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Employee Benefit Survey: Questions You Should Ask
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Employee Benefit Survey: Questions You Should Ask

|Nov 30, 2023

Employee benefits surveys are in the form of questionnaires that help identify the satisfaction and comfort level of employees in the organization. Modern workplaces that pay close attention to improved comfort and wellness of employees in the workplace take the employee benefit satisfaction survey seriously. There are multiple benefits of an employee benefit questionnaire that extend to both the employees and employers.

From learning about the satisfaction level regarding work to taking relevant feedback related to the office environment, many organizations take surveys before bringing a change in the workplace. For example, suppose you are planning a refurbishment with wholesale office furniture, switching to a new working model, or even replacing the office desks or ergonomic chairs. In that case, the employee benefit questions will help you bring the whole team on board more efficiently.

Importance of Employee Benefit Survey

To put it clearly, organizations provide certain benefits to their employees, and an employee benefits survey aims to determine employees' satisfaction levels through multiple questionnaires. This has benefits for employers and employees. Employers get to know what benefits are most desired and needed by employees, whereas employees can put out their word to speak about their needs.

As proven by many statistics, organizations who keep close regard for their employee's wellness and preference in the workplace have a better chance of improving their work environment and retaining talented employees. Besides that, there are a few other benefits of the employee benefits survey.

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Cost-Effective Feedback

Employee surveys are a good way to get effective employee feedback. The most cost-effective option for conducting these surveys is to conduct them online via email.

After an NDA is signed, this is accomplished through a simple list exchange of employee email contacts. As a result, employee surveys have some of the highest response rates out of all the forms of market research surveys.

Opportunities to Improve

The management team might use survey results to set up follow-up meetings and conversations with teams. Although not as private as online research, it serves as a follow-up action item for taking the data to the next level. This can help organizations take preventive and corrective measures if either of their policies isn't working for the benefit of the employee or employer.

Opportunities to Improve

Cost Saved

If an organization provides a benefit to the employee who falls below the priority list, such surveys can identify those benefits. As a result, organizations can take off the least important benefit and save their costs. They can also invest in things that matter more, which will instill a sense of understanding in the employees; hence they will feel more valued and understood.

Comparison with Other Firms

It is hard to find out how your organization is performing in the market with competition in today's world. This is a clear advantage of employee surveys, but it is also critical. By comparing your satisfaction levels to those of other similar businesses, you'll be able to see how you stack up.

You can purchase other employee benefit survey data for similar organizations in your industry from your market research vendor, to evaluate how your company compares. It's also a wonderful metric to compare year to year to evaluate what's changed and what hasn't.

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Identify the Key Improvement Factors

This critical benefit examines the main areas and characteristics that are crucial to employees and the ones with which they are dissatisfied.

For your management and human resources teams, high relevance and low satisfaction areas become priority action items. It assures that you'll be spending your time on the issues that employees care about the most after the survey. Hence nurturing a positive attitude and culture in the organization.

Identify the Key Improvement Factors

Identifying the Stressors

Your organization could have various stressors which could be impacting the efficiency of employees. Stressors in the workplace serve as a bottleneck, and soon employees lose motivation to work. It could be something as simple as poor lighting or the unavailability of a proper chair. With employee recognition surveys, such things become transparent.

What to Include in Employee Benefit Survey

There are hundreds of employee benefit survey samples available online, but it is also true that no size fits all. The type of employee benefits survey that will fit your organization depends on the type and workplace setting. However, some key areas of interest and ways fit the same for each employee benefits survey program.

Consider the primary themes you want to cover when designing your survey. Here are ten key items to consider when you plan your employee benefit survey.

  • Culture and infrastructure in the workplace
  • Advantages to your health
  • Transport
  • Sick days and pay are two things that come to mind when it comes to sick days.
  • Paid paternity and maternity leaves are available.
  • Plans for retirement
  • Insurance for people with disabilities
  • Health and well-being
  • Work-life balance is important.
  • Benefits are accessible and well-understood.

What to Include in Employee Benefit Survey

It is also important that you carry out these surveys in a systematic manner. This will help you classify the results and rule out the lacking departmentally or even categorize a certain age group with varying needs. Using employee recognition words and other practices can also motivate employees to step forward and communicate their concerns.

Other than that, many great organizations also have employee purchase programs that allow employees even working from home, take the benefits of remote working, and the perks of being a part of said organization. Employee purchase programs are one of the greatest ways to value the talent and make employees feel more valued.

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Employee Survey Sample Questions

You might be wondering how to create the right questionnaire with the proper set of employee benefits questions. Here are a few questions you can ask your employees to get a bigger picture.

  • How happy are you with the benefits provided by your company?
  • What level of satisfaction do you have with your company's vacation policy?
  • How happy are you with the food allowances and allocations at your workplace?
  • Are you happy with the growth and future you see with this company?
  • Are you satisfied with the leadership type/level you get from your superiors?
  • How pleased are you with the amount of time allotted for breaks in your workplace?
  • How pleased are you with the training/skill development program at your company?

Employee Survey Sample Questions

Sum Up

In conclusion, conducting an employee benefit survey is a powerful tool for understanding the needs and preferences of your workforce. By asking the right questions, companies can gather valuable insights that enable them to tailor their benefit offerings effectively. This personalized approach not only boosts employee satisfaction but also enhances retention and recruitment efforts.

Regularly conducting benefit surveys demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and creates a positive work environment where employees feel heard and valued. In the ever-changing landscape of employee expectations, leveraging the data from these surveys can help organizations stay competitive and attract top talent.

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