Top 15+ Treadmill Mats 2024 to Protect Your Floors
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Top 15+ Treadmill Mats 2024 to Protect Your Floors

|Nov 27, 2022

For any fitness fanatic, a treadmill is frequently (if not always) a significant expenditure. You care about getting the most out of your treadmill. There is no mistake about it. Perhaps you've considered enhancing your machine with supplementary components or adding a guarantee. A decent under-treadmill mat is indeed a requirement that you should not overlook.

A treadmill mat helps reduce noise even when you're jogging and aids in preserving your equipment from dirt and other debris. It guards your floor and keeps the equipment from sliding. To select the finest treadmill carpet protector, we tested the most well-known models. Below is a brief list of the best mat for under a treadmill that we recommend.

Best Under Treadmill Mats For Your Home

Purchasing a noise-canceling floor mat is perhaps one of the finest things you can undertake to minimize treadmill sounds and maintain positive relationships with those nearby. A decent pad under a treadmill will greatly lessen the quantity of sound that reaches your downstairs neighbors' ears via the flooring. To shield your surfaces or rugs from a treadmill's damage, you must use treadmill mats.

Moving components' oil may damage carpet or hardwood floors, and regular running or strolling can rip out carpet fibers or leave deep holes and marks. Depending on the equipment, walking mats are available in widths and thicknesses. The finest mats for under treadmills on carpet or wooden floors are constructed from sturdy materials and are broad enough to cushion running-related shocks. Here are a few options to use with the best treadmills listed below;

1. The High-Density Treadmill Mat by Superman

This mat under treadmill from SuperMeat is a better option in regards to both quality and price because it is made for machines and other heavyweight workout equipment. The mat's construction uses vinyl nano-composites that offer enough padding for usage on both carpeted and solid flooring floors. It provides excellent traction for your shoes, as you'll discover. The vinyl composition helps to resist dust from carpets and the surroundings that might harm the treadmill's engine. Users can put this mat under their foldable walking treadmill.

The High-Density Treadmill Mat by Superman

2. GoPlus+ Mat

This treadmill pad is perfect for wooden floors since it has a pleasant, easy-to-clean texture and a non-slip texture on the opposite side. It is made of tough PVC to offer top-notch shielding for your surfaces and devices. Whether you have children or animals in your house, this non-toxic substance is perfect. This pad is the ideal option for hardwood because of its water-repellent construction.

Goplus Thicken Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors

Goplus Thicken Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors

Dimensions25 x 5 x 5 inches
Material‎Polyvinyl Chloride
Weight‎3 Pounds
Special FeatureWaterproof

3. Pro Source Fit Workout Mat with Puzzle

The usage of treadmill mats is not limited to putting them underneath treadmills. In addition, you may utilize a decent mat in gyms and fitness centers for exercises like weightlifting and Zumba sessions. An outstanding illustration of a similar exercise mat is this one. Its modular tile pattern protects flooring well and softens the harsh effect of the heavy loads employed in the gym. This finest foldable under-desk treadmill pad is long-lasting, versatile, and has noise-canceling and water-resistant qualities. The high-density Synthetic rubber offers unmatched padding to prevent scratching of your flooring.

Pro Source Fit Workout Mat with Puzzle - under treadmill mat

4. Mat for the Sunny Fitness and Health Treadmill

The most important features to look for in a jogging treadmill mat are minimalism and aesthetics. An effortlessly folding mat provides for handy storage when there is limited space. This mat's strong EVA foam construction guarantees durability and water resistance, protecting your flooring and fitness equipment from harm. Because of the high-density cushion, it also serves as the greatest treadmill pad for reducing noise. A treadmill rug is a great option for training at home because of how little it is.

Mat for the Sunny Fitness and Health Treadmill

5. Large Rubber Machine Mat Anti-Vibration

The huge wrapped anti-vibration rubber device mat is crafted from synthetic materials. This makes the US-made merchandise incredibly environmentally beneficial. Even outside, you can use this treadmill carpet protector to accomplish your exercise and enjoy the sunshine. The quarter-inch sustainable resources significantly reduce the sound that emanates from your treadmill. Increasing your speed on the foldable treadmill for running is also extremely good at decreasing treadmill tremors naturally occurring. You will not have to worry about the mat ripping beneath your feet because the rubber is so strong.

Rubber-Cal Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat

Rubber-Cal Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat

Dimensions36 x 48 x 0.25 inches
MaterialRecycled rubber
Weight16 pounds
Special FeatureDesigned to withstand heavy equipment

6. Under Treadmill Mat by BestXD

This rubber mat for under treadmill use is an industrial quality mat square made of recycled materials. This pad is undoubtedly the most resilient in this selection and is appropriate for demanding useful properties. They contain the same quality of extreme wear and temperature resistance as your automobile tires because they are constructed of tire rubber.

When choosing a rubber mat under the treadmill to use at your house, there are numerous things to consider. No type is superior to the other, yet according to your preferences, each provides a wealth of advantages. You can find the best foldable walking pad alternative for yourself, considering the variety of options offered. Additionally, if you're still confused between the two, you should head to the WalkingPad Store on the Autonomous website and choose your favorite 2-in-1 folding treadmill.

