Discover 11 Steps to Assemble Your Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro
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Discover 11 Steps to Assemble Your Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro

|Nov 25, 2020

Autonomous Desk is an excellent and well-designed standing desk delivered at an affordable price. This motorized standing desk raises and lowers at the touch of a button. It’s essential to learn how to construct the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro properly so that you can use it immediately. Before you start assembling the Autonomous Desk, you need to be careful with the building components and the way of smartdesk installation. The pieces are sturdy and long-lasting, but you have to follow each step thoroughly.

Why Should You Consider Autonomous and build Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro?

Every day, we spend more than six hours sitting at our desk. We feel a tremendous amount of fatigue, followed by pains and discomforts. Autonomous Desk is your best solution to alleviate these problems.

You can adjust it according to your height, size and needs. Indeed, many studies have shown that the static position, sitting or standing, does not promote the proper functioning of the body. On the contrary, it would cause many health problems. With an ergonomic standing desk, these complications are unlikely to occur. By choosing a convertible desk, you get several advantages.

Why Should You Consider Autonomous and build Autonomous Desk 2?

First of all, you have the opportunity to change positions regularly. Since the table and chair are adjustable, you can adjust them as you wish. So, for example, you can sit for 30 minutes and then work standing for a few minutes. This exercise has proven to be very effective against back pain, and it's a free workout.

Moreover, by choosing a table that sits upright, you are preventing the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and obesity. The body easily stores fat when it doesn't move around enough.

How to assemble Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro


Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) comes in two very large boxes. One concerns the top and one for the base. If you are a beginner, the setup without any power devices may take you about three hours. However, a professional worker can do it in less than 20 minutes. Nevertheless, the most difficult part about the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) assembly is dealing with weight. Each component is very heavy. You can construct it yourself, but the company suggests using two people.


Construction and Assembly

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) & Pro assembly instructions are simple and easy to follow. The desk is well-formed, balanced and is constructed upside down. The final steps include combining the control wires, flipping it over right side up, and securing it into a wall power outlet. Once activated, pressing both keys initiates operations at the same time. That's it! From there, you don't have to raise another finger. The engine does all the work. Press and hold the up/down switches to lift or lower the desk, and use the four memory settings to keep your height choices.

Step 1

Lay the top facedown on the floor and place the frame on it. Line up the frame with the two-pre drilled pilot holes on the tabletop.

Step 2

Hand tighten M6x 10 Hex screws to the frame. Do not over tighten since you may need further adjustments later. Attach each leg to the frame using 4 M8x10 screws. Firmly tighten the screws in a cross pattern and repeat on the other side.

Step 1+2

Step 3

Place the feet on the bottom of each leg, and align the screw holes. Turn the desk over to the upright position.

Step 4

Attach the brackets to both ends of the frame using 4 M6x 10 Hex screws (two for each side).

Step 3+4

Step 5

Attach the rubber cushions to the frame and both brackets.

Step 6

Turn the desktop upside down and place the frame on it. Line the brackets with corresponding screw holes and then attach the frame and brackets to the desktop.

Step 5+6

Step 7&8

Attach the control box and control switch to the bottom of the desktop follow the instruction image.

Step 9

Connect the control box to the corresponding control switch with the leg cables.

Step 7&8+9

Step 10

Plug the power cable into the control box and a power outlet. Tidy away the wires accordingly.

Step 11

Hold down both the up and down button for 20 seconds till you hear a beep press up and down on the keypad to raise and lower the desk accordingly.

Step 10+11


The Autonomous Desk can lift from minimum (29.5″) to maximum height (48.4″) in less than 20 seconds. The adjustment is quick, quiet and the motor is even smoother than anticipated, with a noise level rating of a 45 dB. Use the four memory preset keys to return to your favourite desk height with a click of a button.


Memory Presets

To initiate the memory setting presets, just hold down the “M” key for about five seconds until the number starts blinking, then touch a number to save it. The company suggests memorizing both the desired highest and lowest height settings. That gives two extra memory presets if the desk is shared with a family member or co-worker or if you have special work requirements.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to assemble the Autonomous Desk is easy and straightforward. Autonomous offers an adjustable standing desk with the best value for money. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) – Home Office is a sturdy motorized desk that is suitable for use in seated or standing postures and anywhere in between. Its elegant, minimal design, along with a range of mix-and-match colour combinations and size choices, can be helpful for those working at home.

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