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Distinctive Features to Look For in Adjustable Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 2, 2018

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Distinctive features to look for in adjustable office chairs

The numbers of hours on average a person has to spend sitting in front of the desk or a workstation would be about 2200 hours in a year. This shows how relevant it is to find a comfortable chair. Many of the offices have still not realized the relevance of choosing the right chair. Many buy office chairs without considering any of the required features which in turn can affect the health of the employees. An uncomfortable posture can have a negative impact on the productivity of the people who are working there.

1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics play a major role in the purchase decisions. Paying attention to it is a very beneficial aspect as it can reduce the frequent work injuries and also the sick time that employees would otherwise have due to pain on the arm, back, shoulder and head. There are some official standards that should be utilized to assess whether a chair is ergonomic.

It is important to find an office chair that can be adjusted very easily especially with respect to height and also seat tilt. There should be enough degree of adjustment as per the comfort of a user. The chair that swivels 360 degrees is what is preferred by most of the employees. It is also necessary to consider whether the seat depth of the chair is also allowed to get adjusted. There are chairs that allow depth adjustability by sliding seat backward and forward with the fixed backrest while others may have a backrest which can move backward and forward.

There are office chairs that support reclining by allowing the seat to tilt backward and forward. Armrests are also good considerations for a chair. There are office chairs that come with removable armrests or the ones that enable the distance present between them to be widened or shortened.

2. Overall Comfort

Office chair provides a lot of ergonomic features but it may not be comfortable for everyone. It is very important that an employee chooses a chair that allows them to stay in the right posture. The chair should be tested to find out whether an individual feels comfortable and can sit in the right posture while using it. The adjustability, firmness and the placement of the chair determine whether it is comfortable or not for the users. It is good to visit the showroom of any dealer to try out different chairs and find out the one that is most comfortable to be used during the work. If a bulk purchase needs to be made for an office, it would be really good to provide 3 to 4 models for the employees to try out and choose the most convenient one.

3. Size

SizeThe size of the office chairs is another important aspect that should be considered while buying one. The office chairs should be of the right size to fit the size of the office and also the employee. The office chair should measure between 15 to 17 inches from the back to the front edge of the chair or find out a width that would make most of the users comfortable.

The seat width should be suitable enough to fit the thighs easily without touching armrest bases. 18 inches is the width of the seats that work comfortable for a lot of users. Testing the showroom models are always the best thing to do to understand the convenience of using a particular chair. Majority of the office chairs are designed for the users who weigh lesser than 250 pounds. There are even chairs designed specifically for the plus size people. The size of the office is one of the aspects that should be considered while picking up office chairs.

4. Base Stability

The base of the chair is one of the factors that are not usually considered while buying a chair. Chair’s base is a fundamental factor to consider. The first thing to consider is to choose the chair that has wheels or one that hasn’t. Wheels are highly recommended for better movement at the workstation. A good swivel chair can also provide enough movement. Wheels should be a must have if the chairs need to be moved very frequently between conference rooms and office spaces. If one is choosing chairs with wheels, it is good to choose the ones with the metal wheels as they stay much longer than the plastic. If a chair will not be used very frequently, then it is better to go on with plastic wheels as they are less expensive. The material with which the base of the chair is made is also a major factor to consider. Nylon and plastic bases are the typical ones used as base and Nylon is the best as it can last longer. Aluminum bases are lightweight, stronger and give a better look. Steel bases are the best and durable but they are much expensive than any other materials used as a base.

5. Durability

Ergonomic office chairs are going to be a significant investment for a company especially when it is a bulk purchase for all the employees. It is important to pick up the right chair so that the company need not have to spend frequently on the chairs. It is important that one needs to check the durability of the chair before choosing one. There are different factors that define the durability of the chair like the base, casters, swivel system, foot ring, tilt mechanics, armrest, and chair base. Go to an office furniture expert to know more about the durability of the different kinds of office chairs in the market. Go through the catalog in Autonomous to find the best options to get durable office chairs.

6. Contouring & Padding

Most of the manufacturers cut on the padding and contouring for cutting the price. Padding is very important and the ergonomic specialists recommend padding on all the sides and the front edge padding should come like a waterfall. This is the kind of padding required for protecting the blood circulation of the legs. It is also important to check for padding that is designed for allowing air circulation. It is necessary for checking the firmness of the padding too. There are many chairs that do not have padding at all but comes with plastic mesh seating which provides maximum air circulation and gives the contour of the user's body.  It would not be a great choice if the chair is used by more than one person.

