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DIY Motorized Standing Desk: Steps to Build
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DIY Motorized Standing Desk: Steps to Build

|Jan 20, 2021

With 2020 seeing a rising trend in people working remotely from home, there has also been an increasing demand for ergonomic or diy motorized standing desks in the home office. 

In today’s consumer market, and in these times of demand, businesses need to offer a wide variety of products to their customers. By doing so, they can appeal to a larger base of clientele to be sure they are providing as many products to as many people as possible. Most businesses offer their products in an array of colors or textures to draw as many customers as they can.

 At Autonomous, we take this idea one step further.

Complete Customization

Did you know that it is fully possible to build an electric stand up desk? Autonomous gives you the opportunity to take your need for customization one step further than anyone else. We give you the option to create your own desk using our excellent base and motors, so you are still building with the best quality materials available.

This DIY electric standing desk kit allows you to take everything you already know about our incredible standing desks and apply that knowledge to something you design!

The SmartDesk 2- Home Office is an Autonomous classic, but we also take great pride in our DIY SmartDesk Kit.

This kit allows you to have total control over every specification of your desktop while still indulging in the high-grade technology and parts you can expect from an Autonomous product.

Complete Customization

What to Expect

You can pick from three classic Autonomous desk styles for your frame; the classic Home Office, the L-Shape frame, and the Premium frame.

Of these frames, you can choose from black, white, or grey, so you can be sure that the aesthetic of the whole desk blends together seamlessly.

In your kit, you can expect a durable steel frame of your choice of shape with a 300-pound lifting capacity, a silent motor that adjusts the height of the desk at the push of a button, and instructions on how to put everything together.

This kit comes with a seven-year warranty, a 30-day trial, and best of all, free shipping in the United States!

All that’s left to you to decide is what you’re going to mount on your sturdy, dependable Autonomous frame!

What to Expect

Getting Creative

When we say that the sky is the limit with what you can do with the design of your DIY standing desk kit, we mean it! This is the best kit to custom-build the exact desk you want!

You can build your own desktop from scratch if you are feeling particularly handy, or you can purchase one from elsewhere if you aren’t much of a craftsman but still want the option to customize as much of your desk as possible.

You may still be worried about the ‘do it yourself’ aspect of this kit, but not to worry! Simple, clear building instructions are included with each kit, so that anyone can become a handy DIY-er in no time! These easy to follow instructions tell you exactly how to make a motorized standing desk.

Getting Creative

Get Inspired

If you need some inspiration to get started picking out the right shape and material for your DIY motorized standing desk kit, take a look here. You may see the exact design you want on this list of ideas, or you may see something that triggers inspiration for your own unique idea. There are no rules when it comes to getting exactly what you want out of your new standing desk.

Once you have your standing desk taken care of for your new home office, it’s time to set the rest of your office up! Just like with a desk in a ‘normal’ office, your desk at home should reflect an aesthetic that makes you happy, and therefore, more productive. If you want to take part in our setup challenge, it’s time to get decorating!

Get Inspired

Challenge Mode

If you want to be involved with the setup challenge and show off what you’ve done with customizing your wonderful new DIY desk kit, check here for inspiration and guidance.

Our setup challenge is more than just a contest to see who has the coolest or most unique home office setup. This challenge is about bringing people together during an unprecedented time in our lives.

Many people have been working from home for several months with no coworker gossip, no water-cooler jokes, and no sense of an office community that they may have enjoyed before a lot of companies transitioned to full-time remote work.

While they’re nice for those who have them, pets, significant others, or roommates just aren’t the same as your old coworkers.

Challenge Mode

Come Together

Autonomous’ setup challenge isn’t just about highlighting all of the different ways people can style their standing desks; it’s about highlighting what makes their customers as unique and exciting as they are, so get your DIY SmartDesk kit today and get creating!

Come Together

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