12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

|May 23, 2021

If you are trying to get a job, you might be looking for some interview questions to guide you on what the company might ask and what you should respond with.

Keep reading to get some interview questions and answers samples!

1. Tell Me About Yourself

It’s one of the essential job interview questions you can get. If you want to work for a company, it wants to know about you.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

The good thing about that question is that it’s very easy to answer. All you need to do is to be honest, while maintaining adequate formalities. You’re not talking to a friend. Thus, you should be sincere without forgetting what you want to gain in the end.

2. How Did You Hear about the Job?

It’s another one of the most common interview questions. Some companies post their job opportunities in different places. For example, they can post it on their website, their social media pages, and they may even encourage their workers to refer people.

Therefore, when they ask you how you heard about the job, just answer with the truth, so they know where you come from.

3. Why Do You Want the Position?

If you’re asked why you want the job, you should steer clear of generic and vague answers. Interviewers often want to know your exact motivations to get the position, so you should aim for specific responses, especially if you’re in a hybrid working area.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

A smart way to respond would be to point out unique characteristics that the company portrays and how you can contribute to the business with your unique traits. That lets the interviewer know that you thought it through and that you want to commit to the institution.

4. What Are Your Top Strengths?

Among all the job interview questions, some of the most important ones have to do with describing yourself. That’s why understanding how to express your strengths is essential.

When you talk about your strengths, make sure you’re specific and to the point. Don’t give unnecessary explanations – say the name of the traits that you can offer. For example, responsibility, drive, discipline, persistence, creativity, etc.

5. What Are Your Common Flaws?

Not everything is fun and games when you’re in a job interview. In many cases, they also ask you to describe some of your flaws or past mistakes.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

If that happens to you, you should be honest. Everyone has flaws, and not answering correctly could lead the interviewer to think that you’re arrogant or unprepared for the interview. That’s why it’s so important to know some potential interview questions and answers, so you can prepare beforehand.

6. Why Are You Leaving Your Job?

Some people look for a new job while they still haven’t quit their last one. Answering why is one of the most important things you can do in a job interview.

Saying negative things about your current employer can’t do any good. Instead of focusing on the bad, try to mention the opportunities you would have if you didn’t have your existing job.

7. How Would Coworkers Describe You?

In many instances, teamwork is very important for a company. That’s why the query of other people would describe you is one of the most common job interview questions.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

Try to mention strengths and characteristics that you haven’t mentioned before, but always remember to be honest. A recruitment staff member is probably going to call your former boss or coworkers for reference, which is why you should stick to the truth.

8. How Do You Organize Your Work?

Another one of the interview questions you might get is how you organize your work, especially if you’re in a hybrid working scenario.

Many companies value organization skills, which is why you should be truthful ad explain what you do to stay on top of your to-do’s. They want to know about you, so be honest and say what’s working for you now.

Time management interview questions are very common, so you should never be afraid of them. If you are honest, the company can get a good impression of you.

9. When Can You Start?

It is often a good thing when you get asked that at the end of an interview. It means that they’re very interested in you and want to know when you would be available to start in the position.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

If you already have a job and you haven’t mentioned it, make sure to state it because you might have a notice policy.

10.  Say Something About You That’s Not on Your Resume

What’s on your resume can guide the interviewer, but you shouldn’t just memorize it and forget about everything else. You might need to also explain things that aren’t there.

Before your interview, make sure you keep two or three things in mind about yourself. The traits need to be unique, beneficial for your profile, and excluded from your resume.

11.  How Many Golf Balls Can You Fit into a Limousine?

In many cases, you might get brain teaser interview questions like that one. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to answer correctly – they want to see the reasoning skills behind your answer.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

Thus, state your answer and explain why you think that’s correct. Sometimes, your interviewer can give you a pen and paper if you need it, so don’t hesitate to ask.

12.  Do You Have Any Questions?

The last one of the most common job interview questions you might encounter is whether you have any doubts or not.

You must ask all the questions you need because it can give you information you didn’t know about the job.

12 Most Common Job Interview Questions & Answers Samples

Pros and Cons of Having Job Interview Questions & Answer Samples

Now that you know some common job interview questions, check out some pros and cons of your new knowledge.


  • You can prepare for your interview.
  • You don’t have to feel so anxious, which implies a smoother process.


  • You never know what they might ask you until it starts.
  • You may focus too much on the samples that you find it hard to answer questions you did not prepare for.
  • If you still feel unsure about your interview, you should check out some video interview tips to feel better.

Final Thoughts

A job interview is usually very scary. However, you are likely to do better if you are prepared. Make sure you know what to answer in advance and you can get the results you want.

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