It is also important that the chair provides some amount of lumbar support which matches the curve of the lower back. Choosing highly contoured seats may not be a good idea as it can have a negative impact on the right posture. Some of the seats and the backrests are made out of molded foam while others are made out of cut foam. Each of them has their benefits.

7. Fabric

The fabric that one choose for the office chair should match with the décor of the office for creating a warmer workspace. The fabric that is chosen should also be something which can be easily maintained and is much breathable. A cloth is one of the fabrics that is considered very breathable while other fabrics which include leather and vinyl may trap body heat and reduce the air circulation. A cloth is also a much less expensive option. Leather and Vinyl can be kept clean very easily and they also last much longer than cloth. Some of the new chairs come with no fabric but has very easily breathable, soft, mesh material used. The performance of the fabric can also be understood with the symbols on them that tells about abrasion, flammability, colorfastness to light and so on.

8. Corporate Image

Corporate ImageThe office chairs used in any commercial space gives a view of how the enterprise works. The chairs in the workspace give a first impression and image to the prospective clients and customers, which is going to make a real difference for the business. The style of the chair used in the office says how the business is functioning. The high-end chairs with the latest design point out that the brad is luxurious and cutting edge. The traditional office chairs highlight the classic nature of the business. The leather chairs give the complete vision of a closed corporate board-room style and the aluminum or mesh chairs are the real apostolates of young, fresh and modern business. The chairs that one chooses for the office should match with the kind of the work and the design of the office as well.

9. Eco-Friendliness

If the business upholds the eco-friendly philosophies, choosing the office chairs that go with those policies would make a lot of difference. It is very appealing to choose the chairs that are made out of recycled or sustainable materials and the ones with lower chemical emissions which helps in keeping the air quality indoors much better.

Try to find out the chairs that have got the GREENGUARD certification or similar ones that indicate the eco-friendliness of the chair. Cradle to Cradle sustainability certificates, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold/Silver and the Forest Stewardship Council seal are the other certifications that one should look for while planning to buy an eco-friendly ergonomic office chair.

It would also be a good idea to have a chat with the furniture dealer to find out the chair manufacturers who are into making eco-friendly chairs with the help of renewable energy in the factories, by trying to reduce the wastage of packing, delivering or incorporating the environmentally friendly policies.

10. Quality & Manufacturer Reputation

Quality & Manufacturer Reputation

It is also important to consider the quality of the chair and the reputation of the manufacturer. It is good to look for the feedbacks about the chairs and also about the manufacturers from the online stores for office chairs. It is also necessary to be very careful with the products that look very similar to the design of a top quality manufacturer but made with fewer quality materials. The warranty information and the return policies are other major factors that one should review to understand the responsibility a company can take about its product. It would be always good to choose a product that gets proper back up from the manufacturer.

Why is a Good Office Chair Very Important?

A good office chair would really help the employees work without having much strain on the back. An office chair that is very supportive and good prevents discomfort and fatigue that would have caused due to sitting in the same chair for long hours.

Employees who have a very comfortable workspace showcases better productivity and also can contribute to a great and positive work environment. A comfortable office chair also reduces the breaks that employees would need to take due to discomfort in sitting for a long time.

Testing a Chair

Testing a chair is very important as it would help the buyers understand how comfortable the chairs are to use in a working environment. When the employers make a bulk purchase for the office, the employees get a chance to test the chairs and give the feedbacks. There are some points that should be considered while testing a chair, the backrest of the needs to be adjustable and should have the shape of the spine. The lower back curve should also be supported by the chair. The chair should give such a posture that the feet should be able to rest flat on the floor. There should be proper armrests and also provision for adjusting the height of the chair.

An ergonomic office chair is a great addition to anybody's office as it would help in ensuring that the employees can stay very comfortable at work and also can make them highly productive. The discomforts and the pains that develop gradually by staying in the wrong posture can be reduced with the help of the right chair. Every employer should consider this aspect seriously if they are looking forward to a healthy working group.

Though testing of an office chair is very important, if you go for online buying options, not only shall you get a bucket full of options to choose from but the entire process will be hassle-free. So why not checkout some online websites that gives the customers an array of options along with provision for trial? Check out our website and choose the chair that suits you and get a 30 days trial to test how comfortable it is.

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