the organization, you will enable them to improve their problem-solving skills and overall performance.

How to Build the Office with Gym Area

How to Build the Office with Gym Area

It's important to remember some things: if your business decides to add a small gym on the office site. To get started, You need a space that is large enough to accommodate all the equipment, individuals, and the classes you plan on offering. If you want to avoid hiccups, you can consider hiring a professional who can design the gym in the best way possible.    

It will also be a matter of deciding if you wish to hire a fitness instructor to permit employees to use the gym as they feel. Equipment maintenance and costs are also important factors to consider. Budget-conscious people can begin by using a smaller place with a few rented pieces of fitness equipment.                                                                                        

Adding more later is always possible, depending on your budget. Some of the leading gym building services offer flexible rental options that might fit your budget needs better. And finally, think about the insurance. You might want to purchase certain liability insurance plans in case there is an injury on site.

Tips For Designing And Planning A Workplace Gym

Tips For Designing And Planning A Workplace Gym

The design of your workplace gym depends on a few factors. Listed below are a few office gym ideas to keep in mind. To begin with, you'll need to decide what kind of equipment you want to offer. Is there going to be free weights available, for example? Would there be treadmills and ellipticals in the gym? 

In addition to the gym layout, you should consider the equipment for standing desk exercises. What will the layout of the equipment look like, for example? Do you plan to arrange it in rows? You will also need to choose a color scheme for the gym. If you want to match the rest of the office, you may want to use a neutral color scheme. Based on those factors, here are five pieces of gym equipment that would be ideal for on-premises employees:


The advantages of treadmills for employee gyms include their durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. This office treadmill from our employee purchase program is one of the best commercial treadmills available.


A gym on-premises for employees can also feature elliptical machines. All fitness levels can benefit from a low-impact, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain workout with them. If you don't have the space, you can consider the indoor cycling bike.

Fitness Accessories

Weight Machines

The addition of weight machines from our Autonomous employee purchase program to an employee gym on-premises is an idea worth trying out. Suitable for all irrespective of their fitness, they offer a variety of workouts that can be easily maintained and used.

Medicine Balls

You can change your workouts by using medicine balls as desk exercise equipment. The machines are great for both cardio and strength training and are suitable for all fitness levels.

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