How to Deal with Making Mistakes at Work Due to Anxiety?
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How to Deal with Making Mistakes at Work Due to Anxiety?

|Apr 25, 2021

Making mistakes is a part of being human, but not all bosses would agree to that. After all, messing up at work sometimes is one thing but using the excuse 'being human' to commit blunders is something else.

Most of us are habitual of getting in trouble at work because of tiny mistakes. While nobody likes that and no employee likes messing up at work intentionally, this could also result in the anxiety of going back to work and low self-esteem.

But the trouble arises when as a result of making mistakes at work, anxiety at work starts to increase until you no longer feel confident enough to take up the job. It is important to remember that we all make mistakes in such cases, and not all mistakes are final. Though anxiety gets the best of you at work, and you end up doing something stupid, there are some ways to rectify your mistakes at work.

How Can Anxiety Cause You to Make Mistakes?

Workplace anxiety is not just a little fatigue and headache. It is something that can be a hindrance in your career. Workplace anxiety can, for starters, cause you to make many mistakes. 55% of employees claim that anxiety causes them to miss various deadlines they would have achieved otherwise.

So the next time someone tells you that it's all in your head or get over it, tell them these alarming stats. Anxiety at the workplace can cause you to make many mistakes, blocking you from reaching your maximum potential. Your mistakes could indicate you being not good enough for that job or not the right candidate for that promotion. Thus you end up at the same designation for years.

make mistake

If you have anxiety at work and it is causing you to make mistakes, you need to relax. Rather than beating yourself up over something so common and out of control (not fully), accept your anxiety as is and search for cures. You can release the physical tension of your body with standing desk exercises or even practice meditation at the work desk, for starters.

Downloading stress-reducing apps on your phone is a good idea, or you could also purchase an ergonomic chair, so the physical tension at work is your last concern. Either way, there are many more ways to overcome making mistakes at work because of anxiety.

How to Overcome Anxiety and Avoid Mistakes?

Do you often ask yourself, "is anxiety ruining my career?" if you turn to yourself to ask this many times a week or every time you make a mistake, then chances are it is. It's not just your mistakes that can damage your growth at a workplace, but your perception about it. Sometimes we tend to overthink each issue and imagine the worst. Sadly, this is how anxiety plays without minds.

Overcoming work anxiety is not just about being immune to mistakes or becoming a programmed robot. It is about having self-confidence and the ability to relax while working.

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To ensure you give your maximum potential at work and avoid at work anxiety, you need to give your mind a peaceful break and understand how work anxiety messes you up?

Work anxiety can play with your mind and make you doubt your instincts. You could be well aware of the solution, and sometimes it may seem so easy, but anxiety gets the best of you, and you mess up.

Be Confident


The job description you are working on? You suit that potential, and that is why you are hired. Low confidence at work is the worst thing a person can do to themselves. It will make you doubt your abilities, prevent you from reaching your maximum potential and undermine the capability of undertaking challenges. People with low self-esteem don't give off a good vibe, and sadly, bosses will automatically assume the worst about such employees.

Don’t Push Yourself

If your brain is not ready to take up that extra task, don't let yourself do it. Our brains can sense something earlier than we accept it, which is why many employees are exhausted beyond measures. Taking a break and requiring some rest at your standing desk is not being weak, but it is being human. A fresh mind can deliver much more than a weary one.

Be Realistic


Perfection is a myth. Don't fall for it. Doing your best is the only way to deliver perfection at work. Rather than thinking about what people would think about you or living in fear of making mistakes at work anxiety, focus on your best.

What to Do When You Make A Mistake at Work?

As soon as you mess up, your body starts to prepare to run away as far as possible. But the truth is it takes courage to admit you messed up and even more courage when you are willing to step up to rectify that mistake. Here are some ways you can be strong even after messing up at work.

1. Admit the Mistake

While messing up at work is a common thing, admitting it and finding solutions is rare. Your honest admission of a mistake can make the problem be seen earlier than it would have been otherwise. It will also show that you are responsible and want to rectify the mistake as soon as possible.

2. Let Go Of Your Ego

let go of your ego

Rather than taking your at work anxiety personally and beating yourself up, accept and move on. While explaining the mess up, focus on the impact of the mistake on the business and not on you. Your mistake is not about you, but it is about your company finding a solution to deal with it immediately.

3. Learn From It

Many great athletes have missed that last-minute opportunity and regret it for the rest of their life and cause at work anxiety. But the truth is it is the best they could have done at that moment with the pressure of winning too. Once you make a mistake at work due to anxiety, focus on the next shot and don't dwell too much on what could have been. 

4. Give yourself a Break.


If you are not feeling well, then there is no need to ignore those symptoms. Anxiety is a good enough reason to be absent from work, or you could also ask for a little break. Taking sick leave doesn't make you a bad employee, or you could also make use of the hybrid workforce, which allows an employee to work remotely in such cases.

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