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Best Ideas of Christmas Gifts for Remote Employees
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Best Ideas of Christmas Gifts for Remote Employees

|Dec 10, 2021

The holiday season is already here, and with it, many opportunities to show your acquaintances and loved ones how much you appreciate them, no matter the distance. For this occasion, we’ll discuss some ideas for Christmas gifts for remote employees that you can take into account during this season.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a great part of the workforce is working from home. Although things have improved a bit since it first started, we still have a long way to go before we can go back to the way the world was before late 2019. In the meantime, we can still show each other appreciation remotely.

For that reason, here we have a few ideas you can take into account if you want to give some of your acquaintances a nice gift, even if you can't see them in person.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

1. A gift card with a good wishes note is attached

Christmas Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Gift cards never fail as the safe choice gift for any occasion. You can also consider it for the holidays if you work in a remote o a hybrid team. However, instead of just giving them a digital version of the gift card, actually mailing it and attaching a note telling them how much you wish to be together to celebrate the holidays again or any other positive message that comes to your mind is an excellent extra.

Sending a gift card along with a positive note can be an excellent way of boosting anyone’s morale.

2. A headset for better video calls

headset Christmas gift for remote employees

It's not a secret for anyone that we're making video calls more than ever. Only in 2020, the video conferencing industry will make $7.87 billion, and the numbers are expected to continue rising from here to 2026. Since we’re making so many video calls, it would be best if we had the best equipment so we can see and hear each other clearly.

As for the audio, you can opt for a headset, but some people prefer using earbuds/AirPods for more comfort. Either way, an audio device that helps them hear and talk to everyone clearly during the video calls.

3. A webcam for enhanced video quality

webcam Christmas gift for remote employees

Now that we’re talking about video conferences, another Christmas gift for remote employees you can choose is a good webcam. There are incredible webcams out there at accessible prices. With a good headset and a webcam, you and your teammates will be able to see and hear each other clearly regardless of the distance.

4. Home office furniture

Home office furniture Christmas gift for remote employees

Home office furniture always comes in handy. As office workers, we spend a great part of the day sitting, which can be prejudicial to our health in multiple ways. For instance, you can contribute to someone's well-being by giving them an ergonomic chair.

As the holiday season has arrived, you will probably find excellent deals in ergonomic furniture pretty quickly.

5. Office accessories

Office accessories Christmas gift for remote employees

There are tons of office accessories you can choose to give someone these holidays, be it a lamp or maybe a desk organizer. Either way, here we have a few options you can consider within this category:

  • Desk pads are an excellent way of giving your desk a cleaner look. Plus, they make the workstation more comfortable. The best desk pads can work as excellent Christmas gifts for remote employees.
  • Desk lamps are good Christmas ideas for remote employees. Keeping a lamp at your desk will reduce the risk of eyestrain, so it can be another way of contributing to a colleague's well-being. LED desk lamps illuminate better than regular lamps, though!
  • Desk organizers can help you reduce the clutter and maintain your desk organized at all times. A magnetic desk organizer can be a better option since it comes in a compact size, and you can place it pretty much anywhere without much effort.

6. A heated lumbar support

heated lumbar support Christmas gift for remote employees

According to studies, low back pain is quite common among office workers. If you want to give something nice to a work colleague during the holidays, perhaps heated lumbar support can be the perfect Christmas gift for remote employees you can choose. This extra addition to their chairs will keep their backs fully supported and comfortable throughout the whole day, regardless of the position they’re in. After all, prioritizing our comfort is important if we work from home!

7. A portable lap desk so they can work from anywhere!

Lap desks are excellent Christmas gifts for remote employees for multiple reasons. With one of these, you will be able to work from any location you find comfortable. There are tons of affordable options around the market that don't compromise the quality or stability.

8. Cable organizer

cable tray

An under-desk cable tray can help your colleague keep the wire clutter away from their desk and maintain their workstation as clean as possible. This item, in particular, is uncomplicated to install. You don't need to use any extra tool to be able to attach it to your desk. Furthermore, you can be sure it will last for a long time as it is made of stainless steel.

9. Wireless power bank

Cable organizer

Most smartphones nowadays utilize Qi technology. Therefore, they support wireless charging, but not everyone has a wireless power bank at home. Even if their smartphone doesn’t support wireless charging, your teammate will be able to use it with their USB. This way, they will be able to maintain their phone fully charged at all times, no matter where they are.

Some good options for a wireless power bank include the following:

  • The “Universal Charging Dock” by LumiCharge, which works with pretty much any phone in the market.
  • The “Wireless Power Bank” by Lexon, which has a similar concept to the previous option but takes it to the next level by implementing a “stylish” design.

10. An anti-fatigue mat for those with standing desks

An anti-fatigue mat for those with standing desks

Many people prefer using adjustable standing desks due to their versatility. However, it can get quite challenging to go through a whole day of work without an anti-fatigue mat. Therefore, giving someone with a standing desk one of these items for Christmas can be a nice gesture.

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