Tiny Home Living in Fresno: Regulations and Permits
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Tiny Home Living in Fresno: Regulations and Permits

|Aug 2, 2023

Tiny homes or Accessory Dwelling Units are increasingly popular in the modern world. They are a way to achieve sustainable housing solutions, boost the economy, and help people by generating passive income through their property. A Fresno tiny home or a prefab ADU, known by several other names such as granny pods or a prefab guest house, has modified how construction and end expansion occur in California.

That being said, the concept of ADU in Fresno is on a constant rise, and more and more people are taking their chances to add a secondary unit to their property. Though this seems like your chance to generate some income or get a private space that offers the right level of proximity to home too. But in order to build an ADU in California, Fresno Tiny House laws are something you need to abide by.

To make sure the secondary unit or small log cabin you are planning is sustainable and acceptable by the state laws, read this article to get a thorough idea of all the tiny house Fresno CA Laws.

Tiny Houses in Fresno CA Laws and Regulations

If you think ADU real estate laws and regulations are just a hindrance in constructing your next project, then you are greatly wrong. Nonetheless, the recent modifications in the Fresno tiny home laws have made ADU construction much easier and hassle-free. Most people can opt for prebuilt ADU units with all the ADU appliances and facilities as several manufacturers like Autonomous are great at abiding by laws.

But if you wish to build a unit on your own or take this project personally, below are some rules and regulations to understand before starting to work on this project.

ADU Height

The first rule of law to know when building an ADU is to know the height and size limit. According to the laws, the ADU height limit is 16 feet. This is the regular ADU size allowed for backyards as a secondary living space, granny shed, or guest house. However, an ADU height of more than 16 feet is also allowed in some cases.

This means that the ADU should be detached from the primary property provided that the primary property is located within a half mile of a major transit. Secondly, in the case of attached ADUs, the height can be 25 ft. or the same as the height of the primary unit. But the scenario of attached ADUs doesn't allow it to be used as a guest house or a rental property.

ADU Height

Front Setback ADU

Another CA ADU law states that local governments can no longer refuse your ADU application if you trespass onto a front setback because there isn't enough room to build an 800-square-foot ADU elsewhere on the land. This makes it possible for homeowners with small backyards to still build ADUs.

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Permanent Structures

Other than attached and detached, an Adu can be a temporary (movable) or a permanent (built) structure in the backyard. Hence, different rules are set for a permanent and temporary ADU setup.

For permanent buildings, it's important to remember a few basic guidelines. All permanent constructions must first be constructed following local building codes and regulations. Second, services like water, sewage, and electricity must be connected to all permanent constructions. Finally, the municipal authorities must appropriately approve any permanent buildings.

However, you must adhere to the regulations for RV camping if you intend to live in a tiny house on wheels (temporary ADU). This implies that you may only remain in one place for a maximum of two weeks before relocating. You must obtain your neighborhood, city, or county permission to park your vehicle in your backyard. Check with your local government for particular criteria since the permission procedure varies by municipality.

Permanent Structures - Fresno tiny home

Intended Use

Another Californian Fresno state law for ADU states that the ADU or secondary unit built on your property should only be used for residential purposes. This means the second unit cannot be used for storage, gardening, or other needs. Also, an ADU can be constructed as a Duplex (double unit), provided it sticks and meets all the zonal safety laws and regulations.

Intended Use - Fresno tiny home

Property Tax

There is also a clear rule regarding paying property taxes for homeowners in California. However, the amount of tax varies greatly on the location of your home. Also, for those who own the land on which they are building a secondary home, then property tax is applicable. In some cases, owners who have built a second unit on a property they don't own need to pay a certain amount as a tax. But in most cases, if you rent a property for a secondary unit, the tax applies to the landlord of that property/land instead of you.

Property Tax

Number of Units

Adding an ADU and a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) on any residential site is permitted under another provision of the legislation. This implies that under the new ADU legislation in California, you are legally permitted to build a triplex on every single lot in the state. It is also stated that each lot is safety approved and meets all the requirements of a safe residential unit with proper residential facilities. Also, each unit must have its separate entrance with a keen consideration of privacy – if you intend to rent it out.

Also, per Fresno state laws, existing multi-family structures, such as apartment buildings, can be expanded with more apartments. Attics, basements, garages, and other non-habitable spaces can all be converted by building owners into lawful extra apartments by adding all the living facilities and amenities required for a proper quality of life.

Number of Units - Fresno tiny home

Permit Laws

A great thing about Californian ADU laws is the ease given in the permit laws. Not only is permission granted pretty easily if you comply with all the rules, but in case it is rejected, you don't need to be entirely hopeless. In case of denial, the local government must thoroughly explain the denial of your application for an ADU license.

This involves identifying "defective or deficient" points in the application and outlining the applicant's options for addressing these issues. This makes it simpler to apply for a construction permit for an ADU since homeowners and contractors may immediately address and prevent difficulties with their ADU permit applications in the future.

Permit Laws

Final Thought

In conclusion, embracing a Fresno tiny home requires navigating through existing regulations and obtaining necessary permits. With careful adherence to these guidelines, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle while contributing to sustainable urban development.

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