Easy Ways to Focus on work and Avoid Distractions in Workplace

Easy Ways to Focus on work and Avoid Distractions in Workplace

|Nov 14, 2021

A big challenge that each of us goes through while at work is losing focus on work. Working is hard, and when you are especially crowded with many people sitting beside you working as well, taking a break from work and chatting with colleagues is common. This doesn't mean you should avoid speaking or talking to anyone throughout the day, but the trouble of focusing on work in the office stays the same.

This is partly why many organizations are finding the answer to the famous how to concentrate on work in office and implementing ways to make this happen. If your employees lack focus on work, it doesn't mean they aren't serious about the job or have been getting lazy. But the truth is many factors in the workplace can divert the focus off work. Hence, it would help if you took some measures to increase the work focus of employees. How to be More Focus at Work?

How to stay focus at work is research that has been going on for years. Employees are frustrated from the mental blocks in the workplace and employers; well, they don't like their employees being sluggish or unproductive for whatsoever reasons. While a toxic workplace could seriously impact your mental health for not producing more work, good organizations understand the reasons for mental blocks and help address them efficiently.

1. Identify the Source of Disturbance

To eliminate the root cause of trouble, you need to identify the cause of stress or loss of focus. Our workplaces are made of multiple factors, and it is hard to place the one that is causing the focus on work to be diverted. Moreover, in some cases, it is also possible that the ultimate source of loss of focus could be something internal.

How to be More Focus at Work?

Identify the triggers that make you lose focus, such as it could be a chatty employee, a loud team collaborating on a project, your wobbly chair, back pain issues, or even lack of sleep. Losing focus is also related to health issues such as poor nutrition.

2. Track Your Habits

Many programs can help you stay focused, from blocking distracting websites to measuring how much time you spend on the internet. Once you've identified your habits, choose one that will assist you in achieving your objectives, but don't let them become distractions in and of themselves.

Track Your Habits

3. Use an Ergonomic Setup

Now you might see the ergonomic workspace being a solution to majorly all of the work-related problems. The truth is an ergonomic setup is much more than just the best desk setup paired with an ergonomic chair.

An ergonomic workspace is a lifestyle that can improve your workability and provide flexible options both to the employees and employers. If you work in a modern workplace, you might realize how tiny things like an ergonomic standing desk and chair can improve overall morale. Moreover, there are few other things from ergonomics that can make a workplace better.

Use an Ergonomic Setup

4. Work pods

Work pods are a smart invention of science as they offer many benefits. Work pods are tiny portable offices that can be placed in the center of the room or even the corner to separate a place from others. These work pods are ideal for a crowded office where one needs quiet and focus on work.

Work pods

5. Organize your Thoughts

While working on a task, we all come up with a lot of new ideas. On other days, we may become so distracted by fresh ideas that we are unable to concentrate.

Keeping a pen and notebook close by is the greatest approach to cope with your sudden ideas. Whenever an idea comes to mind, please write it down, set it aside for the time being, and come back to it later.

6. L-shaped Desk

L-shaped desks, more commonly known as corner desks, might not just be made to provide a quiet working corner, but they help increase focus. The L-shaped desk can be placed around the edge, so there is no distraction for the person working in the corner. These desks are also ideal for teams who need to chat and work together to occupy the corner space without disturbing everyone else.

L-shaped Desk

7. Privacy Panel

privacy panel is a simple desk accessory that is used to separate a workstation in half. It is an inexpensive solution to attain privacy and focus on work in the work setup. Privacy panels can be used if you have a loud or chatty co-worker or feel uncomfortable with someone peeking at your screen.

8. Take Frequent Breaks

When you can't concentrate on a task any longer, taking a break is the smartest thing you can do. Our brains aren't built to hold our attention for long periods. Furthermore, spending too much time at your computer staring at a screen might cause weariness, headaches, and lethargy. As a result, taking short breaks every 60 minutes of continuous work is recommended.

9. De-clutter

Desk clutter or workplace mess is one of the major reasons why employees lose focus on work and feel overwhelmed. Clutter in your workplace can make you feel irritated. It is a serious energy consumer, and you won't realize it until you take de-clutter in the workplace seriously.

Start by rating the things as per the need and use and then place them near the workstation. Discard the things you don't use no matter how much you like them or liked them at a point. Get something handy like a desk organizer, so all your stationery items are at a place and don't create a mess.

10. Making a Schedule

The lack of a proper plan is one of the key reasons most of us lose our concentration. As a result, our minds get untethered, and we lose focus on work. Try organizing your tasks hour by hour to calm your mind. It's a terrific practice for giving your workday structure. You know exactly what to do and when to do it, as well as what needs to be done at the end of the day.

Making a Schedule

Creating an hourly plan is a terrific method to improve the prioritization process. It allows you to plan ahead of time so that chores that require greater attention or energy can be completed first thing in the morning

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