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Effects of Overworking on Remote Employees and Solutions
Work Wellness

Effects of Overworking on Remote Employees and Solutions

|Sep 25, 2021

Even though tons of studies prove how work gives positive results and an upsurge in productivity, there are many challenges encountered on the way too. For example, work from home is considered a flexible change for employees who previously had to commute for hours to work and work on a fixed time, but there is also the effect of overworking, which we seldom ignore.

Work from home not only resulted in improved mental health in employees but also put a huge compromise on work-life balance for many employees. Unfortunately, because employees were considered on a 'vacation,' some organizations tend to overwork employees until they feel emotional and physical burnout.

It is also true that overworking effects on health are observed during the pandemic, and many employees, even being at home, requested stress leave from work. Thankfully, some employers do realize the consequences of overworking employees. Hence they tend to keep safe and productive work from the schedule. The benefits of work-life balance also made it important for organizations to take serious steps to feel valued and perform whole-heartedly.

This article will cover some overworking effects on mental health and propose effective solutions for remote employees who experience work burnout during the pandemic.

Effects of Overworking on Health

Effects of Overworking on Health

There is not a single area of your life that is unaffected by overworking. Overworking ruins your schedule, affects your mood, impacts your family, and wholly plays a negative role in your life. While one could consider themselves having family time just because they work from home, the truth couldn't be farther from that. So, here are some effects of overworking to investigate whether you are leading yourself towards work burnout.



While you are working for hours, you tend to ignore a healthy diet and nutritional practices. This may also reduce your time to prepare meals; hence you tend to snack uncontrollably. As stress is also associated with unhealthy eating, long work hours also lead to various issues like being overweight and becoming obese.


It is an obvious effect of overworking. While this might ring some surprise but depression is resultant from long hours of work. However, it doesn't seem too direct of a relation, many factors that result from overworking lead to depression. If you overwork, you feel no time for yourself or the family members. Eating habits are also compromised, and you almost end your social life. This brings and gives rise to isolation causing distress and depression at work.


Diabetes is one of the diseases that has been linked to extended work hours. It's linked to the daily deterioration in diet and long work hours, and extended work hours might lead to workers changing their dietary habits. However, several studies have revealed that diabetes mellitus and working hours have a detrimental association.



People who work till they are done mentally and physically tend to exhibit abnormal health behaviors. For example, you might observe someone starting smoking vigorously or maybe drinking endlessly. Some people develop unhealthy eating habits and tend to go for sugar overdose. Others get too addicted to caffeine.

Mistakes in Work

As your brain is overworked, you cannot perform to your maximum workability. This effect of overworking also results in difficulty performing basic easy tasks or having a hard time completing tiny things. This may lead to increased errors and issues in your work as well.

Posture Issues

Posture Issues

If you are working for long hours, it is basic to realize you are stuck to that chair for hours. While you don't realize the buildup of muscle tension while sitting in the same position for hours soon, issues like back pain and neck cramps can be a part of your routine. And consequently, many people develop poor posture and have recurring body pains.

How to Deal with Effects of Overworking

If you are feeling overwhelmed with work lately and feel like it is taking over your life in many ways, you must address the effects of overworking by finding effective solutions. Here are a few ways to deal with overworking efficiently.

Switch the Positions

One of the leading causes of depression and stress in the workplace is physical fatigue. Physical fatigue gives rise to many troubles and causes the employees to lose efficiency. Therefore, it is important to switch between sit and stand positions and to get up from your chair once in a while. You could also buy a standing desk to alternate between sit-stand positions and work effectively.



The worst thing about mental health is that it doesn't show too soon. The employer should encourage their employees to be open about their mental health and wellness. If they are feeling burnout, they must be comfortable enough to communicate it openly. Organizations can also carry out stress level tests to evaluate the mental situation of each employee.


While you are not getting the free slot to hit the gym lately, who says you cannot do the bare minimum. With accessories like under desk elliptical or other basic standing desk exercises, you can burn some calories. Or buy a flow board if you need a little movement in the lower body.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

It is normal to feel hungry, and you must not deprive yourself of eating while working. This could result in hypoglycemia or dehydration. But to switch your snacks to healthy ones could be the real game-changer. For example, rather than just consuming chocolates, chips, or cakes, you could opt for healthy snack options such as nuts or salads.

Positive Environment

While long work hours result in overworking, sometimes your work environment is just too stressful. Take a look around and learn about the ways you can improve the work. Make sure to get comfortable furniture, have nice calming paint on the wall, and a tiny plant or two can do the job for a productive effect.

Ask for Help

Ask for Help

This doesn't have to be the last resort since asking for help doesn't make you weak; rather, it makes you mindful. When you're overworked, it's usually because you're feeling overwhelmed by your everyday responsibilities. So take a pause, step back, say no to more requests, and establish a strategy to prioritize, delegate, and single-task your way to breathing room instead of just ignoring that part of your brain telling you there's already too much on your plate.

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