Does Sleeping on a Recliner May Be Better for Your Health
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Does Sleeping on a Recliner May Be Better for Your Health

|Aug 22, 2022

Recliners are comfortable to sleep in, but can they be used for sleeping? You can do that. Sometimes people with respiratory problems can breathe more easily (and sleep better) in a recliner sleeping chair when they have respiratory problems. However, it probably isn't conducive to good sleep if you do it regularly. It is possible that you may experience body parts becoming numb because your body cannot move freely.

The location of recliners in residence is usually in a "public" area so that sleeping may be disturbed. Our bodies are comfortable in a relaxing chair. As a result, blood circulation is carried throughout the body. To promote circulation while sleeping, prop your legs up on a reclining ergonomic chair. Providing a range of functionality, a recliner ergonomic chair can be used for eating as well as sleeping.

Is It Good to Sleep on an Office Chair?

Is It Good to Sleep on an Office Chair?

In this case, the answer is complex. The amount of sleep a person gets depends on their sleeping habits and the person's lifestyle. In addition to helping with back pain, sleeping in a recliner can be healthy for some people. Other people, on the other hand, may have difficulty falling asleep because they can't get comfortable.

You shouldn't have any problems sleeping in a recliner if you sit in it at night. In some situations, it may increase your risk of deep-vein thrombosis, a blood clot in a limb that occurs when you are motionless for hours, and your arms or legs are bent. Airplane seats can cause this in people who sit still for extended periods. If it doesn't interfere with your ability to sleep well, you shouldn't have any concerns about sleeping upright, assuming you're comfortable and can recline back slightly.

  • Back pain sufferers will find this to be very helpful. In addition to providing proper support, the sleeping office chair can easily and automatically adjust to relieve back pain.
  • It is possible to get yourself a recliner or sleeping chair with massagers or heated back supports because of the revolutionary use of cyclo-therapy technology.
  • Besides providing gentle and full vibrations, it also offers deep massages to alleviate muscular pain that aids your standing desk exercise routine.
  • Recliner chairs can enhance your blood circulation because of their massage technology.
  • A sleeping office chair allows you to rest without falling asleep, especially when working at your adjustable standing desk.
  • Relieves pain associated with pregnancy

Best Position for Sleeping on a Recliner

Best Position for Sleeping on a Recliner

If you are going to sleep in a chair, make sure you have everything you need to get settled ahead of time so you won't wake up during the night. You can improve your sleep in several different ways:

  • If your seat is made of calfskin, you might want to cover it with a sheet to prevent sweating.
  • The covers should be enough to keep you warm throughout the night.
  • It may be necessary to use a cushion if your headrest is hard.
  • If you need extra support behind your neck and lower back, you might need to put a pad behind them.
  • To prevent blood from pooling in your feet, you should either lie down with your legs upheld over the standing desk legs or wear pressure socks.

When You're Pregnant, Does it Help?

When You're Pregnant, Does it Help?

Getting adequate sleep during pregnancy is much more important than you might expect. However, some pregnant women are at high risk for developing problems that disrupt sleep.

The heaviness of the embryo may pack a vein called the sub-par vena cava, which returns blood from the lower body to the heart, so women in their second or third trimesters should avoid lying on their backs.

When you're pregnant, most specialists recommend lying on your side. Sleeping on your left side is commonly believed to reduce the heat on your liver while allowing you to rest comfortably. You may also want to consider sleeping in a chair if you find sleeping on your side uncomfortable.

Is It Effective at Alleviating Back Pain?


  • Some people with back pain find getting in and out of a leaning back seat easier than getting up and down.
  • It might be helpful to place a pad behind your lower back if sitting in a leaning back seat.
  • After undergoing back surgery, lying in an ergonomic chair
  • If you have difficulty getting into bed following a medical procedure, you might prefer to nap in a leaning back seat.

Compared to an upright position, sitting with your back leaning back is more comfortable for your back. In any case, ensure that the sleeping chair you use provides enough back support so your spine doesn't bend and you don't have to put more weight on it.

Top Perfect Sleeping Chairs

1. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline

Still on the lookout for the best recliners for sleeping that will make your WFH experience a little more comfortable? An ergonomic sleeping chair that is more affordable while providing high-end ergonomics appears to be Autonomous' Autonomous Chair 2. It feels like sitting on a warm yet breathable quilt when sitting on the seat with fabric upholstery.

A 3-inch layer of memory foam feels like it's inside the seat since it is highly malleable. Despite its softness, it still compresses to a respectable 2 inches at the center and the tail when loaded with my body weight. The backrest reclines to 20 degrees and is locked anywhere in between to get a more back-relaxing position.

With the Italian-designed tilt mechanism that operates independently from the recline mechanism, the backrest can tilt/rock an additional 10 degrees at any locked angle. There isn't a problem with the construction, but rather how the entire back mechanism is constructed with separate mechanisms for tilt and recline.

2. Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair

Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair

Gaming chair with full motorsports inspiration, ergonomically designed to support neck and back health. It is extremely comfortable and leisurely to sit in an efficient gaming chair. Chronic pains and degrading health can be caused by improper sitting habits.

It is extremely important to use a computer gaming chair that is ergonomically designed. You may suffer from arthritis and joint pain as a result of playing long hours of video games. A gaming chair must be suitable for these needs in order to prevent this from happening. Ergonomic gaming chairs like the Vertagear SL4000 provide excellent comfort and support while operating a computer.

In order to perform better and win, making sure you are comfortable beforehand is essential. As a bonus, these easy, comfortable gaming office chairs can also be used as an ergonomic office sleeping chair for your workspace, providing immense comfort and giving you the freedom to enjoy your work without any discomfort. Designed for comfort and maximum protection, the Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair gives you a proper posture while you work.

3. DuraLux II Microfiber

Alloy steel is used in the Duralux 11 Microfiber bed recliner, and northern maple wood is used for its construction. It weighs approximately  125 pounds. Overstuffed with sleep-soft hi-density foam and adorned with a characteristic biscuit-styled back for maximum comfort, the seat is made from dura soft fabric.

The armrests are wide so that you can sit or lean back comfortably while receiving better arm support. It offers soothing hours of relaxation, similar to those you might get at a spa, with its high and low-temperature settings, and many settings for back rubs.

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