Doing It for the Kids! Our Journey Begins to Build the Ultimate Desk for Kids
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Doing It for the Kids! Our Journey Begins to Build the Ultimate Desk for Kids

|Mar 3, 2021

For so many of us, the global pandemic has completely redefined what it means to “go to work”. Communal workspaces have shut down and millions of office workers have been forced to work remotely from home. But what about our kids? We’re so distracted by our own nagging back pain and neck strain that, unfortunately, sometimes we fail to realize that our little ones are really going through it as well. Just as we’ve all been thrown in the deep end, pushed to rethink the way we work and where we work, millions of school children the world over have woken up with the huge (and sudden) burden of homeschooling. 

Kids activities

We all know that an ergonomic office can supercharge our productivity, and streamline our focus and workflow. The uber-popular Autonomous range of height adjustable SmartDesks, ergonomic office chairs, and ergonomic office tools and accessories has helped so many remote workers ensure that they’re performing at their peak from the home office. But is ergonomics only beneficial to adults? Is there a need for ergonomic products for kids? The answer? A resounding YES! In the same way that adults experience discomfort from working in workspaces that are ill-fitted for productivity, children lose focus, become agitated, and experience physical and mental discomfort during homeschooling. More often than not due to an inadequate home study space that is poorly equipped to encourage any sort of study and productivity in our children at all.

They say prevention is always better than a cure. So it only makes sense to support our children ergonomically as they develop into adulthood. Physically training our children from an early age on the importance of postural health, and supporting them with the right furniture for homeschooling is necessary for developing essential healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. 

A Kids SmartDesk Perfect for Homeschooling

As an increasing number of children attend homeschooling through this seemingly endless global pandemic, we at Autonomous noticed a major need that needs to be answered. Back strain caused by consistently poor posture during hours of homeschooling, and a lack of space to effectively perform diverse learning activities that is required from any syllabus will without doubt lead to many detrimental effects on a child’s physical growth and mental development. 

A kids smartdesk perfect for homeschooling

As a leading brand in ergonomic office furniture, we at Autonomous are dedicated to providing ergonomic solutions that directly answer the needs of those who want to work smarter and more effectively from home. And now more than ever, that includes our children too! We’re making major moves to launch a brand new Autonomous product line dedicated entirely for kids. And the first kid’s product in the pipeline is the SmartDesk Kid - ergonomic standing desk for kids. 

Currently in its developmental stage, we plan for this kid’s adjustable desk to feature…

  • Dynamic storage solutions - in addition to under desk storage compartments, the SmartDesk Kid will feature an industrial grade pegboard. Most households don’t have enough space to properly cater to a single or multiple live in student/s. Things get messy, the learning space becomes chaos, and staying organized is close to impossible. The modular pegboard allows for flexible storage options to keep your child’s tools within easy reach at all times. They can hang their headphones, shelve books, display drawings, house plants, the possibilities are endless.
  • Desk tilt - Using our well-known SmartDesk technology, the kid’s standing desk will feature the same powerful electric sit-to-stand motor system as well as a progressive electric-powered desk tilt function. The tilt function allows the kid’s study desk to adapt to and facilitate a range of diverse activities required for learning, such as reading and drawing.
  • Safety - With built in anti-collision sensors, you can rest assured that your kids will stay safe and sound everytime you need to answer the phone, run errands, or tend to work tasks of your own.

With the SmartDesk Kid we aim to unleash your child’s creativity, providing a standing desk for children that allows for them to learn, study, and play in a more healthy environment. 

Features of a SmartDesk Kids

Help Us Engineer the Best Kid’s Study Desk  

At Autonomous, we always put our customers first. We want to create the absolute best desk for kids that we possibly can, and we would love your help! Whether you’re stuck having to manage homeschooling yourself, or you know someone who would seriously benefit from this product, help us help our kids where they need it most. What is your child’s learning space missing? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to incorporating homeschooling into your child’s daily routine? How can we improve our SmartDesk Kid idea to serve you best?

Become a part of the journey and input your thoughts and ideas here!
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