Ergonomic Tips for Monitor Setup: A – Z Guide
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Ergonomic Tips for Monitor Setup: A – Z Guide

|Apr 27, 2022

Every office worker wishes to have an ergonomic monitor setup; nevertheless, only a limited number of them adopt it. The reason behind that is the lack of knowledge regarding this ergonomic setup. Most of them are not aware of the apt tips for monitor height adjustment and other changes that they should make to work in a healthy environment.

The ergonomics of your desk space include the ergonomic alignment of your monitor as well. Getting an ergonomic monitor position becomes easier if you know the right tips to do so. Those office workers who are well-versed always set up a better workspace where every peripheral is well organized.

Since we are talking about the best tips you can use to know the ergonomic monitor height, we will be focusing on the placement of your monitor. Having an ergonomic setup makes your life much easier and ensures that you stay content in your workspace.

Some of you might wonder what an ergonomic setup would be. So, for them, the ergonomic setup is the one where you work stress-freely and have a better posture that leads to better physical and mental health. The biggest positive outcome of an ergonomic office setup is the boost in your productivity.

Aligning your monitor the right way will help you do the same. That’s why we have shared every single tip that will let you attain it and experience improved health and productivity in your workspace. So, let’s skim through them to learn more! 

Invest in an Ergonomic Standing Desk

Invest in an Ergonomic Standing Desk

The foremost thing that you should do is get yourself a professional standing desk. The reason behind choosing the SmartDesk is the ergonomic nature of the standing desks. A standing desk has a height adjustment feature that lets you adjust your desk's height in a way that lets you attain the ergonomic monitor height.

The professional desk, however, is a desk with a single tabletop, so it might not be spacious enough if you have dual monitors. So, people who have more than one monitor screen should go for an L-shaped desk

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair in ergonomic monitor setup

It is vital to know that it is not just the professional standing desk that you need because an ergonomic chair is equally important. An ergonomic chair helps you make postural corrections and have a neutral posture at work. The same goes for a reclining chair. If you see them with regard to an ergonomic setup for your monitor, they play a critical role.

The reason behind that is the head, back, and lumbar support that is fully adjustable in these chairs. The ease of adjustments helps you adjust your seat in a way that offers you a comfortable work experience. The desk and chair part makes up for the basic portion of your ergonomic monitor setup. Next comes the useful tip on the height of your monitor! 

Adjust Your Monitor’s Height Ergonomically

Adjust Your Monitor’s Height Ergonomically

The height adjustment of your monitor plays a key role when you are required to set up an ergonomic workspace. So, its height should be such that the screen is in line with your line of sight. It is better to have your monitor directly in front of you instead of having it placed in a tilted manner. The height of your monitor should be such that your neck is straight while you view the screen.

To attain that, it will be helpful if you place your monitor at such a height that your eyes are directly in line with the center of the screen. However, if you wear bifocals or progressive lenses, you should adjust the monitor’s height in a way that the screen is below your eye’s height.

Doing so will help you maintain a natural posture and ensure you do not experience any strain on your neck and have better visibility. 

Use a Monitor Arm Mount

A monitor arm mount helps you attain the ergonomic monitor position. Adjusting the monitor’s height otherwise would have been a tough task to do. The monitor arm lets you attach your monitor to its mount and make the changes in the monitor’s height pretty easy.

Nowadays, you can even find dual monitor arms and triple monitor arms. So, adjusting the monitor’s height has become easier with such innovation. You can use them to avail the ergonomic monitor setup that you desire to attain. 

Place Your Monitor at a Distance

Place Your Monitor at a Distance

It is better to have some distance between your eyes and your monitor’s screen. The benefit of doing so is that it helps you avoid any possible optical strain. In addition, it ensures you do not experience any neck strain. The ideal monitor distance from the eyes is approximately your arm's length. So, you should place your monitor's screen at arm's length to have a natural posture and avoid any strain. 

Avoid Making Your Monitor Screen Face any Direct Light Source

Having an entrance for natural light in your workspace is good, but a direct interaction of your screen with a  light source is bad. A common mistake that office workers often make is that they place their monitor screens facing the window.

Doing that imparts unwanted glare on your screen and makes it difficult for them to work and focus on their tasks. That’s why it is better to place your monitor beside a window instead of placing it right in front of one. 

Don’t Look at the Monitor’s Screen for Too Long

Once you have considered the tips that we mentioned above, you have attained a desirable ergonomic monitor setup. Nevertheless, things don’t end here as you have to time yourself to get the most out of this ergonomic monitor setup. Spending a lot of time sitting in front of your monitor and working on tasks is bad for your overall posture, productivity, and health.

Therefore, it is better to ensure you look away from your screen every twenty minutes. This will help you focus on your work better and let you have a better time at work. It will also limit the chances of you encountering any optical strain. So, we hope that you will use these tips effectively and implement them at work to get the most out of your work hours.

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