Efficiency and Ergonomics: Exploring The Dual Desktop Monitor Mount
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Efficiency and Ergonomics: Exploring The Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

|Jul 13, 2023

Dual desktop monitor mounts or arms allow you to attach multiple screens on your corner desk together for a wider and more immersive view. Multi-tasking gets much easier when you don't have to move your neck to different screens at once.

In this article, we will list the benefits of using dual monitor swing arm mounts, the best desktop table dual monitor mounts in the market, and how you can set them all up at your home.

Benefits of Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

Increased Screen Real Estate

The first and most obvious benefit of a dual desktop monitor mount is that it allows you to view more content at a time. The wider view is most beneficial while streaming content on YouTube and other platforms. Most streamers use one screen to stream content and another to check the comments.

Another great benefit of using dual monitor swing arm desk mounts is that you can easily fit more screens in compact spaces. These arms are super flexible, which makes it possible for two screens to even combine and make a single large screen connected to the same pc or console.

Enhanced Productivity

According to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), multiple screens at the time of work can help increase productivity by 42%. The study was done with the help of a survey with data from more than 1000 people. Having multiple applications in front at a time saves a lot of time switching between the apps. It also helps compare data with ease and efficiency. The organization of work makes the tasks much less hectic, thus increasing overall productivity at the end.

Enhanced Productivity

Gaming Advantage

The extra screen for more output also helps gamers as they get a better viewing angle for competitive games. Moreover, it also helps gamers to switch between programs without quitting the match. If you want to use dual monitors as a single screen for better immersion, make sure to select monitors with bezels as thin as possible. It would allow you to get a more accurate view of the game.

For large open-world games, it gets quite difficult to continuously check the map and follow checkpoints. When you have two monitors on your desk, you can check the map easily without going back to the menu. One thing you need to make sure for a flawless gaming experience is getting a good graphics card. Display on two screens from a single output requires more GPU (graphics per unit) power than usual.

Gaming Advantage

Choosing the Right Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

Consideration for Mount Types

The durability and flexibility of a mount is the first thing that you need to consider before buying one from the market. The brand name also plays a vital role in selecting the right dual desktop monitor mount for your gaming room.

Consideration for Mount Types

Compatibility with Monitors

Before buying a dual monitor stand for your gaming setup, make sure you check the compatibility of your screen with the stand. Most monitor screens are equipped with a hole pattern at the back of the screen that allows you to attach the mount through screws. However, one more thing that you need to consider is the amount of weight your mount can handle. The weight specification is mentioned in the description of every desk monitor mount.

In the current market, almost all modern monitors can be mounted, as all of them are VESA (The Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant.

Cable Management and Ergonomics

Dual monitor mounts also come with the cable management system. All the cables can be hidden through long plastic pieces that blend in with the stand, keeping the cable inside. However, not every mount comes with this feature, so make sure you pick the right one.

Another important thing to keep in mind before picking a monitor stand is its durability and flexibility. The flexible arms allow you to keep the monitors as close as possible, improving the overall experience. 

Cable Management and Ergonomics

Setting Up Your Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

Once you have picked up the right mount for your dual desktop monitor setup, prepare yourself to set it up the right way. Here are a few steps to set up your desktop mount.

Attach the Mount Stand

The first step is to attach the mount stand at the back of your desk. The stand comes with a round-shaped bottom that can be fixed at the surface of the desk through four different screws at the bottom.

Attach the Arms

Once the stand is fixed, the two arms can be fixed on the stand with the help of another few screws. At the palm of each arm, there is a gripper that needs to be attached to hold the monitors.

Attach the Gripper to the Back of Your Monitor

A gripper that holds the monitors through the dual arms needs to be attached to the back of your monitors. You will notice 4 different holes at the back of your screen where you need to put the gripper.

Setting Up Your Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

Maximizing the Potential of Your Dual Monitor Setup

To maximize the potential of your dual monitor setup, always choose a VESA-compliant monitor. Apple monitors or curve screens are not VESA compliant, so the only option you are left with while using such monitors is to buy first-party stands.

Moreover, follow the below-mentioned tips to get the best out of your dual monitors.

  • Line up the displays
  • Match the monitors
  • Choose super wide wallpapers
  • Get the best desk accessories
  • Get custom desk mats.
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