Things to Consider for Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter
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Things to Consider for Buying a Stand Up Desk Converter

|Jun 12, 2021

People have realized the benefits of a standing desk.  While sitting has been the traditional norm for working, the health concerns related to it have been documented for a long time.  Along with pains aches of the upper back, lower back, spine, neck, and arms, people have developed cervical issues and more.

Working while sitting was necessary as people wrote in registers and journals in earlier times. With digitalization, computers are being used for every task, from simple to complex tasks. As a result, people are spending more time on computers working at their desks.

Prolonged sitting at one place and poor body postures lead to ill health, giving rise to concerns of back and neck pain, stiff body, and more.

A Stand-Up Desk Converter

Standing desk

standing desk

Before we consider a desk converter, let us see what a standing desk is. An adjustable standing desk is your solution to all your health woes from sitting and working at a traditional desk.  Desks that give you the option to adjust the desk's height, sit and work comfortably or stand, and work to break the monotony of sitting are called an adjustable standing desk. You can manage the desk height mechanically by cranking it or manually moving the nuts and bolts to adjust the table height.  Recent developments have seen an electric motor being deployed to manage the table height at the flick of a button. These are the most convenient ones and worth the investment.

Don’t forget to consider an office chair xl to accompany the standing desk to give you a complete package.

A Standing Desk Converter

standing desk converter

A standing desk converter is an extension or a separate accessory that you use on top of your desk to raise the height of your work desk. It enables you to stand and work. If you have to revert to sitting and working, you need to remove the desk converter. These adjustable units are either placed on top of your desk, at times clamped, or screwed onto your existing desk. This unit is also known as a standing desk riser or a desk topper.

Don’t miss the finer details in our standing desk converter reviews.

What to consider before buying a desk converter?

If you must buy an adjustable desk converter, you must consider the top five things before buying a desk converter.



Ensure that the desktop converter can offer you greater adjustability as a standing desk does. A standing desk allows you to fix any height between a particular range of height.  It does not have notches that are pre-determined to be locked and offer you fixed positions. Also, ensure that you are taller than the highest elevation point of the desk; else, the desk will be above the level of your vision.  Select a desk converter where the keyboard is apt to your height when standing or sitting to work. 


We believe the ease of putting the desk converter on your main desk and taking it off should be easy.  It shouldn't involve complex tasks as clamping on, fixing an arm for stability, and more. If these are strenuous and time-consuming, you will lose the tempo at work apart from being tired for a few dollars.


A remarkable challenge faced by users is the stability of a desk converter.  Though there are many claims that it is stable, the fact remains that it is an add-on to your main desk.  Hence, unless fixed to your main desk from all sides, stability will remain a concern.

To say that a desktop converter is a permanent and best measure for you would be challenging for us. Opt for one that is the best for you.

What is the best for you - an adjustable desk or a desk converter?

adjustable desk or desk converter

What are the benefits of a desktop converter? Clearly, it has a price impact as these converters are less expensive than a standing desk.  Further, you do not have to discard your original desk. You can also use the same desktop converter for other desks if someone else at the office/home wants to borrow it.

The standing desk converter problems are many.  Firstly the desktop converter needs to be removed or placed when you want to sit/stand to work, respectively. This would mean that you remove your system, files, books, and other things from the table before you can place the desktop converter. Similarly, when you need to sit and work, you need to clear everything from the converter surface before you reset it to your normal desk and start working.

Secondly, if you do not wish to use the desktop standing desk, storage is always a concern as you need to find storage for this unit. Thirdly, you would need to match the standing desk converter height to a chair with a similar height, should you decide to lean on the chair as you get tired from standing and working. None of such chairs would match the best what an ergonomic office chair has to offer to you. Why? Because both the units are bought separately – matching their features like the chair's height and the chair armrests are never in sync.  Do take time to browse through our selection of the best modern ergonomic chair.

An adjustable desk, on the other hand, offers no such concerns. There are no hassles of adding or removing your current desktop arrangements like your system, files, notes, and more. Whenever you like, you may easily lower or raise your desk without any risks. There are no chances of the desk being shaky when it has been raised. You can be sure of having a peaceful cup of coffee or tea as you take a break.  Get back to work just like the way things were when you left!



To summarize, our recommendation goes to a single unit of the adjustable standing desk, giving you a choice of six different smart desks here.  Be assured of the best features and safe working conditions! 

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