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Design A Minimalist Workspace with A Smart Computer Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 15, 2018

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Creating minimalist office interiors is about incorporating a simple minimalist computer desk within the workplace. However, the ability to get it just right may not be that simple after all. Office shapes, colours and textures need to be stripped back to reduce distractions and help employees focus. Contemporary office design trends are all about ‘less is more’ which is why office designs need to be sleek, modern and stylish to achieve a minimal look.

This goes hand-in-hand with the reduction of clutter around the office by reducing the mess on people’s desks and chairs. Some people are more naturally inclined to have clearer desks than others. Hence, they reap the benefits of having clutter-free workspaces and end up being more successful.

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Advantages of a minimalist office desk 

The benefits of having a clutter-free desk are manifold:

  • Greater freedom

A clutter-free office desk gives one the freedom to pursue ongoing projects. More time is spent in productive activities instead of searching for missing things or being distracted by random stationery items.

  • Fewer distractions

Cluttered desks are filled with more potential distractions. Sticky notes, rubbers, folders, business cards and unfinished work all steal our attention. By getting these out of the way, one is more likely to concentrate on crucial matters.

  • Better reputation

Clean minimalist office desks are signs of a focused and clear mind. It can portray an employee as more accomplished, organized and efficient than his counterparts. This will also create a lasting impression on senior management who may occasionally visit employees’ desks.

  • Aesthetically pleasant

Minimalist computer desks are almost always more appealing than cluttered ones. For instance, Apple stores would not be half as aesthetically pleasing if they had used raw wood and exposed concrete found within the interiors of an Urban Outfitters store.

  • Builds trust

Employees are less willing to trust colleagues whose desks are stacked with papers and things all over the place. Clutter can make clients and staff more confused, distracted and just generally disgusted by the environment they work in. This will impact the trust and rapport that employees have with their organizations.

  • Boosts creativity

Clutter inhibits productivity and creativity because it invades one’s space and deters the ability to brainstorm ideas or solve complex problems.

  • Better health

Clutter will make it more difficult for cleaning staff to scrub desks adequately. Many are not even allowed to move items around. This may mean that cluttered spaces remain untouched for several days. Therefore, if there are any spillages or food leftovers sitting on these desks, they could be harboring mold from crumbs or giving rise to germs and viruses. Ultimately, this will impact one’s health negatively.

  • Attracts new talent

Businesses wanting to succeed and grow are keen to attract fresh talent and retain them. As millennials comprise majority of today’s workforce, it is important to consider the preferences of these individuals and what they expect from their employers. These young professionals prefer working in stimulating and interesting environments where they can brainstorm and share ideas with each other. A minimalist, open and airy space is excellent as it facilitates all of the above, motivates employees and encourages creativity. Cluttered and enclosed spaces, on the other hand, feel dark and restrictive and can stagnate the productivity of these young professionals.

  • Reduce stress levels

Unkempt, messy spaces can increase stress levels. It may make work look more daunting and can make it harder to search items, thus slowing one down. A neat, minimalist and organised workspace will make one feel happier and give a sense of accomplishment.

With most companies operating in highly competitive markets, it is imperative that companies harness every ounce of their employees’ productivity. As stated above, this can be encouraged through minimalism in office designs. One such way to achieve this is by using smart computer desks in workplaces.

How will smart minimalist computer desks encourage minimalism?

When chosen correctly, these smart desks have designs that focus on minimalism and simplicity. They force one to become ultra-tidy as they have just about enough space to keep a laptop and maybe a lamp. Other than that, they may have a small simple drawer which is enough to hold some office accessories and pens so one can avoid storing an endless amount of things which aren’t really needed. Everything is readily accessible and time is not spent unnecessarily in rummaging through the drawers for important documents.

These smart desks may even force employees to reduce paperwork and digitize (something everyone should already be doing). This reduces overall business costs associated with printers, paper, ink, fax machines, copiers and toner cartridges. The need for filing cabinets is also eliminated which increases office space further and adds to the minimalist theme.

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But what makes these minimalist computer desks ‘smart’?

Not only are the best smart desks aligned with the minimalist theme, they have the potential to completely revolutionize and transform the world of work and encourage new and improved behaviours amongst employees. These desks are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology which will ensure that employees are more productive.

To illustrate this further, some of these desirable features are given below:

  • Improve health and wellbeing of employees

First and foremost, smart minimalist computer desks improve health and wellbeing of employees. They can monitor movements, track calories and remind workers to stand up at regular intervals during the day without causing any disruption or interruption in their work. According to research, people who sit more than three hours per day have their life shortened by almost two years even if they complete regular workouts. As such, these desks boost the lifespan of employees.

  • Customised experience

Smart desks can offer a personalised experience to each employee as they learn every person’s daily routine and nudges him or her accordingly to stand or sit. It even lowers or raises its motorised legs in line with this routine. Not only that, many of these smart computer desks come with voice-activated, Siri-like personal assistants which can communicate with other devices and help the desk user to become more organised.

