Eco-friendly Chairs are the Best for You and the Environment
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Eco-friendly Chairs are the Best for You and the Environment

|Oct 30, 2018

Eco-friendly Chairs are the Best for You and the Environment

Over the years people have become more conscious about the state of their environment. And it’s due to the realization that whatever bad deed was done on the environment leads to consequences for everyone’s life or lifestyle. This increased the demand for eco-friendly furniture even turned it to a trend.

The trend spreads across walks of life until it finally reached the workplace. More eco-friendly products and furniture are being used there. The eco-products are highly demanded. And it is by businesses or individuals. Sometimes the demand isn’t because of the love for the environment, it can also be for the sake of cost, trend and other reasons. 

On this post, there is one eco-furniture that will be discussed and that is the eco-friendly ergonomic office chair. Why should an eco-friendly office be bought?

6 Reasons why it best to buy an eco-friendly office chair

6 Reasons why it best to buy an eco-friendly office chair

It supports health

Eco chairs are of no harm to the user. Its aim is to improve the health of its user. It has less or none of the lethal chemicals in the furniture. Chemicals like formaldehyde cause cancer. And the other harmful chemicals that could be found in a regular office chair cause irritations in the user’s bodies. 

Buying decorative office chairs is not the best decision. For one they don’t help the worker in the office. The decorative chair may be lacking in some features that would make a worker produces. On top of all that chemical that is probably added to the chairs can cause more health issues for the worker to handle. And it is very distracting. 

It costs less

This is the best part about buying an eco-friendly chair. One may not be a fan of eco-friendly products but everybody is a fan of saving money. And there is no better way than to seek eco-furniture like the office chair. Corporate businesses with office buildings would need office chairs but not all them could afford it. Like the growing ones.

So the best solution to that is to buy eco-chairs. These chairs are of low cost mainly because their parts are extremely recyclable depending on the design. A user could replace a damaged part by going to a home decor store and buy the part easily.

Gone are the days when green furniture was seen has unstylish and boring. But due to the new trend of going green, co-chairs are a new style. Even rich users will prefer this. They get to save money and joy the chairs both atheistically and health wise. 

The manufacturing process is harmless

With eco-friendly chairs one can be sure during the process of making, it didn’t lead to harm to the environment. The user will be fault free having learned this from the manufacturers. Some may say “it is impossible to manufacture furniture like that without hurting the environment”. This statement is agreeable.

For instance, there are some eco office chairs made with wood or other materials that need taking advantage of the environment. But this will be in a controlled manner since the resources are gotten from a government certified harvesting zone. The zone could be where trees are cut down. In these zones, as a tree is cut down at least one is planted that exact same day, leaving the trees outside the zone from being used up.

It is both recyclable and easily disassembled

A good eco-office chair should be recyclable, easy to disassemble and repair. They should be like famous office product manufacturers such as, Steelcase and Herman Miller. These manufacturers are known to make products that can be taken apart easily and recyclable.

This is of a big advantage to the user, since he/she can make replacements and repairs to improve its lifespan.  These products are the best to all those chairs that are inseparable. Such furniture can’t be repaired, if a repair was possible it would still to damage.

It is durable and repairable

This aspect happens to be the most overlooked since it already has the eco-label on the furniture. People then realizes the outcome in the long run which is, it is possible for even eco-furniture to waste away. Some may even need much more energy and reprocessing to before they are used again.

Eco Furniture may not be able to return to its former atheistic look and this discourages the users from fixing it again. They would rather buy another, saving them worries.

They have a sleek and vintage look

Manufacturers of eco office chairs tend to make their products appear sleek and classy. The reason is mainly to increase sales of the products. With the new trend of go green, their chairs add class to the homes or offices of those that choose to go Eco-friendly.

The best part about sleek and classy looking eco chairs is its possibility of being resold again. The value could even be increased, usually in the case of an auction.

Eco-friendly office chairs recommended for you

Autonomous Avo chair 2 - $199

Autonomous Avo chair 2 - $199

In summary, this chair is sleek and functional. The design is inspired by nature herself with every part of the chair being recyclable and can be disassembled. The supports a weight of up to 250lbs.

There are several kinds of supports like armrest depth, seat height, and back support. With all these, the user can meet the greatest comfort. The chair’s best feature is its look. Very sleek and modern it can and will go well with the office just right.   

Petit computer chair with memory foam - $321

Petit computer chair with memory foam - $321

This chair is manufactured to have functions which will enable the user to sit comfortably for every hour of his/her work day. With the help of the memory foam sitting for long hours is possible. The chair is small and still, it is able to provide full sized back support which will help the user in preventing ailments on his/her back.    

