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Choosing a Desk for Students at Home? Try These 5 Best

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 11, 2021

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As September approaches, most schools are going to open for in-person classes.  Tired of sitting at home for online classes, missing their friends, and more, children have suffered the most as they have been attending online classes.

As the next academic years open, you need to be prepared for the worst.  If any more variant of the Covid enters the system, you will be back to online classes again.

Consider all situations before you buy a desk for students at home that offers the best health for your children, both when they attend a school or online classes.

Here are the five best home desks for students.

1. SmartDesk Core

One of the best student desk homeschools by Autonomous, the SmartDesk Core is full of features. As college students use this sit-stand desk, their health is no longer a concern as it offers the best health practices. In addition, it offers university students spaces that are wide to spread their books and computer systems to do their research work. The dimensions vary for a classic size with 53" W x 29" D. If you need an XL size, you can opt for it as you place your order.

Smart Desk Core

All students are different and have different needs. For example, while some like to sit and write, the same one would sometimes prefer to stand and write. This sit-stand desk for students at home offers you to raise/lower the desk's height between it between 29.4" to 48". Suit yourself, and easily program it up to four different preset heights using the memory buttons. Then, change it on the go as you need.  The dual electric motors that power the desk climb at the best speed in the market – 1.3" per second, quickly giving you the height you need.

Critically, this adjustable standing desk meets all guidelines for your child's good health and overall well-being as per Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA. 

2. SmartDesk Pro

Is it just another sit-stand desk? No Sir! It is not. It is a home computer desk for students. This intricately designed, ergonomic standing desk has one of the best space-saving features. It is absolutely a perfect choice for college students. Set it up against the wall of the room for maximum advantage as you can use the vertical space to hang any extra monitors you plan to use.  Remember to keep some gaps if you plan to use the sit-stand function of the desk for students at home; in that case, the monitors will need to be placed on the desktop itself and not on the wall.

SmartDesk Pro

The SmartDesk Pro has an awesome natural wooden top classic finish.  You can easily choose between the six different colors for your desktop. In addition, the sturdy steel-framed legs are available in three different colors. Don't miss the gentle hum of dual electric motors that raise or lower the desk.

Get this best standing desk for a healthy life ahead for any students!

3. SmartDesk Corner

If you need a corner or L- desk, go for the SmartDesk Corner, a perfect bedroom desk for students. Why? Offering you ample working space, you can always invite a friend along to study with you. Both of you can study in a group at your desk, keeping face away unless you need to discuss – just turn and talk to each other and get back to individual learning before discussing.

SmartDesk Corner

Powered by triple motors, this sit-stand desk for students at home is a great option to get some activities in your body when you are tired. Manage the desk's height from a low of 29.4” to 48” at the press of a button. You can even set the four memory settings to different height settings for various purposes.

4. Little tree L-Shaped Desk with Hutch, 68 Inches Corner Computer Desk

A sleek-looking work desk for a student that gives you versatile storage space, this desk is all that you need. Use the open Hutch for your storage needs, or decorate it with your mementos and college/school pics.  Use the two-tier side shelves for computer systems of large books and anything else like maps or more. For your needs, you can make a multiple monitor desk setup with this spacious workspace of 68" L X 22" W X 30" H. Use this as a gaming desk for students at home on one side or set up the entire space to manage your spacewalks and games. Don't miss the small space underneath for your laptops.  The huge legroom enables free movement as you kick your opponent or hit out at the dragons as they appear.

Little tree L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

This L-shaped design fits neatly into the corner, even in the smallest space. Made from particleboard that is E1 class, it has the finest finish and quality. The metal frame is tubular, avoiding any sharp edges. In addition, it has a powder-coated finish to avoid any corrosion. You will simply love it!

5. Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

If you are searching for a desk with ample storage space, your search ends here.  This specially designed computer desk from Tribesigns has shelves to accommodate your school/college textbooks and research material.

Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

The open shelves design accommodates books that may be a little wide too. Stick your school supplies on the shelves under the table.  Decorate the top shelves with a plant, a few mementos, your favorite rugby player, or more.  This desk is made from engineered wood that gives it strength and keeps the desk light but stable.  Easy to assemble, the desktop offers you a large working space with 47.2″ W x 23.6″ D space.

Don’t miss our reviews of a college desk setup.


Choosing a desk for students at home can be a challenge. You have many choices in the marketplace. Depending upon your needs, our recommendation goes to the SmartDesk Pro, the SmartDesk Core, and the SmartDesk Corner.  Go for it as with the Autonomous brand; you just can’t go wrong! What’s more? Don’t miss the Autonomous back to school offer!

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