Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Benefits and How to Use Them Properly
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Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Benefits and How to Use Them Properly

|Oct 5, 2022

If we were to list down the long-term impacts of your workstation on your health, you would be astonished. Our work desks and chairs are seen merely as a place where we can sit and meet daily challenges, but the truth is it is much more. Your workstation defines your productivity, energy level to work, and also the quality of work you produce. In the longer run, it affects your mental and physical health and hence plays a huge role in shaping your personality and impacting your life.

That being said, it is important to give sheer importance to the work setup if you want to improve your quality of life and become better at work. While with workplace ergonomics, there are many tiny, too big changes that work to deliver a better experience, an ergonomic vertical mouse is something you might be hearing for the first time.

An ergonomic vertical gaming mouse is making all rounds of praise and popularity on the internet, and it is safe to say this type of mouse can be considered the future of workplaces and gaming setups. But what exactly is an ergonomic vertical computer mouse, and how is it the best computer accessory? In this article, you will find all the benefits of vertical mouse and the right way to use them in your daily work/gaming routine.

What is a Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse?

What is a Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse?

Before we hop on the question of what is a vertical mouse better, one should know what exactly is a vertical mouse. A vertical mouse is an upright computer mouse with 90-degree-rotated buttons and a scroll wheel. Although it performs the same activities as a regular computer mouse, it significantly enhances how your body responds to extended scrolling. This, in turn, helps with the many wrist injuries in the workplace, which result from long work hours and improper safety measures when using a mouse.

Your wrist may raise if you use a flat mouse while placing your hand over it. However, a vertical mouse allows your hand to rest on it with your thumb up, which is safer and more productive. A vertical mouse often contains scroll buttons and left, right, and up and down buttons.

Benefits of a Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

As far as vertical mouse advantages are concerned, there are several reasons these types of mice are counted as a highly useful part of workstations. Though many ergonomic mice have the option of ergonomic wrist rest, a vertical mouse is one step ahead with many easy benefits and eliminates the need for a separate ergonomic accessory when using the mouse. Below are some reasons to consider using a vertical mouse in a workplace.

No Pain

No Pain

Not minimized but removed from the root, a vertical mouse eliminates the pain; hence you don't feel any strain or stress while working. This is because, with a vertical mouse, there is no need to move your hand or arm constantly. This lack of movement eliminates the stress generated in the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Minimum movements mean minimum strain hence no injury.

Looks Great

We know this might not be the 'it' reason for some people to buy a product, but when upgrading your work or gaming desk, it is likely to fall for aesthetics too or even desire to have some in your work setup. A vertical mouse skillfully ticks the boxes of aesthetics combined with functionality. It looks stylish and has an impressive design and a compact shape, all appealing aspects of a design.


Ergonomic vertical mouse

Not only physically, with the easy hand placement and minimized movement, but a vertical mouse is also ergonomic in other ways. For instance, you get options like Bluetooth vertical ergonomic mouse and wireless vertical ergonomic mouse, which offer connectivity and wireless operations. When using it, your work experience becomes better and quicker.


And just because the vertical ergonomic mouse is modern doesn't mean it has forgotten conventional work modes. A vertical mouse can also be ergonomic but fully follow the basic (comfortable) working modes. If some people still prefer a wired mouse for their computer setup, you can get those options too. For instance, the USB wired vertical ergonomic mouse and the USB wired vertical ergonomic break mouse have all the ergonomic features but are designed to have smoother operation and wired connections.

Excellent For Extended Work Sessions

Long-term computer use can place tremendous stress and strain on the body, especially if your job requires a lot of mouse use. You may work for longer lengths of time and lessen the strain with the reduced need for mobility, which ultimately leads to a more productive day.

Improves Productivity

Using a vertical mouse can speed up your job. It needs less wrist and hand movement than a flat mouse, and since you can click and scroll more easily, it also makes it simpler to sit at your computer for extended periods without getting tired.

How to Use an Ergonomic Vertical Mouse?

How to Use an Ergonomic Vertical Mouse?

Holding a vertical mouse is designed for the natural placement of the hand and maximized comfort, but at first, the use might seem tough and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to ease into using an ergonomic vertical mouse.

  • Make sure your thumb is relaxed on the mouse and the other fingers.
  • Your pinky finger and hand should support the weight of your entire hand.
  • The sensitive underside of your wrist shouldn't be subjected to much pressure or even contact.

Method 1

One way to use a vertical mouse is to rest the entire forearm on the desk and pivot from the elbow to control the mouse. This position prevents wrist movement, so there is no constant stress on the wrist joint, which is the most compromised joint for office workers. This placement also protects the median nerve but might compromise the movement efficiency for some people.

Method 2

Although some people would still prefer the old school method of using a mouse where the wrist pivots the mouse, and the elbow and the rest of the arm stay still. This might seem the same as using an ordinary mouse, but the vertical design reduces the strain on the elbow and shoulder hence preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. However, this placement might not protect the median nerve, and people with wrist injuries should dodge this mode of working with a vertical mouse.

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