DIY a Small Writing Desk with Drawer for Your Kids
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DIY a Small Writing Desk with Drawer for Your Kids

|Sep 18, 2022

Suppose you ignore the importance of a proper dedicated study station for your kids or do not find the need for a separate work setup for your integral. In that case, this is the most definitive answer to why you or your kids don't feel productive when studying and working. Many reasons support the fact and highlight the need for a dedicated desk and chair setup. From encouraging the right sitting posture, minimizing the chances of distractions, and ensuring the entire focus on work, there are many reasons why you should have a dedicated space for work and study.

A small writing desk with a drawer for your kids is the best approach if you want to make them eager to study and not stress them with the study load. There are many benefits of a small wood writing desk with drawers because firstly, it provides your kids a separate zone to study; secondly, it teaches them discipline, and then they also learn to organize their workstation and keep it tidy with a storage option. But what is the best small writing desk with a drawer for your kid, and how can you choose one? Even if you are into the DIY desk building project, we will disclose the best writing desk options for your little one in this article.

1. Wistopht Compact Desk

Wistopht Compact Desk

This small black writing desk with drawers is a simple multi-functional pick. This tempered glass standing desk suits them for study time and is also a great pick for gaming setup or work needs. The Wistopht compact desk is height-adjustable, so you can teach your kid the healthy way to study.

It offers a height range of 12 inches, making it suitable for people of all age groups. Ideal for growing bodies, the height control operated with the touch button displayed on a digital screen on the tempered glass surface. The desk also has a power outlet and wireless charger to keep your devices fueled all day.

2. FENGE Ultralong Compact Desk

FENGE Ultralong Compact Desk - small writing desk with drawer

Get your hands on this electric standing desk with drawers and find a suitable option for your work and study needs. This one is made highly durable and environmentally friendly thanks to the upholstered drawers and natural wood, which lasts for years.

The desk is easy to use, with just two buttons controlling up and down movement. It also comes with a monitor stand so you can mount the screen at a safe eye level and work both sitting and standing.

3. FENGE Ultrawide Compact Desk

Another variation for study/work desk by fenge, this small standing desk with storage comes in black + brown color. This dark theme makes it ideal for both study and gaming. The desk moves up and down with a single push button and does not have a pre-programmed setting.

But the height adjustability is hassle-free. The fenge ultra-wide desk also comes with a 2-year warranty.

4. Northread Compact Desk

Northread Compact Desk

Fan of a small white writing desk with drawers? Get your hands on this Northread adjustable standing desk with a drawer. The desk is available in universal colors, black and white, and you get a special storage system in the form of a compact drawer.

The design is suitable for kids concerned about aesthetics, and the desk is also height adjustable to make it a universal product. Moreover, you get three programmable settings and a height adjustment system controlled by quiet dual motors. You can purchase this expensive desk with the employee purchase program to save money and enjoy ergonomic work.

5. Wistopht SmartDesk Pro Frame

Wistopht SmartDesk Pro Frame

If you need a little DIY Action on your desk or your kids love a particular theme, purchasing the Wistopht SmartDesk Pro Frame should be your first instinct. Rather than building an entire desk frame, the smart desk frame offers many benefits. It is an adjustable height frame with electrically powered motors and a touch control panel to adjust the height precisely.

The desk has a three-stage construction and a control box with 2 USB ports. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 265 pounds, so you get the freedom to choose the ideal type of tabletop. The solid steel frame is sturdy and will last long, so if you wish to modify your desk later down the road, the frame will still be good to go.

6. SmartDesk Surface

SmartDesk Surface

Sometimes a new change can pique your child’s interest to a huge extent. So how about redoing their desk surface instead of purchasing an entirely new one? This SmartDesk Surface is a wooden surface with a natural smooth finish.

You can choose between the two surface sizes and select from more than five colors. It is scratch-proof, so if your child is a bit sloppy, the desk won't be ruined with just an accident or two. Moreover, you can also choose the bamboo option if they want to upgrade their aesthetics with natural wood.

7. Wall Mounted Desk

One of the best and space efficient ideas to build a study station for your kids is the wall-mounted desk, also known as a floating desk. You can use any desk surface to build a wall-mounted desk, but one of our best recommendations is the chunky oak desk platform from Autonomous. This desk surface is not only durable because of its natural wood construction but can also be attached to a drawer. It is long-lasting, has a smooth finish, and does not have blunt edges that could hurt the student.

8. Swivel Desk Drawer

Swivel Desk Drawer

Not all desks have a storage option but throwing away an entire desk just because it doesn't have a storage option isn't a wise choice. But what about the need for a proper solution to overloading the mess on your child's desk? Fortunately, you can purchase the Autonomous swivel desk drawer as the right solution to your cluttered needs.

The desk drawer is spacious, with compartments to hold multiple accessories. It can be mounted under any desk surface and moves thanks to the smooth gliding system swiftly. The drawer has a weight capacity of 6.6 pounds, enough for your stationery items.

9. Lift-Up Desk with Storage

For those who find drawer storage options too mainstream, the lift-up storage desk idea goes a long way. The lift-top desk keeps all of your children's belongings concealed but accessible. Even as a play desk or Lego table, you could utilize this. Additionally, it is compact enough to fit in any house nook.

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