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Cool Office Chair Mats and their Impact in the Workplace

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 19, 2018

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The office is where workers perform their duties for that monthly or weekly paycheck. Sometimes the workers are always there or they are often not. It actually depends on the worker’s job. For instance, he/she could be a full-time office worker like a clerk staff or an IT specialist. Or the worker could also be a part-time office worker. The common fact between them is the degree of effect the office has on the way the workers perform their duties.

What is an office chair mat?

Due to certain effects of the office environment on the workers’ productivity, it is best to keep it in tip-top shape. To prevent certain predicaments. There are major parts of the offices that need to be improved for the sake of keeping the office in tip-top shape. The focus of this post is on the office chair mats.

These chair mats play a big row in improving a worker’s productivity mainly because it is much closer to him/her during work. The bottom line is that the office chair mats are able to improve productivity, but it is done a certain way. For instance, the mat helps to prevent office chairs from scratching the office floor. Also, the office chair mats help prevent spills on the office floor. 

Another is the ability of the office chair mat to increase the style appeal of the office environment. That one office chair mat with a great design could pull the whole office room and increase its appeal to workers. It will lead the office workers to be in a brighter and happy mood since people love beautiful things. This will thereby increase the productivity of office workers.

What is an office chair mat?

This is not just a simple mat, it has several features which are both beneficial to the office and the office worker. In terms of the office workers, the office chair mats are ergonomic in nature. They help the worker to reduce the possible repetition of stress that could cause injuries or lower back fatigue.

For the case of the office, the office chair mats play a major role in office maintenance. For instance, the office chair mats help to protect the office rug, tiled flooring, and carpets from damages caused by office chair casters.

Why are office chair mats important?

Why are office chair mats important?

Most of the companies that deal in manufacturing the flooring for offices don’t usually have a warranty. Although in some cases they do and it is all due to the presence of the office chair mats which help in prolong the quality of the office floors.

The chair mats are also known to prevent the office floors from being scratched and damaged by office chair casters. With these mats, office floors can escape indentations, scuffs, and all other damages.

Another reason why the office chair mats are important is that the mats tend to make things a lot easier for its user in the office. And it is mainly by allowing the user to move freely within his/her workplace.

To give that light, it is discovered that about 80% of effort is used to roll an office chair on a carpet than on an office chair mat. Rolling of an office chair on the carpet may seem harmless but it is quite hurtful. The worker in the office could get back pains and other strains liked the ones in the legs.

Disadvantages of not having an office desk chair mat

The chair mats happen to be a very important addition to the office and it’s not just because of its aesthetic look. There are actual benefits from the office desk chair mats. These benefits are so needed that simply going without an office mat will lead to damages in the office.

It messes up the floor

This disadvantage is due to the lack of the primary benefit which is to protect the floor from all types of damages. Also, it is not only meant for protecting the floor from direct contact, but it also protects the floor from unexpected occurrences as well. That could protection from the stain of a spilled hot coffee from the desk. This will surely keep the office carpeted floor from being stained and giving a bad odor over time.

It damages the body

It doesn’t take extreme manual labor to find work exhausting and strenuous. By just sitting alone for long hours straight in the office can be quite challenging and hard on the worker. The repetitive nature of the office work will cause pains from the worker’s back, shoulders, necks and even down to the toes. The will be no muscle left unstrained.

The best solution is the office chair mat. Although the office mat doesn’t fully end discomfort completely, it is able to allow easy movement in the office. The easy roll of the office chair with little efforts from the parts of the worker makes things easier for his/her musculoskeletal system.

Prevents users from multitasking

As said earlier, the office chair rolls easily on the office mat. So it will help the worker in the office work much quicker than a usual day without an office mat. The worker could be so quick he/she would have time for other tasks at the same time. Unlike in a situation where there are no office desk chair mats, the worker would be struggling with movement. Before even having the time to work effectively.

It could ruin the style or feel of the office

Earlier in the post, the importance of the office ambiance has been expressed. If the office has a bad ambiance it could lead to a regrettable consequence like low worker productivity. So it is best to pay full and attention on the style of the office.

An office that appears conducive for the worker will boost positive emotions and will lead to better worker productivity. This is a perfect representation of the term efficiency perpetuates efficiency.