The chair possesses seven adjustments in total. They include lumbar support, seat tension, tilt lock, synchro-tilt, arm width, arm height, and seat tension.  On top of all these adjustments, there is memory foam to increase the comfort of a user. Also to that, there is an extra cushion on the backrest and the headrest which will offer the user more greatest comfort.

The chair has PVC-free polyurethane upholstery which makes the chair very easy to clean. This product is BIFMA rated. It has been guaranteed certification to support the user’s better indoor air quality of offices, schools, and home.

Euro-tech fabric heavy duty 24 hours Ergonomic chair - $314

This chair goes well with its name, it offers 24 hours support. And it is with the help of its eight adjustment which allows the users to have maximum control the kind of comfort they would need.

They include seat height, seat angle, armrest height, tilt tension control, back angle, arm width, back height, and tilt lock.

 The backrest possesses a plastic outer shell that prevents everyday wear and tear.  There are more comfort and support with the extra thick 5” seat and 4” thick backrest. The chair is able to support a maximum of 250lbs.

The product is certified by Greenguards. It means the product meets the indoor air quality standards. The testing by this non-profit organization is based on strict chemical emissions criteria.  The organization provides third-party assurance after the product is well tested. it is usually for the potential of a harmful chemical emission.

Ergo human Mesh high back ergonomic chair - $619

Ergo human Mesh high back ergonomic chair - $619

This is designed to keep the users comfortable all day long. It is best for workers who stay long hours in the office working. This office chair has exclusive flex zones that ensure the user enjoys constant lumber and back support. Along with those special features, the chair also possesses wide ranges of ergonomic adjustment. They allow any to be comfortable according to their fit.

The adjustments include seat depth, seat height, back height, arm height, synchro-tilt, tilt lock, and back angle.

The chair is guaranteed by Greenguard which means it supports indoor air quality in places like offices and homes.

 There are excesses of Eco-chairs in the market and few of them are certified for use. When buying an eco-friendly office chair or furniture, in general, be sure to check for its certification and rating.

Best eco-friendly certification and rating for office furniture (chairs)

Best eco-friendly certification and rating for office furniture (chairs)

The office furniture industry is to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products. So to prove that the product is sustainable and eco-friendly, they will go through some tests to know if they meet the required standards. And of course, the companies that produce the products can’t be the ones to prove their quality. That is not how it works in the industry.

So the ones to do the task are an organization which is usually non-profit and independent. They test out the products to see if it meets the standards and give third-party evaluation process. The testing could be about chemical emissions and other things that might endanger the user’s health.

Here are the best eco-friendly certification and ratings for office furniture:

1. BIFMA’s level

Business and institutional furniture manufacturers association are the creators of this certification. They are a non-profit organization. Their aim is to improve the standards of the eco-furniture producing industry.

The aim of the standards is to promote better health of the user and cleaner environment. The levels of certification have a range from 1-3. The logo of the level and the organization will be put on the product.


The acrimony stands for leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a part of USGBC. The organization main function is to address all levels of the design and construction process. For both residential and commercial buildings.  Furniture building can still work with LEED to earn their Green certification.  There four levels of LEED ratings a company can get: certified, silver, gold, and platinum.

3. SCS

It is known as scientific certifications systems. They partner with government agencies and companies. Their aim is to support developing more eco-friendly policies practices.  They can act as a third-party evaluation service.

They make use of their latest science-based auditing and they test for evaluation of the sustainability.

4. Greenguard          

 This is part of the underwater laboratories environmental division. Their aim is to improve standards of the manufacturers to ensure the consumers better quality. They identify and certify mainly products that have low chemical emissions.

5. MAS Certified Green

MAS is known as Material analytic Service. This organization deals with testing of plastic and the possibility of harmful compounds. Which could be harmful to the user’s health.

They work with businesses to provide emission testing and green certification for eco-products. The organization MAS enters the green market with the purpose of reducing the unhealthy impact of the product. On both the people and the environment. 

6. Cradle to cradle

This organization was founded in 2010. Their aim is to educate both the consumers and manufacturers. Along with an effort to improve the safety and sustainability standards.  Also, they also provide companies services if their products meet their standards. If it does the product then get labeled by the organization.

During the process of testing, the organization looks for the health effects of the material used in the construction of the product. Along with that, they check if the product is recyclable.


The use of eco-office chairs in the workplaces is a new trend now. Most businesses and individuals wish to go green because it is helpful for people in many ways. As said earlier on the post the ways include his/her income, health, style and so on.

Later along the post, there are recommend eco-friendly office chairs you can choose from. Each of them has a summary of their best features. And finally, you are given information on the best certification and rating services that ensure your products are safe. Make sure to seek any of their stickers on the product. has the best office products you would desire. They are all quality and improve your productive in the office. To get updates and blogs about our products and more blogs like this please leave an email in the box below.

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