EY Employee Discount Program by Autonomous
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EY Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jun 20, 2022

The way we work is constantly changing, and since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we have seen an enormous shift from in-person attendance to remote work. Most people now have the opportunity of working at home either full-time or during selected days of the week. Many companies have started offering benefits to employees that work remotely, including EY. You can now find an employee purchase program among the new EY employee benefits.

The employee purchase program available at Autonomous offers perks to both employers and employees. It has been designed to provide both parties with an opportunity to improve their work conditions at special prices.

The EY employee purchase program is now available, allowing you to have access to different perks, covering the needs of in-person attendees and remote workers. We’ll explore the different perks of this program and what you can expect and get from it in the long run.

EY Employee Purchase Program

What is the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program?

The Autonomous Employee Purchase Program can be described as an “incentive” for workers, as it provides them with access to certain goods and services at affordable prices. This program allows workers to access certain products via an interest-free payroll deduction system. This benefit is provided by the employer.

Employee purchase programs tend to vary from one company to another, as most of them offer different benefits. The employer regulates them using their own policies.

What is the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program?

What Does Autonomous Offer for EY Employee Benefits?

So, this employee purchase program seems to be quite attractive. What else does it have to offer?

Firstly, Autonomous is a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of ergonomic furniture. Therefore, you can expect this program to offer office equipment and accessories. One of the main purposes of this employee purchase program is to help workers build comfortable spaces accustomed to what they need throughout their work day.

This EY employee benefits program, in particular, offers EY employee discounts, allowing you to obtain special discounts on determined office equipment items, such as the ones listed below.

1.  Standing desks

Standing desks

Many people have started to drop their regular desks and started using standing desks instead. These desks allow you to switch from sitting to standing in the blink of an eye, allowing you to prevent back pain, strain, and other physical complaints related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Autonomous offers office standing desks of different sizes, allowing employers and employees to obtain what they need for their spaces. Standing desks have been associated with physique improvements, improved productivity, and a better mood, overall.

2.  Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs

No office is complete without a good ergonomic chair. The chair you use must have the necessary adjustments for your body to be 100% comfortable while you're sitting. Otherwise, you may feel back pain and similar physical complaints after sitting for a while.

You may also find a reclining ergonomic chair that allows you to sit back and relax for a while during your breaks. Many times, office chairs also include other accessories, such as footrests or headrests. Each of these extra additions allows you to feel more comfortable while you're working or during your breaks.

Ergonomic chairs can help you improve your productivity, comfort, and ease of mind in the long run.

3.  Office accessories

Office accessories

Of course, there are tons of other things that compose an office besides desks and office chairs. The EY employee purchase program allows you to have access to different office accessories, such as desk lamps, ergonomic keyboards, and mouses, that can help you build a more ergonomic workplace where you can take care of your responsibilities with ease.

You will be able to build a comfortable workstation where you can work for prolonged periods without feeling too exhausted by the end of the workday.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

The EY employee purchase program allows you access to different types of ergonomic office furniture at special pricing. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by including ergonomic furniture in your office:

  • Reduced pain: Ergonomic furniture supports your body and contributes to your good posture. Since your body will be fully-supported, it'll be less likely for you to hunch over or adopt a bad posture that could contribute to stiffness or pain throughout the day.
  • More productivity: Since your body will be more comfortable and supported, it will be easier for you to focus on your daily tasks, as there will be no pain present to distract you from what you’re doing. Ergonomic office furniture also reduces work-related injuries, allowing you to focus more on your daily activities.
  • Improved employee wellness: Overall, ergonomic office furniture has been designed to improve employee wellness and comfort. Investing in these pieces of furniture can help employers show that they care about their employees. On the other hand, employees can benefit from this furniture as they will be more comfortable, there will be a reduced risk of work-related injuries, and it'll be easier for them to recover once their work day finishes.

Improving your current workstation or workplace doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to the EY employee purchase program along with Autonomous, now you can improve your current workstation, boost your productivity and look after your health simultaneously. 

Buy More, Save More with EY Employee Benefits Program


If you're an employer looking forward to improving the premises, you can always buy office furniture in bulk to obtain discounts of up to 7%. This discount includes but is not limited to office chairs, standing desks, desk lamps, standing desk mats, and many other accessories that may be useful at the office.

Final Takeaway

The EY employee purchase program now allows employees to obtain ergonomic furniture at special pricing. This way, it’ll be possible for them to look after their health while also keeping up with their obligations at work, allowing them to be productive without necessarily feeling burnout.

After all, it is essential for all of us to work in comfortable conditions so we can prevent exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed and in pain after we finish our work day.

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