The lack of it endangers the user’s safety

Sometimes during work, a worker would need to adjust his/her chair’s position. In the process, the carpeted floor of the office will catch the office chair’s casters. This will then lead to him/her falling over. On the office chair mat, such will be avoided since the mat actually keeps the office chair’s wheels from stuck on the floor.        

How to choose the best office chair mats     

Here is a guideline to follow. It doesn’t have to be followed exactly, but still, it will help to find that perfect office chair mat for the office.

Just like any other office chair furniture, the best office chair mat has some factors to be considered before effectively buying.

The type of floor in the office

Before buying an office chair mat it is best to assess the type of floor in the office. The reason is that there are office chair mats that are built for types of floors. Some of the office chair mats are built for hard/tiled floor and some are built for a well-carpeted floor.

If the floor is carpeted, the best solution is to buy an office chair mat that is able to grip the carpet from its underside. This is so that it will be anchored and safe. Still, it is not that easy to choose a chair mat that grips a carpet from its underside. The buyer still has to consider the thickness of the carpet fore there are several of them in the market.

If the floor is hard, then finding the best office chair will be a lot easier. Since the floor will make the chair mats with smooth backing suitable for tiled, laminate and wooden floor. On the hard floor, the mats will protect the floor while staying firm on the floor.

The size and shape that is required

This is where the user’s specifics come in. The office chair mats come in various shapes and sizes, it could be a rectangular or rectangular with a lip. Sometimes the user may prefer a shape design of its own like let’s say a plastic teardrop-shaped mat. In the end, it depends on the user’s taste and furniture. For instance, He/she may have a traditional desk with drawers and the best chair mat for work area could be a mat with a lip.

Finding that perfect office mat that best suits the office will need a simple and usual roll around of the office chair like in every workday. This way the perfect size and shape of the office mat will be obtained.  

Plan earlier

This is a simple task to do. Before going into the store or purchasing online, it is best to plan. Just take a few minutes, sometimes maybe even a few days. There should be some questions to ask like what type of floor is being used in the office? Is the floor just being installed? Are the desks or office chairs large? Will there be rearrangements in the office?

An answer to questions like this will surely impact the type of office mats that will be purchased. It will also determine when and how it will be installed. 

Tips for maintaining office chair mats

Tips for maintaining office chair mats

The one of the office chair mat’s job is to protect the office floor from scratches and stains. But what is protecting it from being damaged? Since the chair gets the scratches and stains that was meant for the office floor. Also, as the office chair mat is being used, it will tend to lose its formal aesthetic look. So maintaining it is a big must.

Below are two tips for cleaning the office chair mats:

Avoid direct contact with sunlight and moisture

On the part of sunlight, the office chair mat has an ideal temperature between 60 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Which makes it best not to use them in areas that are very cold or very hot. Keeping them in places with room temperature is the best choice for the best results.

 If the location of the office is in regions where the sun rays are intense, the windows should have blinds or curtains. This will keep these rays from attacking the office mat.

On the part of moisture, the office chair mat should be prevented from being stained. Although its job is to make sure there are no stains on the office floor, the mat too can’t take much of a liquid effect. The moisture will cause the office mat to form molds and mildews which could cause the worker serious problems.

Make use of the right mat for the floor

There are various kinds of office chair mats available in the market that suits different types of office floors. Using the right one for the right floor can ensure easy and comfort of the user in the office. But using the wrongs mats for the office floor is very bad and could lead to consequences.

For instance, using an office chair mat designed for carpeted office floors on hard floors is sure to cause damages instead of protecting it. If care is not taken, the cleats can end up digging into the surface and leave indentation and scratches which could be very costly to fix. The cleats also have a great risk of being damaged too.

Using an office chair mat designed for hard floors on carpeted floors is also consequential. Due to the office floor hard and smooth surface, it will cause the office chair mat to catch the office chair’s casters. This will then lead to slip and fall accidents.


Office chair mats play a significant role in the office. They help the worker make his/her job much easier and add style the worker’s environment. There are various designs of these chair mats on the market, but there are of two types.

 It could either be in the same category has a hard wooden mat or a carpet mat. Both types of the mat share the same purpose and that is to prevent the office floors from being stained and scratched. So it doesn’t lose its ambiance.

As the floor need the protection so does the office chair mats. There are various ways to ensure the office chair mats are maintained in order for it to still perform its job effectively. On this is posted it has been narrowed down to two tips.

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