Ceterus Uses Modern Solutions And AI To Serve Their Accounting Clients
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Ceterus Uses Modern Solutions And AI To Serve Their Accounting Clients

|Sep 2, 2021

Nothing excites us more than empowering small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a way they never could before.

Founded in South Carolina in 2008, Ceterus has taken an innovative approach to accounting using AI and machine learning to provide companies with time-saving and result-oriented solutions. Curated for quick and reliable efficiency, it’s no wonder that Ceterus has had such a meteoric rise in their industry.

In your view, what helps you stand out and consistently attract businesses to use Ceterus?

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Our done-for-you accounting solution makes accurate and timely accounting a result to be expected—not just another tool or department our customers have to manage. Our reporting platform provides critical insight into the financial health of the business and includes benchmarks against relevant peers, cash forecasting, and daily performance dashboards. Combining done-for-you accounting with benchmarked reporting empowers business owners to focus on their business.

How do you maintain the strong attention to detail Ceterus is famous for and manage the delicate balance between quality and quantity as you continue to scale?

Leveraging technology is the key to our ability to scale. Manual tasks that can lead to errors are automated through our Edge platform that is integrated with QuickBooks. Our accountants provide human oversight as another layer to ensure accuracy.

What are you most proud of regarding your team?

Ceterites, as we call our team at Ceterus, are hyper focused on RESULTS. It is one of our core values and is a part of everything we do. Ceterites go above and beyond on a daily basis for our customers to ensure we deliver RESULTS to empower our entrepreneur customers.

How would you describe your company culture in a sentence?

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Our company culture is all about RESULTS—it is at the core of everything we do.

How do you build and maintain such a pleasant working environment in an industry notorious for its arduous/tedious grind?

Because we use AI and machine learning to automate many of the manual tasks historically involved with accounting, our technology is helping us change the perception of the industry. We also love to have fun at work—which means everything from bring your dog to work days, complimentary lunches, to enjoying a boat ride on the Charleston harbor. We celebrate the wins whenever we can

Tell us about a defining ‘aha!’ moment (if there was a particular moment) where your company experienced noticeable growth.

CPA firms took notice of the value we are delivering small business entrepreneurs, and realized the value of our platform for their firms to automate the manual, time consuming and error prone data entry tasks so they could focus more on their clients in a consultative capacity. This led to us developing Ceterus Edge for Accountants, which has been a huge driver of growth in addition to our core focus.

What are some misconceptions about your industry?

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One misconception is that accountants will be replaced by AI and robots. AI and robots will make accountants more productive and help them alleviate the manual tasks from their daily workload. This will only continue to evolve as technology improves. Accountants’ jobs will become less tedious and less about entering data and more about analyzing data. It will empower accountants to leverage their professional knowledge, not just their work ethic.

What can you tell us about your company that we couldn’t find out anywhere else?

Ceterus comes from the Latin word meaning "the rest" (think: et cetera). We chose this name because we empower entrepreneurs by taking accounting off their plate so they can focus on the rest of their business.

How do you envision the future of Ceterus?

We will continue to leverage technology and be a part of the rapid change in the accounting industry. One that includes continuous accounting, not just a snapshot in time, and be more forward looking. Accounting has historically explained what happened in the past. AI and machine learning, paired with quality data (including historical financials, industry benchmarks, geographic information, and non-financial KPIs) will make accounting systems able to not only show the past, but also suggest actions to be more profitable in the future. We are excited to be on the leading edge of this shift.

Our goal for the future is to continue to...

Empower entrepreneurs. Nothing excites us more than empowering small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a way they never could before. Small businesses make up about 99 percent of businesses in the American economy and employ 50 percent of the American workforce. This is a largely untapped market of 28 million businesses that need and want our help.

Why did you choose Autonomous?

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Our Ceterites’ happiness and health is important to us. Our decision to go with standing desks was suggested by the team, and we listened. Autonomous had what we were looking for and we have happily referred other companies to Autonomous.

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