  • Improved ergonomics

Smart desks also come with great ergonomic designs as they have rounded edges and slight indentations for one’s belly. Such designs help in combating problems such as lower back pain, wrist strain, shoulder and neck pain, tight hips and eye strain which are commonly found in employees leading a sedentary lifestyle. Not only will this reduce the daily discomfort that many desk jockeys confront but will boost workers’ happiness and job satisfaction.

  • Connected technology

Some of the latest products launched within the smart computer desk space also boast of eliminating the need for desktop computers altogether. These desks are equipped with built-in “motherboard” that will connect to portable devices. These desks also include wireless charging, motion sensors and LED notification lights which are normally features found within a computer.

  • Cloud technology

Most smart desks run on cloud technology. This is another advantage as it means organisations can save huge costs on servers and equipment. Moreover, data loss doesn’t occur as hardware failures are eliminated which reduces downtime and management effort.

  • All-in-one package

Other smart computer desks have gone even further by hosting an all-in-one workstation. From scanner to three monitors incorporated into a minimal setup, these desks combine and reimagine the needs of modern offices.

All these amazing features are combined with clean-looking and sleek designs which forego the deluge of gadgets or wires that normally clutter the surface of most desk spaces today.

Tips to find the perfect minimalist office desk for your needs

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With these recent advances in office desk designs, there are a plethora of options that one can choose from. Ultimately, office desks are a part of life. It’s where most of the work gets done. Even if the job requires work from home, chances are there’s a study desk that you will be working from. With so much time spent on computer desks, it is essential to choose the one that aligns with your needs perfectly.

As such, there are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right computer desk. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Nature of work

One of the most important considerations is around how one carries out their work. Is the work done alone or there is regular collaboration with the team? Is confidential information used frequently resulting in the need for privacy? Are impromptu or breakout meetings held at the office desk daily? With the wide variety of desk options available, rank them to see which one best suits requirements for team working, privacy and physical space.

  • Workspace needs

The next step is to decide desk shapes which are most conducive for the office. An everyday, rectangular desk is best suited for space and privacy. However, irregular shapes like U-shaped, P-shaped and L-shaped desks are more accommodating of collaborative working styles as they facilitate communication between team members.

  • Office layout

Every desk needs to fit within the overall space and size configuration of the workplace premises. A large, wide desk will not be suitable in a small modern office space or a historic cottage. Even if the office is expansive but the space needs to be shared with several other employees, this restricts the desk size. In this situation, large desks may actually make the office environment more cramped and cluttered which will go against the idea of creating a minimalist office space. Therefore, desk shapes should be considered to see if they fit smoothly with restricted spaces or quirky corners while still allowing optimum desk usage. For instance, an L-shaped desk will easily fit round the corner and allow other desks to be placed simultaneously as well.

  • Budget

No purchase should ever be made without considering the overall budget. The same applies when buying a smart computer desk. It’s tempting to be carried away by fancy materials or styles but if the budget won’t allow it, that may not be a prudent approach. Instead, a realistic budget should be set and the best quality desks that fit within this range should be considered. Again, there are a vast range of options available. For instance, wood veneer and laminate can offer a modern, stylish, cost-effective and minimalist look. On the other hand, solid wood or glass endow a more sophisticated appearance which may impress clients and colleagues alike.

  • Storage needs

To create a minimalist workspace, the smart computer desk should be accommodating of work styles. Some people are naturally minimalist whereas others tend to have messy desks. If it’s the latter, it may be worth purchasing a desk with adequate storage facilities so everything can be stashed away neatly, keeping the desktop clean and giving the impression of a minimalist worker. Some P-shaped and L-shaped smart desks come with overhead bins or filing cabinets which form excellent storage spaces.

  • Brand identity and aesthetic value

Smart desks should contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the office. Good office interiors ease stress, increase productivity and lighten the mood. To achieve this, selecting the right colour palette is crucial. For instance, blue can be used to exude tranquillity and wisdom. If the idea is to promote an energetic, creative and fun-loving atmosphere, then orange is more appropriate. However, care must be taken when choosing a combination of different colours. If there is stark contrast between the colours, it can cause headaches for spectators and damage the brand identity of the company.

  • Embrace minimalism with the help of smart computer desks

With unprecedented changes in today’s world and intense competition within industries, businesses need to keep up with the upcoming trends. Employees spend huge amounts of their day in the office space and this is where new ideas are generated. To keep this energy flowing and to maximise productivity, any method or product that facilitates this should be taken on board.

Today’s leading businesses like Google and Apple are all at the forefront of adopting these changes. Minimalism is the way forward to success so it is essential for offices to offer services and products which cater to a minimalistic approach. A starting point would be to redesign office interiors in line with this concept and smart computer desks are a sure-fire investment in this category.

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