How to Choose the Right Storage Containers for Home & Office
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How to Choose the Right Storage Containers for Home & Office

|Sep 29, 2022

When you go through the trouble of storing your things, you want to make sure that they stay dry and don’t damage. Choosing the correct storage container can make a big difference in making your reorganizing project easy. Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the ideal storage containers for your home & office. 

Guide to Choosing the Suitable Storage Containers for Home & Office

Guide to Choosing the Suitable Storage Containers for Home & Office

You should think about the following things when selecting a storage container: 

  • What are you going to store? Are the things delicate or prone to breaking? How expensive are these things?
  • Where are you going to keep this stuff? Will you be storing your items inside your house to keep them cool and dry, or in your garage or attic, where the items are exposed to moisture and high temperatures? 
  • Do you plan to employ an indoor storage box with good weather protection?
  • How long do you plan to store the items?  

After you are clear about these elements, the next step should be thinking about the storage container types. Although they come in a range of prices and quality, it's crucial to pick containers that are suitable for the intended purpose. 

Storage Containers for Home Use

You will need different types of containers to store different items in your home. 

Containers for Your Closet

Containers for Your Closet

Storage bins are a great way to organize and store your seasonal clothes. They are also perfect for keeping clothes, such as wool sweaters, that require airflow. These storage container home boxes are the simplest ones to load and unload, making them excellent for keeping things like scarves and belts that you need to access regularly. 

Fabric clothing bags work well for children’s clothing or seasonal clothing. You can take out one bag at a time if you categorize them based on age, gender, season, or function. 

Containers for Shoes

An assortment of weather-tight tote bags would be useful in any closet. They come in different sizes, are robust, and are simple to use. These totes are, therefore, ideal for storing everything from shoes to sporting equipment. 

Additionally, they are stackable and see-through, making it simple to see what you've put away. Furthermore, your closet will have a more polished appearance with these containers. 

Containers for Delicate Items

Containers for Delicate Items

You can purchase specialized boxes built for specific things like flat-screen TVs, cosmetics, or dishware. They include unique inserts to secure the items. Hence, these boxes are excellent for guaranteeing that your things are not destroyed.  

Consider getting a wardrobe box if you plan to store clothes that should be kept hanging. It is a tall vertical box with an integrated bar that allows you to hang your clothes while offering protection from heat and sunshine. 

Food-grade Containers

Food-grade containers are used in refrigerators to keep food items fresh. These durable containers, which are usually made of tempered glass, are made to withstand falls. The containers look beautiful enough to use for dining. Some models feature a smooth rim that is less prone to chip over time. 

Containers for Shelves

Containers for Shelves

The kitchen and pantry shelves are used to store bags of rice, boxes of pasta, and snack items. They keep the pantry supplies organized in transparent boxes that help to find the food items easily. You can store these containers in cool and dry places, including the refrigerator. 

Containers for Small Accessories

Divide your drawers with organizers to keep tiny accessories, socks, and underwear from getting tangled. They take up less space, are easier to adjust, and stay in place longer. 

Open Baskets

Open Baskets

Storage baskets are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, and they can enhance the attractiveness of your space. These work well for common items like mail, toys, laundry, blankets, cushions, munchies, and pet supplies. The absence of a cover on a basket may even encourage family members to put things away and maintain order in your home. 

Storage Containers for Office Use

Here are some home office storage ideas that you can use: 

Containers for Desk Accessories

It is best to get some containers for desk accessories to avoid having a messy table while working. 

First, you don’t want to keep looking for your phone under piles of paper when you most need it. You can use a magnetic desk organizer that holds your phone, pens, clippers, and other small accessories. This office storage container has a unique design for maximum organization, effectiveness, and high-quality materials that last lifelong. 

We recommend the Mindspace Rose Gold Desk Organizer stationery items such as pens, pencils, sharpeners, staplers, scissors, rulers, sticky notes, tacks, and postage stamps. These desk organizers' pull-out drawers slide out smoothly and close with ease for extended storage. 

Containers for Files

If you are among the people who like their papers and files in order, you must have a file cabinet.  

The Wistopht slim filing cabinet is a multi-purpose office accessory that can help you arrange all of your files in a compact package that is suited for a small space. It's a fantastic office tool because it is strong, practical, and has a high weight capacity.

If you are looking for roomy file containers, you can choose the Autonomous file cabinet. It fits perfectly under your work desk without disrupting your workflow. This office storage solution comes with a lock to keep your personal devices, documents, and paperwork secure. 

Desk Organizer Sets

Desk organizer sets make it easy to store different types of office supplies in matching boxes that give the desk a neat appearance. 

The Bigso Essential Workspace Collection-Set of 3 comes with a useful desktop organizer, a letter box, and a magazine/paper file in our premium textured paper finish. Apart from being useful storage boxes, the decorated leather handles add to the charm of the product. Environment lovers particularly appreciate this organizer set because it is manufactured from ECF pulp from honorable and sustainably managed forests.

