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Ergonomic Tips for Designers to Boost Creative Thinking Skills

Ergonomic Tips for Designers to Boost Creative Thinking Skills

|Oct 12, 2020

Generally, the best ergonomic tips have to be thought of outside the box. Creative thinking skills are paramount to business, yet what can be instrumental in growing it? Creative designers often ponder on broadening their horizons, so it is crucial to develop a workspace at home that boosts one's creativity. Unfortunately, some events can limit a person's potential for growth, as an artist's block can outright prevent a person's imagination from shining. Hence, some ergonomic tips are required to overcome such conditions and improve oneself in an optimal environment.

What is Creative Thinking?

Creative thinking skills are a broad topic to cover, but in essence, creative thinking is a methodology of how a person can approach complex problems with creative intuition. For example, the adage of "thinking outside the box" is a remarkable display of creative thinking. Likewise, a person can try to apply an idea like that to try thinking creatively.

Think Outside of the box

There are alternative philosophies related to creative thinking skills, so a creative mind should try and find out more about each one. Ideologies may vary, but the equipment does not.

Necessary Equipment For Success

Like a painter needs a brush, a creative designer needs a desk. A ton of work is done digitally these days, so an artist needs to have a reliable desk, chair, computer, and other necessary equipment to get the job done. A wobbly desk is unreliable, and an uncomfortable chair can stress a person out, thus ruining their creative projects. In these scenarios, it is vital to upgrade to equipment that can suit a creative mind and positively enhance their creative thinking skills.

Equipment for success

One desk worth checking out is the SmartDesk 4, a revolutionary state-of-the-art desk by Autonomous.Ai. Its usefulness extends past just creative design. It is a desk designed to promote focus and even includes some built-in features to remind people to get back to work. Inspired by Pomodoro, SmartDesk 4 has a mechanism in which reminds people in set intervals to get back to work. It is a simple yet effective tool that helps promote productivity. If a person wishes to turn it off, they have to think about why they need to turn it off consciously.

More on the SmartDesk 4

The SmartDesk 4 can be utilized as a standing desk, which has numerous health benefits associated with it. As a standing desk, the SmartDesk 4 can help promote a more active lifestyle. Standing promotes a more natural blood flow, which can be critical in designing an advertisement or marketing campaign. As long as the body is a natural state and the person feels in absolute control over their position, then they can work more productively.

More on the SmartDessk 4

Of course, not all standing desks are viable. What makes the SmartDesk 4 stand out from its competition is its ergonomic design. Either by raising or lowering the level, a person can easily adjust the SmartDesk 4 to their heart's content. Another benefit to the SmartDesk 4 over other standing desks is that an app is included for its owner's convenience. This app can do a few things, but its main benefit is that it can record data for a person's progress over time. In turn, this facet can help promote productivity if a person looks at the logs and sees what helps or doesn't help improve their creative thinking skills.

Examples of creative thinking can easily be tied into the SmartDesk 4's design. Between its sleek and modernist aesthetic lies a technologically-enhanced desk designed to improve a person's productivity in several categories. By limiting inconvenience and reducing stress, a person can become more inclined to innovative thinking examples. These innovative thinking examples should eventually lead to a magnificent project, as a person should be able to work at their maximum efficiency upon using the SmartDesk 4.

Other Equipment

As beautiful as the SmartDesk 4 is, it is not the only tool capable of enhancing creative thinking skills. Although it can operate as a standing desk, the SmartDesk 4 can also act as a regular desk. All of the compatible features inside of it, such as an adjustable height, can be used with an ergonomic chair. A person doesn't need to stand all day to get work done and instead opt to mix and match their activities on a computer with a chair.

The most complimentary seat to the SmartDesk 4 is the ErgoChair 2. Its simple yet functional design promotes productivity. Extra efficiency can lead to more inspired work, which can lead to a creative designer's best work yet. The ErgoChair is designed with comfort in mind, so a person doesn't have to feel as much back pain when using it. Less stress enhances creative thinking skills.

Advice Related to Designers Without Equipment

Naturally, a person's best work isn't limited just to what they own. While the above equipment can significantly bolster a person's work, they cannot fix a person's mind by itself. Instead, one ergonomic tip that may help the most creatively frustrated designers is to contemplate how they work best.

Advice related to designers

Some people's creative thinking skills are enhanced in the presence of instrumental music, such as lofi or outrun music. Other people prefer peace, with their mind working without distractions. Outside of sound-related advice is timing. A person needs to adapt their work schedule into their personal life. For instance, it is unwise to plan to design something during a time a person is expected to be picked up.

Quick Summary

Creative designers already have a lot on their minds. Between managing a personal life and trying to work at home without distractions, plenty of designers seek alternative ways to improve productivity and creativity. If there is one thing to get out of this article, it's that a person's equipment can heavily influence their work.

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