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DeltaHub, A Young Company with Big Successes Wins the Autonomous Market
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DeltaHub, A Young Company with Big Successes Wins the Autonomous Market

|May 20, 2022
1,393 Views is a significant e-commerce vendor platform in the United States, with categories including office furniture, ergonomics, health and fitness, office equipment and accessories, home, gaming, technology, and more. 

An ergonomic dream partnership: DeltaHub x Autonomous

DeltaHub made a splash on the Autonomous retail website on December 17, 2021, with their Carpio 2.0 ergonomic rest wrist for gamers. This product is a perfect accessory for gamers and workers alike who need the best in comfort and carpal tunnel prevention that is especially essential for anyone who spends long hours every day at a desk.

An ergonomic dream partnership: DeltaHub x Autonomous

Autonomous customers are no strangers to the benefits of amazing ergonomic office tools. Because of that, and thanks to the New Launch Event held from January 24-26, 2022, DeltaHub’s orders climbed up to 60 in just three days. They have since fulfilled 283 orders through the Autonomous website as of May 1st.

benefits of amazing ergonomic office tools

Autonomous steps up with marketing expertise

How did DeltaHub’s launch and subsequent sales make such an immediate impact? Look no further than Autonomous expertise, which is offered to promote every brand we partner with in the Autonomous retail store. 

Autonomous Team researched which time of the month customers would be most likely to purchase fatigue-support items and the selling status of DeltaHub on the Autonomous website. Then Autonomous asked Deltahub for a big promotion and generated it, and created a catchy banner for their sale home page, designed by our UI and graphic design experts to maximize attention and engagement. Autonomous then spread the word on our network spanning numerous social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to boost engagement and sales. Finally, Autonomous sent over 10,000 emails to subscribers looking for the best and latest offerings. 

Autonomous also asked for permission to sell limited editions of Carpio and even made pre-orders possible. Therefore, Autonomous became a special retailer for DeltaHub which has kept customers up to date with limited and new and upgraded versions of their items. Autonomous also created a combo with their best-selling SmartDesk Connect to spread the exposure of Deltahub to almost all Autonomous customers.

Autonomous steps up with marketing expertise

Thanks to Autonomous’ support, DeltaHub’s storefront has maintained a stable average revenue of $418 per week from January 26, 2022 until May 1st, with an average order value of $35 for the Carpio 2.0.

DeltaHub’s brand awareness soars to new heights

A testament to DeltaHub’s growing brand awareness in the Autonomous store was clearly demonstrated with the successful launch of a new product, the DeltaHub Minimalistic Desk Pad. With no marketing or promotions in place, the product reached a whopping 25 orders in its first month purely by word of mouth and brand awareness alone.

This is just one of many success stories we’ve seen with third-party brands to broaden their audience, and bring even more great value and solutions to our customers.

DeltaHub’s brand awareness soars to new heights

Learn more and  join our partnership program here: 

Check out DeltaHub on the Autonomous Store here:

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