Another option for a good storage container for the office is the Bigso Practical Workspace Desk Kit-set of 3. It is a three-drawer desk box with an organizing box and a lidded document box made of high-quality materials. You might get this amazing storage container for sale if you’re lucky enough. 

The Bigso 3-piece Office Organizer Kit is a customizable 3-piece desktop organizer set that includes a two-drawer storage box, a desktop organizer, and a magazine/catalog storage box. It comes with silver metal label frames to quickly identify box contents. 

Things to Remember For Storing Home and Office Supplies

There is an art to storing the boxes and planning the storing process, be it in an office or a home. Remember the following factors: 

Identify Items for Deep Storage

These are things like memorable T-shirts, old photo albums and yearbooks, wedding keepsakes, or childhood memorabilia that you probably won't use but can't let go of.  

Store these objects in safe containers because you won't be using them frequently, and they can hold a lot of sentimental importance to you. A plastic-covered tub will work in some situations, while an acid-free box is required in others.  

Determine Which Items to Store Seasonally

Determine Which Items to Store Seasonally

Things you only use sometimes or seasonally shouldn't take up valuable space and disrupt the flow of your house's main rooms. They must also be reachable. Platters and additional place settings used for infrequent entertaining, for instance, might not need to be kept in the main kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can store them in a garage cabinet or the corner of your pantry. 

Be careful not to store these things too far away, or you might find yourself buying extras just to avoid having to dig out the ones you already have.

Remember to Label the Boxes

Ensure you have enough labeling so you can keep track of what is in the storage. Whether you decide to move or stay put, we assure you that this storing tip will simplify your life.  

Most office supply and organizing stores include labels you can simply stick to plastic bins, or you can write names directly on the storage box using marker pens. Regardless of the labeling method you use, be sure to label the top and sides of the bin, so you can still read it, even if the boxes are stacked on top of one another. 

It will be easier to label your containers if you have a strategy for packing them; they can't all be labeled "miscellaneous" boxes. Instead, group all boxes with similar items to create a balance of weight. 

Maintain an Inventory

Maintain an Inventory

Overall, it is a good idea to make a storage inventory on your laptop, in a smartphone app, or in a notebook. This helps keep a note of where all the things are stored. You can save precious time this way and avoid injury from stumbling over boxes. 

Get a Variety of Box Sizes

You should mix up the sizes of the containers to make the most of the storage space. Extra-large boxes are perfect for bedding or lightweight clothes because they will be simpler to lift than extra-large boxes of books. 

Place the Containers Strategically

Put the things you'll need to reach first, or more frequently, towards the direction of the entrance. Moreover, put the largest and heaviest boxes containing non-fragile objects, such as books or winter clothes, on the bottom.  

Don't place anything on top of boxes containing breakables or boxes of dishes. Make sure you have a safe place for them. Think about putting in a few storage racks to put other containers above fragile items and secure them on the bottom shelf. Make little way to the items you need if you're employing a portable storage container or storage unit. 

Types of Storage Boxes

 Here are the four most common types of storage containers: 

1. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes storage container

Cardboard storage boxes are equipped with soft, easy-to-carry handles to transport them with little effort. When moving out of your home, for example, you can use them to pack your possessions or store documents. 

Some cardboard storage boxes don't require packing tape because the lid snaps on tightly to keep your belongings safe. An excellent cardboard storage box will be collapsible and reusable, allowing you to flatten it out into a little package that can be assembled again when needed. 

2.  Plastic Bins

Plastic storage boxes will cost more than cardboard boxes, but they will last for years and offer additional protection for fragile objects from heat and moisture. You can open these bins and close them without using packing tape. They are easy to stack, so you can use the storage space wisely. 

Even though plastic boxes are not environmentally-friendly, they are practical for storing items for a long period of time. 

Plastic bins are perfect for keeping the items clean because they prevent air from entering the container. Also, they look better than plain cardboard boxes. 

A WeatherShield seal on some models protects your valuables from dust, moisture, and pests. Additionally, you can see what's inside thanks to the transparent plastic storage bottom. 

3. Fabric Boxes

Fabric Boxes

Fabric-covered storage boxes can serve as both a decorative accent and a practical storage solution. These containers are manufactured of waterproof polypropylene or durable polyester canvas that can be hand washed. 

The boxes are sturdy, despite having fabric on the outside because they use strong fiberboard underneath the fabric. They can be stacked on a shelf to store a variety of objects, including books, wool, towels, thick winter clothing, and other stuff. 

4. Storage Box Seats

Storage box seats feature a stylish design and excellent functionality. Some storage box seats can hold up to 22 gallons of storage capacity, based on the design. You can use the seat to hold books to read while lounging on the patio, keep them by the pool to store towels, or keep your gardening equipment nearby. 


Use your imagination to find the best storage options for your possessions. There is always a storage solution out there, but it might not be evident at first. 

With this comprehensive guide, you are ready to get the perfect boxes for your storage items and plan the storage process strategically. Choose the one that best suits your storage needs.

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