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Can you Use Office Chairs as Gaming Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 9, 2018

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As the names imply, a Gaming chair is meant to be energetic and outgoing while an office chair is meant to get the job done with perfection. They carry forward their characteristics with their looks and overall. If you look at a gaming chair, you will straight away notice its sheer resemblance to a race car seat. Gaming chairs are meant to bleed the energy and enthusiasm a gamer might feel during long gaming sessions. On the other hand, office chairs are meant to be comfortable and provide a healthy working environment for office workers. They might not look as cool as the gaming chairs but are similarly comfortable, if not more than bright striking gaming chairs.

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Office chairs are subtle and match most modern office decor with comfort and productivity being the top priority. Gaming chairs are in no sense subtle in any form and they are meant to stand out with its own personality that showcases the gamer’s likings. Most office chairs are black that are intended to match with most professional decors. On the other hand, gaming chairs generally bear strong and vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. Gaming chairs are sometimes inspired by games and bear resemblance to gaming themes or characters. Additionally, they have built-in features to support gaming sessions and enhance the gaming experience. This is the reason most gamers opt for a gaming chair which are essentially enhanced chairs with added functionality for a better gaming experience.

What to look for in a Chair

It does not matter if it is an office chair or a gaming chair, you have to look for certain features while you in the market buying a chair, especially if you are going to sit on it for long hours. Not only it is necessary for comfort and productivity, but it is also necessary for your health and well being. All of these combined together ensures you have the best partner for your long gaming sessions without cramping your back or causing discomfort.

Adjustable Seat Height

Not all people are of the same height and body structure, it will need an adjustable seat for it to be perfect for an individual. Chairs generally do not have sizes and segregation based on its size, which makes it far more necessary to have adjustable seats. Studies have suggested that your feet should be firmly on the ground while you are sitting on a chair for best postures. People do not have similar heights and thus the distance from the seat and ground can never be the same. To follow the guideline of your feet firmly on the ground, you will need a seat that can move up and down to adjust the sitting position.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is the most necessary aspect of a chair to avoid any back related injuries or pains. Most office chairs and gaming chairs come with a backrest which may or may not be adjustable. The adjustable backrest allows forward and backward movement of the rest to allow levels of comfort to your back. Adjustable backrest ensures people can have the best angle possible for optimum comfort over a longer period. Some gaming chairs if not all, come with a recline feature that allows the user to lean back in a reclined position without continuously pushing back on the rest. Office chairs do recline but do not hold its place like the gaming chairs. They retract back to the original position once the pushing force is removed.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is the lower back support that most ergonomic chairs have in common to support a correct posture. Most gaming, as well as office chairs, have lumbar supports to be comfortable and prevent lower back injuries and degeneration of the joints. Adjustable lumbar support is most likely not found on the cheaper range of office chairs as well as gaming chairs. It is, however, a very valid reason to consider a chair superior to other options without one.

Adjustable Armrest

A chair is meant to be used while sitting on a desk and in most cases using a computer. While we work our arms take a lot of strain and impact our arm’s movement. Armrest makes it ideal for people to rest their arms comfortably without putting much strain on them. Similar to height, not everyone’s hands are of the same length or size. An adjustable armrest will give an opportunity to the person to move the rest up or down or tilt forward or backward adjusting to the position of the arm. While most mid-range office and gaming chairs have them, it is something you should inquire about while getting a office or gaming chair which will require long hours of sitting down.

What makes Gaming Chairs so Desirable

Gaming prefixed items have made their own identity and desirability among people for their stand out looks and being ‘cool’ in general. To be honest who won’t like a shiny red and black racing-car seat like chair compared to the usual black office chairs. Normal office chairs are also ideal for long gaming hours which makes gaming chairs not the only option for pro gamers. Gaming chairs, however, have some extra perks and features like a headphone jack, speakers, vibration motors and other features to enhance the gaming experience.

Brands and manufacturers today are bridging the gap between the office chairs and the gaming chairs. It still remains a personal preference to opt for an office chair or a gaming chair based on your requirements. Looks are more likely is the deciding factor that makes one choose a gaming chair over an improved ergonomic office chair.

Gaming chairs are meant to be comfortable to avoid strain on the body from sitting for a long time. Ergonomic office chairs do not lag behind in terms of comfort and body support over an extended period. They might in some cases race ahead of the gaming chairs in terms of comfort for long gaming hours.