Under Treadmill Mat by BestXD

7. Supermats High-density Mat

This treadmill floor mat by SuperMats is among the best options when keeping both value and price in mind because it is made for various types of treadmill and other heavier fitness equipment. The mat's construction uses a vinyl composite material which offers enough padding for usage on both carpeted and solid flooring areas, making it the best mat for treadmill.

It provides excellent traction for your shoes, as you'll discover. The vinyl composite aids in repelling dust from carpets and the surroundings that could harm the treadmill's engine. Additionally, it protects against dents more effectively than rubber or foam mats.

Supermats High-density treadmill mat

8. Beautyovo Puzzle Exercise Mat

This flexible foam mat provides great vibration absorption and can be tailored to fit your space precisely. It comprises sufficiently thick EVA foam to safeguard all kinds of flooring. This treadmill carpet protector remains easy to clean while also being water-resistant.

It reduces noise by putting a cushion on your equipment and the carpeting. However, it might not operate well on dense carpeting, particularly if you own a big, hefty treadmill. Additionally, EVA offers good protection against machinery denting.

Beautyovo Puzzle Exercise Mat

9. AmazonBasics High-density Treadmill Mat

Home gym fans particularly love this elevated flooe mat from AmazonBasics. This mat offers exceptional protection for various flooring surfaces such as vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and carpets. It's also among the solutions that are most inexpensive and long-lasting. Therefore, if you wish to keep a mat for your folding small treadmill, we can personally vouch for this treadmill mat from AmazonBasics!

AmazonBasics high-density treadmill mat

10. Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill Mat

The ideal image of a home gym includes some essentials such as a treadmill, a standing desk with treadmill (you can even make a DIY treadmill desk) to keep your water bottle and other essentials, and of course, a mat to protect your flooring and bring the entire room together. Well, here’s one of the best mats in the market, i.e., the sunny health and fitness treadmill mat. This mat features ergonomics that are essential for your workout and will aid in ensuring that you come out of your routine muscle-pull-free regardless of the strain you put on your muscles.

Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill Mat

11. Gympak Treadmill Equipment Mat

It can be challenging to locate a treadmill mat that combines cheap, strong, and durable qualities. The Gympak Treadmill Equipment Mat performs admirably on all three counts. It is compact and lightweight, manufactured of premium PVC rubber that is non-toxic. It is the perfect size for individual use, weighing only one pound and measuring 6.5 feet in length and 3 feet in width. The rubberized floor mat safeguards the ground from damage and offers excellent sound insulation.

Gympak Treadmill Equipment Mat

12. Branx Fitness Treadmill Mat

The materials used to make this treadmill carpet protector guarantee its durability. Additionally, these components aid in lowering the level of dirt on the mat. This mat may also be utilized for aerobic exercise for individuals who train in ways other than on a treadmill. Moreover, this Branx mat seems to be the thickest among the mats we've mentioned, measuring up to 8mm.

Branx Fitness Treadmill Mat

Essential Considerations for Buying a Treadmill Mat

When purchasing a treadmill mat, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you make the right choice. Here are some important considerations:

Size and Thickness

The size and thickness of the treadmill mat should match the dimensions of your treadmill and the space where it will be placed. Measure the length and width of your treadmill and choose a mat that provides enough coverage to protect the area underneath. The thickness of the mat should be sufficient to provide proper cushioning and stability for your treadmill.

Material and Durability

Look for treadmill carpet protectors made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand the weight and movement of a treadmill. Mats made from heavy-duty rubber or PVC are often recommended for their durability, slip-resistant properties, and ability to absorb impact and reduce noise.

Floor Protection

The primary purpose of a treadmill mat is to protect your floors from potential damage caused by the treadmill's weight, vibrations, and movements. Look for a mat that provides ample protection to your flooring, whether it's hardwood, carpet, tile, or another type of surface.

Noise Reduction

Treadmills can generate noise during operation, which can be bothersome to you and those around you. Consider a treadmill mat with noise-reducing properties, such as thick padding or vibration absorption features, to minimize the impact of treadmill noise on your surroundings.

Ease of Cleaning

Treadmill mats can accumulate dirt, sweat, and debris from your workouts, so it's important to choose a mat that is easy to clean. Look for mats that are waterproof or water-resistant and can be easily wiped down or cleaned with mild soap and water.

Stability and Grip

A treadmill carpet protector should provide a stable and non-slip surface for your treadmill to sit on. Look for mats with textured surfaces, non-slip backing, or gripping features to ensure that your treadmill stays securely in place during your workouts.


Treadmill mats come in a range of prices, so consider your budget when making a purchase. While it's important to invest in a durable and high-quality mat, you should also consider your budgetary constraints and find a mat that offers the best value for your money.


Question: Do you need a mat under a treadmill?

Answer: You could use a treadmill mat surface unless your treadmill is set up on a rubberized gym floor. A good treadmill mat will just protect your surface plus your treadmill. Additionally, it will reduce vibrations and noise.

Question: Can I use a yoga mat under my treadmill?

Answer: Yoga mats are typically too tiny to accommodate the treadmill's surface. A treadmill pad will absorb more sound, be sturdier and more robust, and lessen treadmill vibration. However, a yoga mat will be as good as a treadmill pad to safeguard the floor or prevent dust.

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