Desk Placement Feng Shui: Where to Put Your Desk for Success
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Desk Placement Feng Shui: Where to Put Your Desk for Success

|Jan 12, 2022

As if selecting the right desk for your office was easy enough, studies now prove that the place of the desk in your work setup can influence productivity. Our workplaces combine many tiny factors that adjoin either loss of motivation or productive places with lots of motivation.

From finding the best ergonomic office chair to setting an ample amount of lighting, in this article, we will talk about desk placement Feng shui style. Yes, people who are not aware of the idea of feng shui office desk placement will realize how a little modification in the placement of your home standing desk can seriously boost your morale while working.

What Is Feng Shui Desk Placement?

What Is Feng Shui Desk Placement?

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that dates decades back. From feng shui office layout to feng shui home style, everything in the feng shui plan is arranged in a way that harmonizes positive energy. It is a concept where each piece of furniture is arranged so that the entire home will radiate positive energy. There are many scientific types of research backing up the feng shui approach, and the application of feng shui in workplaces has proven to give positive results.

Where to Put a Desk in the Home Office?

The desk under a window or the desk in front of the window? The desk placement in-home office or even a bedroom (for work) can influence the energy you experience while working. Yes, even though we only need the vacant space to place our work desk or even look for a corner to set that L-shaped standing desk or even that large reclining ergonomic chair, the concept of feng shui desk placement surpasses that.

Here is a detailed guide on achieving proper desk placement feng shui style.

Dedicate the Space

Dedicate the Space Desk placement feng shui

Feng shui starts with the concept of a dedicated space, whether it's a feng shui desk in bedroom or even a separate home office. This means, for starters, you must have a separate space allocated for work if you want to be productive. Rather than just opting for a dining table corner or using the kitchen counter as a part-time office, you must dedicate a corner where you belong only when you work.

By creating a dedicated space, you can allow yourself a separate corner while working. And even if you use a shared room, separating the L-shaped desk feng shui by choosing a corner is the right approach.

Choose a Commanding Position

The dominating position is one of the most significant feng shui elements to consider when it comes to your desk arrangement. This implies that while you're seated at your desk, you can see the door, but you're not precisely in line with it.

This method allows you to see opportunities and ideas from a different perspective. Because you can see anyone or anything approaching, it can also make you feel less stressed and more at peace on a subconscious level.

This also means that the center of the room is the ideal position where your face is directed towards the door or the large window. Part of the reason CEOs' and executives' desks are placed is that they can have control over the view of the entire room.

Choosing the Desk

Choosing the Desk Desk placement feng shui

When choosing a desk, it's important to go with a robust and sturdy one since this will help you achieve greater professional stability. Make sure it's big enough for you to work on comfortably. You should avoid workstations with a glass worktop as much as possible since ideas and projects can fall through the cracks and get lost. Ergonomic height adjustable desks are also an extremely viable option for feng shui desk placement.

Choosing an Angle

The third principle of creating feng shui with your work desk is to use an angle. Rather than just situating your desk straight or parallel to the wall, a little angle can set your position more comfortable.

Keep the Surroundings Free

Keep the Surroundings Free

One proven study of workplaces is that the environment you create will directly reflect the quality of work you produce, which is why many studies emphasize creating an inspiring work environment.

The desk placement Feng shu also backs this concept. Pay attention to how your home office flows. Is there enough room around your workstation to move around? Are there any obstructions that make it difficult for you to get to your desk chair? This could signify roadblocks, or it could indicate that you're making things too difficult for yourself. If you come across any actual stumbling blocks or obstructions, try to remove or reorganize them.

The View

A boring wall will only bore you to death, and a shining sun right on your eyes will only give you a headache. The selection of the right view, meaning what is in front of you at all times, plays a crucial role. For an ideal desk placement, the straight view should be inspiring for you.

It could be a wall with paintings or motivational quotes, a large window where you can see the life moving or even some calming colors considering the importance of color psychology in the workplace.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk

If you are planning Feng shui for an L-shaped desk, you must realize that the situation at the corner limits the view, hence the opportunities. This also means that a corner desk can give you a mental block while working.

To ensure it doesn't happen, choose a corner with a large window in front of it. You could also think about installations of mirrors to reflect and check the view behind. This will also give you a commanding look while sitting in the corner.

Color of Desk

Besides the ideal desk placement Feng shu, the type of material and color will also play a substantial role in your work performance. Wooden decks are highly associated with calm and productivity, and the solid wood color also gives a peaceful effect. One more thing to pay attention to is the five elements and their colors and material relation. It would help if you also opted for a desk that matches your personal preference more than anything else.

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