Cool Design

The design of gaming chairs is the primary aspect that distinguishes a normal chair from a gaming chair. It was meant to be cool and appeal to the gaming community that could complement the colorful look of their gaming systems. Gaming systems include bright colors, stylish looks, and cool features, which make them different from any other system. You will know it is a gaming system if you notice cool hue and bright colors asking to grab attention. Gaming chairs are intended to complement the gaming looks with its bright colors and features.

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Office chairs, on the other hand, today are really nice looking and can rival the best looking gaming chairs. Modern office chairs have become a lot more stylish and becoming a little more appealing to gamers. It is still a personal preference if you like a more subtle and less striking chair or a bolder and flashy racing-style gaming chair.

It will be unfair to declare a clear winner in this department as office chairs today are not only more stylish but comes with new features too. You can choose any one of them based on your design preference without falling behind in being ‘cool’  race.

Extra Comfort

As gaming chairs came into existence to target the gamers who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer or console to provide more comfort to their back. However, this is not always the case as the racing-style chairs used to be not very comfortable compared to some higher end ergonomic office chairs. Things have evolved over the years and gaming chairs have become more comfortable. As said earlier, the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is getting narrower with more emphasis on personal preference.

Office chairs have always been the best choice for long hours of sitting with ergonomic support and comfort. Gaming chairs may sound appealing for long hours of game sessions but ideally, office chairs can perform similar or even better in some cases. You can surely replace your gaming chair with an office chair and still enjoy a comfortable gaming session without any issue. It may not be true the other way around, as gaming chairs will probably in most cases do not outperform a similarly priced office chair in terms of comfort.

This also raises a question, are gaming chairs really the best comfortable chairs at a price point? Well, it does not have a definite answer as comfort is subjective and quality is variable. However, it can be said that an office chair at $300 will be far more comfortable than a similarly priced gaming chair. It is so because office chairs are made with one thing in mind, comfort. Whereas gaming chairs are more concerned about looks which keep comfort in second place. It although will totally depend on your preference of comfort and body size to choose among them.

Adjustments Options

A gaming chair usually offers a tons of adjustments to ensure the gamer has best angles and hand position while gaming. You can adjust arms rest, backrest, seat height, and many other parts to fit your body size and comfort level needs. Generally, a gaming chair will have more adjustment options compared to any other type of chairs. This is to ensure that a gamer has the flexibility to make the necessary adjustments that can allow him more comfort while playing games.

Ergonomic office chairs are getting smarter and come with a wide range of adjustment options. In most cases, the adjustment option provided by a office chair is somewhat more practical than being just a feature to write on the description section of the product. Not to take anything away from the gaming chairs, modern ergonomic office chairs are no short of adjustment options.

One adjustment feature which you are more likely to find on gaming chairs is the recline option. It allows the sitter to push the backrest in a reclined position without exerting pressure on it continuously. Office chairs do recline to a level, but they need to be pushed back constantly or else it will get back to its original position cause of the springs. Gaming chairs can hold the reclined position without any external position, allowing for a reclined backrest. It, however, does not add much value to the overall ergonomics of the chair, nonetheless a feature which can be useful for some gamers.

Office chair as Gaming Chair, is it possible?

Here is the elephant in the room. Can you use an office chair as a gaming chair?

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Well, you could, does not mean you have to. It all boils down to personal preference and choice. A game might love a office chair and a office worker can like a gaming chair. There is no shame in accepting the fact that Gaming chairs are more of a gamer associated symbol you must possess rather being the ultimate useful part of your gaming setup. It does make your setup look cooler and appealing, but an office chair can do the job too without being the center of attraction. In some cases, you might get away with some extra left over cash you can save on a gaming chair with the same level of comfort and functionality.

Not to force onto you the fact that office chairs are better in terms of value, gaming chairs have their niche buyers for a definitive purpose. Office chairs, when compared to the gaming chairs in terms of value per dollar, sounds more of a right choice than the latter. You may or may not agree to the term ‘value’ as it can be subjective. Some people will rate comfort higher than looks and features while other might rate reclining feature necessary than ergonomic design.

No one is right or wrong here as both of them does a pretty good job of providing comfortable sitting posture over a longer period. One may do the job a slight bit better without being too bold or eye cheery, while the other might do it in style. It is up to you choose the one that suits your body and your needs.  

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