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DoorDash Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jun 15, 2022

The term ergonomics might sound like a fancy, space-age piece of technology that is out of our reach, but that's far from it! Essentially, ergonomics deals with sitting in a safe, comfortable way on office equipment to create a healthier and happier work environment. It's well known that spending too much time sitting at your desk is detrimental to your health.

Office work has been linked to musculoskeletal disorders for years, tendinitis, muscle fatigue, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and so on. Ultimately, it made sense to rethink how officers were designed in terms of layout and the pieces of furniture that we added to them. Many brands, including us, decided to develop equipment that would work for our bodies.

Some of the new additions to the office furniture collections include economic ergonomic keyboards with contours and office chairs with extra lumbar support to height-adjustable desks. Sure, it might seem like we are spoiled for choice but these modifiable furniture pieces do a lot to reduce common ailments that arise from walking for too long, i.e.carpal tunnel syndrome. They are changing the way offices around the globe walk and adding these ergonomic changes might do the same for your office place. You can get these now using the DoorDash employee discount.

DoorDash employee benefit

About Autonomous EPP for DoorDash Employee Discount

A well-designed employee purchase program is a great way to boost productivity among your employees. You can improve their performance by investing in some ergonomically designed furniture.

Businesses invest in modern office accessories through the employee purchase program. Despite its complexity, this is a fair and effective process that enhances employee productivity.

The EPP discount allows employees to easily access the Autonomous organizational tools thanks to the 7% discount. Among the company's DoorDash employee purchase program specialties are quality, ergonomically designed office equipment. Standing desks, office chairs, standing mats, and many others are available.

About Autonomous EPP for DoorDash Employee Discount

Autonomous Products for DoorDash Employee Discount

Benefits of ergonomic office furniture

Other than being more comfortable and healthier for your body, ergonomic office furniture and equipment also Increase your productivity levels. The OSHA says that companies can increase employee productivity by 11% simply by making their work environment more ergonomic. But how?

Quite simply, If your employees are happier and more comfortable at work, then their output is definitely going to be a little higher. An aching body and strained eyes make it difficult for anyone to perform at their best. Workers' productivity decreases when they have to constantly move around in their seats, and stretch out tired and sore muscles just to find a comfortable sitting position. As a result of physical strain, mental strain increases, making it more difficult to focus on the task.

Standing desks

Standing desks

Research has shown that sit-stand office standing desks can improve concentration, increase creativity, and improve productivity. These DoorDash employee benefits are that when you are standing, your body's largest muscle groups are working, increasing blood flow to your brain. In this way, it improves both the sense of well-being and the quality of work.

In addition to increasing productivity, sit-stand desks improve health by removing the need to sit for extensive periods. Standing desks are beneficial for the body over the long term; they are also extremely beneficial over the short term. Those who stand more have better energy levels and concentration because standing prevents sugars and fats from building up in their blood.

In quality standing desks, you can find various features such as a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app and also a control paddle with an LCD (high-resolution). You can also treasure trove numerous features such as file cabinets, caster sets, and cable management kits.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs

An extensive amount of ergonomic research goes into the office chairs' design to help maintain proper posture and assist the user. Someone must have a proper posture when staying in one place for a long time. Individuals can adjust the backrest according to their comfort level with these chairs, which come with adjustable backrests.

The cushions in these chairs improve their comfort, making them more comfortable. The design of several reclining ergonomic chairs is such that they provide the best possible level of comfort. A height-adjustable knob allows one to adjust the seat height according to their comfort needs. Many office chair models have wheels or rollers at the bottom, which allow the position of the ergonomic chair to be adjusted according to your needs.

Office accessories

Office accessories

It is possible to improve your workstation by using ergonomic tools and office accessories even if you are at home. You can improve how ergonomic your workstation is by adding extra useful accessories to it – like, for instance, a CPU holder.

If your cable management system is inefficient, the devices you are using may not be able to get airflow because of the wires and cables that are not organized. If the cables are under a desk, you may suffer back pain since you will need to bend to untangle them. Wire organizers can help you avoid this by improving your cable management system.

It can be uncomfortable to stand for long hours. You can prevent it by using anti-fatigue floor mats. There are several types of anti-fatigue mats available. Slip-resistant mats are manufactured with rubber surfaces.

Buy More, Save More


As a result, the program offers a simple interface for both employers and employees, offering the best of both worlds. With the Autonomous employee purchase program, bulk orders are discounted, which makes revamping your office all the easier. The interesting part is that you can benefit from multiple perks when working from home with this program, covering both the in-person and remote sectors.

It's beyond expectation what DoorDash employees are getting here in terms of DoorDash employee discount. What's even better is that you save more the more you buy. Office employee purchase program furniture is often a subject of hesitation among businesses due to their higher budgetary requirements.

The great thing about DoorDash employee purchase program is that bulk orders receive larger discounts. Employees can also get discounts when they place individual orders.

Employee purchasing programs enable you to request that your company pay for your furniture, whether it's for a home office or a traditional workplace. Simply sign in with your DoorDashemail address to Autonomous, and you will be able to access yours. Your employer pays for the furniture after you send your employer your order for whatever furniture you like.

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