Conference Table Dimension: A-Z Buying Guide
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Conference Table Dimension: A-Z Buying Guide

|Feb 13, 2021

For some, meetings are a blessing- while for others, they’re rather less than that! Despite this clear contrast, each can agree that well-planned conference rooms enhance the experience of meetings. 

There’s a lot that goes into creating a conference-worthy atmosphere, with the table at the core. It is best to be aware of the generally appropriate conference tables dimensions, designs, sizes, and several other factors. 

If your target is to set up a practical, ergonomic, yet aesthetically pleasing conference room, read on! 

What are appropriate conference tables dimensions? 

One of the best ways to tackle boardrooms' planning is to build the design around the tables. So, the conference tables sizes are invariably the first aspect you need to finalize. 

The standard conference tables dimensions rise from a proper evaluation of the size of the room. You will not want to end up with a table that is either too large or too small for the room. 

It is best to accurately measure the room from end to end before deciding upon the table's size. 

Take a look below for a general idea. Despite this size guide, the final dimensions are solely up to your individual needs.

conference tables dimensions

Factors to Consider When Assessing Conference Tables Dimensions

The table's size in your meeting room draws strength from various elements, such as the extent of your meetings and the equipment you wish to include. If you want to incorporate lecterns or mics for each seat, you will need a broader and suitably longer table. 

It is vital to determine the overall space available to you, taking the doors and windows into consideration. Ideally, meeting rooms should be spacious. It can be possible only when you place a table with appropriate dimensions. 

A conference table is aimless without an ergonomic office chair set- so you need to cater to space the chairs will occupy. 

Precise calculation of space means that you need to consider additional objects in the room as well. These include an operations desk, white home office desk, easel for presentations, projection screens, or even an AV cart. 

If you feel uncertain, get in touch with professionals in this field for advice. 

Factors to Consider When Assessing Conference Tables Dimensions

How To Choose A Conference Table: Conference Table Buying Guide

How to choose a conference table goes beyond simply measuring the space and settling upon appropriate conference tables sizes. Here are factors to consider when you seek guidance on how to choose a conference table:

Purpose of The Conference Room

You must take your conference room's predominant purposes into account to decide what kind of table to choose. 

A room focusing on presentations and meetings will benefit from a different table instead of one for workshops or team-building exercises. For instance, a solid and long conference table is suitable for the former and a modular table for the latter. 

Seating Capacity

The conference tables dimensions go hand in hand with the number of people you intend to accommodate. These two are interdependent and dictate the number of chairs you will require. A conference table should be spacious enough for each participant to have enough elbow room even when all seats are occupied. 

how to choose a conference table

Conference Table Design 

Here comes the aspect that will define the character of your meeting room- the conference table design. 

You must think about the existing décor of your room and if you already have any furniture. The overall aesthetic of your office space also ties into this. Typically, you can choose from four types of styles:

  • Modern: These feature sharp glass, metal, or acrylic construction with angles

  • Contemporary: These tables are sleek and textured with detail

  • Transitional: They are a blend of contemporary and traditional tables

  • Traditional: These feature extreme details and sculpting to produce reflections of historical designs 

Conference Table Design

What Should Be The Shape Of Your Conference Table?

You have several kinds of conference table design options at your disposal. These include rectangular tables, boat-shaped tables, oval, octagonal, and round tables as well. Here is a comparison between all types: 

Rectangular Table

Rectangular Table

  • icon checkPractical
  • icon checkUniform work-surface
  • icon checkClassic appearance
  • icon checkYou can also extend certain models of such tables
  • icon timesOccupy considerable space

Boat-Shaped Table

Boat-Shaped Table

Boat-Shaped Table

  • icon checkBetter suited to video meets owing to their curved surfaces
  • icon checkElegant
  • icon timesInadequate seating as per area

Oval Table

Oval table

Oval Table

  • icon checkMimics functions of rectangular tables
  • icon checkTakes up comparatively lesser space
  • icon timesDoes not leave an impact

Octagonal Boardroom Table

Octagonal Boardroom Table

  • icon checkIdeal for space restrictions since rounded octagons are compact
  • icon timesInadequate leg space

Round Table

Round Table

  • icon checkBest option for you if you lack space considerably
  • icon checkOccupies vertical space instead of horizontal floor area
  • icon checkAccommodates more people
  • icon checkMakes everyone feel welcome
  • icon timesDoes not offer authority

Are There Different Types Of Table Bases Available?

There are several types of bases available, each complementary to different table types. Sometimes, the conference tables dimensions also play a role in this. Here are table bases you can pick: 

  • Panel or slab 

  • Trestle 

  • Pedestal

  • Legged 

What Material Should You Choose For The Conference Table Design?

Conference tables are accessible in a plethora of materials. You can pick from an assortment of engineered woods, laminates, wood veneers, and wood furnishings. The material you settle for should be in line with the purpose of your conference room. 

For instance, if you will be serving refreshments, a table made from materials that are resistant to stains is ideal. To make things easier, try to follow the same route you would take when looking for an office desk for home!  Comfort and functionality are critical! 

conference table design

Consider The Costs

You must remember to work within your budget and choose a conference table that will not be too heavy on your wallet. Prices differ from size to size, style to style, and so on. Even the materials you pick will make a difference. As an example, wood veneers are cheaper than wood furnishings. 


A conference table is the star of a boardroom. It can make or break the outcome of a meeting- therefore, it holds a critical position in planning an office space. Knowledge of standard conference tables dimensions is intrinsic to making the right design decision. 

It does not end at this. You must also account for the space available to you, the conference table design you want, and other aspects for a successful boardroom!

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